Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Belladonna Love Warriors

Belladonna Trackers in Stockholm supplied some memorable shots of one their Love Warriors for SB6. This is Leeloo modelling a pink Dick hooded sweat and Dave T-shirt, both customised by Belladonna.
More from the Belladonna Trackers guys in future Sideburns.

We have very limited number of the Dave T-shirt left and some Dick hooded sweats (though you need to pul them over your head, they don't have a zip, Leeloo did that herself). We even have one pink small. Check sizes and colours here - Sideburn webshop. GI
Photos: Vladimir Rodjenko

1 comment:

Mick P said...

I'm going to resist making smutty comments about Leeloo being very welcome to come over to work on my pink Dick. It would be unseemly.