Thursday, 27 May 2010

Go Pony

No show pony. Lee Peck of the extended CoBuilt clan, has done an amazing job making up one-off axles in EN24T steel + one-off ali spacers and external over-size bearing carriers for my BMW snowflake wheels. Followed by a one-off stem to mate Yamaha R6 Forks to Anthony designed Mk2 CoBuilt yokes. And all at a lightning turn-around of just 3 days. Lanyard will be fitted tomorrow, and cast-off tyres from GI trackside in Wales. Ride 'em cowboy. BP


Daniel said...

Nice! Post up some pics after you mount the rubber.

How are you dropping the rear?

Nick said...

Way to go!

Sideburn Magazine said...

- Daniel the rear is direct mounted (with no linkages) White Power monoshock. It's already quite short & I've no idea what other possible donor bikes have anything shorter.
The rear subframe is also too lightweight to mount a trad twin-shock set-up too.
IF I decide to go retro (in keeping with the pretty trials Sprite tank I want to fit) Could even make a whole bolt-on olde school rigid rear section.

Sideburn Magazine said...

PS. I'm 15 stone, that should dump it some!

Daniel said...

Does it look like this one?

What's the eye-to-eye length on it? The US ebay might have something to offer.
If you're not trying to have two different setups for FT and SM, you could have the shock lowered internally. Any local suspension shop should be able to do that. Or get another matching shock and get that one lowered.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Yes Daniel thats the fella. It's pretty soft with a lot of travel as standard (with a longish CCM ali swingarm), which I don't need for FT.
Haven't had my Vernier gauge in there yet to measure it.