Sunday, 5 September 2010

Never under-estimate a junkyard beauty

From the most excellent Travis in Colorado

I kept hoping to get my Sideburn before the trip to bonniville and on my way out of town with the bike loaded i checked the mail box one last time.....Yes! There it was. I stickered up the bike and had a great week out on the salt flats.
Lots of neat bikes and people. the XR750 belongs to my Pikes Peak racer friend Joe Blackwell. He broke his class record. Purdy cool bike. my bike is a stock 79 GS1000 in a sweet ass free backyard find drag bike. $300 total build. The ol GS1000 ran 141 mph. Not bad since i plucked the engine right out the junk yard at my shop. been sitting for who knows how long and i didnt even pop a points cover or check the valves, just cleaned the carbs and found out how long she would over rev in 5th. Never
underestimate a junk yard beauty, eh?
Hope to go back next year. peace, love, and wheelies.
Travis Newbold
PS the new issue is supremo. the best friend I could have had while living in my van out on the salt flats for six days.

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