Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Our friends at bike luggage masters Kriega have just been in touch to say they have a new website up and running. They've used an old shot of me on the Vyrus with my trusty Kriega R25 rucksack.
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UPDATE: I forgot I had this shot of Kriega's fantastic hauler.


cookey said...

i remember reading that article on the vyrus and thinking it was one of the coolest bikes ever... still do... have only managed to buy the kreiga so far... which has gone everywhere with me for the last four years with or without the bike and still no sign of wearing out. good stuff.

Kriega Gear said...

Kriega rucksacks are not the cheapest out there but by god they are the best. I have been using my Kriega r25 backpack for about five years now and it is still going strong. I have recently bought a tail bag too. 100% waterproof I have never had a problem.

stevie coles said...

cracking truck!.

Paul Baleta said...

Kriega are good products... but wouldn't agree they're the best. Well made, sturdy, look cool and very comfy... but I was pretty disappointed to find out the hard way that my r25 is not waterproof - or even splash-proof!

For the price I expected more :-|
Cool bike!