Friday, 4 March 2011


Beautiful photo story from Life magazine. Anybody know which year? Anybody got a complete scan of the text? Anybody know the photographer? BP

UP DATE: THANKS RUI FOR DIGGING UP THE VERITABLE GOLDMINE!classic Ralph Crane. Love the paper dinner plate number board


Rui said...

i've google it in Life arquive: Ralph Crane

nice photos, tks for the discovery :)

Rui said...

also Michael Rougier, tagged as 1970

Rui said...

we're in luck (the free arquive at Google Books ends in '72): January 1971 issue

page 58-61

Diplomate said...

Ben - you racing this year ? You gotta get yo'self a pit-girl like our 315 friend in the lower shot.

Chris said...

Rui beat me to it - if you search the Life archive (via google images) there are some lovely shots like this one

excellent web-dectective skills Rui!

Rui said...

tks, i've repost this on ADVrider and there is some interesting local perspective, check it out: