Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Scunthorpe This Sunday

Calling all Northerners: The last race of the 2010 season is this Sunday at Scunthorpe. Hopefully my riding will have improved from the last two rounds so I won't be the person who put the ***t in Scunthorpe.
Directions here.
Practice from 11, racing from 1. GI


grant said...

its gonna piss down sorry lads...can you lot return here xmas week cos' rye house is in a different country?

stevie coles said...

never belive the weathermen till you look outta your own window on race mornin!.
fingers crossed!!!..

Tomfoolery said...

Accuweather says only a shower. Good enough for me.

See you there.

Anthony Brown said...

Nice one tom thats the right attitude...

If i didnt go places cos the weather said rain, i would have sat at home for half the meetings this year

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to it rain or not. Chin up Gary, can be frustrating losing form, it'll come back - maybe you rubbed off a bit on VR? :-)
Still it's not like you were beaten in a fair race recently by a 10 year old girl at a hill climbing event, god could you imagine if that happened????

10) Juinor
71 Jessica Smith 14.16

11) Juinor Inters
72 Madeline Smith 10.82

14) Unlimited Flat Tracker
636 Wayne Drake 11.37
47 Anthony Brown 11.72
88 Paul Scott 11.82
22 Mike Ryan 12.69
44 Les Stevens 14.47