Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Xena V2

Sideburn's Project FT500 (and SB6 cover bike) is protected by voodoo and a Xena X2 disc lock. Thanks Dan. Here's the info. G

SoldSecure Gold standard theft protection
Measuring only 85x56x65mm, and weighing just 679g.
Constructed from high-grade stainless steel, it repels drill and hammer attacks, and is also 100% corrosion resistant. Its unique V shape provides a high strength-to-weight ratio, and effectively doubles the work for any potential thief because both sides must be overcome to open it. Both the body and lock barrel of the X2 are ice-spray proof too.
Available in yellow or stainless steel finishes priced at £21.00 and £24.01 respectively.
For further details Motohaus.


Anonymous said...

Just a word of warning. I used to have one of these brake calipers on my bike and I found that it tended to just lock the brakes.


crane said...

I have followed the ft500 story and just ordered the magazine. In my dream world I would have the knowledge to do something like this. But in reality I can't even figure out where you hid the battery? Also if there isn't one how do you start it and run the lights? Care to divulge a wiring diagram? Anyway I hope you enjoy doing and knowing what you do because it sucks out here...

Sideburn Magazine said...

We have friends. Most people need them. The battery is a BS9 sized from a CBR600 and it's hidden under the seat up on its side.We don't have a wiring diagram. Carl made the loom from scratch. We have lights and all the switches are in a panel on the top of the headlight shell. The feature gives a lot of details, but it's not a how-to. G