Friday, 17 September 2010


My new favorite blog Daikoube. Can't tell you what the philosophy is, it's all in Japanese (the title might read 'Ben is a twat' but I wouldn't know). Who cares? Check out the funky vehicles. BP


Unknown said...

Great stuff!
AND if you go to google and search for the website it gives you the option to translate it.. title translates to "Young cross sections with a large Kobe"

whatever the hell that means!
Who cares, look at all the cool stuff!
Thanks for posting!

Mick P said...

Troy's right. Do the translate thing and you get a page full of cryptic crossword clues. It's hilarious.

"BECK ・ ・ tires filled cracks. . Humiliated. . ."

"Naa from dangerous repeat of the previous. . Cori.. anger onto an amateur."