Sunday, 26 September 2010

XR750 on UK eBay!

This is my road registered XR750 which I bought off the track in 2004 from a guy called Marcus 'Skid' Link (if your out there Skid I trust you are keeping well).
It is a 1978 motor in a Lawwill Frame and swing arm set up, the forks are WP, it has a slammer 4 speed gearbox and has titanium Valves, Cosworth pistons infact all the race toy internals of the late 90's race bikes.
I put a front brake on which I made, a number plate and upgraded the ignition from Motorplat to PVL which is a much smoother spark delivery system, I have tucked all the electrics under the rear wheel into a box and made a carrier for the ignition coils so that they sit smartly under the tank.
The heads have twin plugs, are 'Bathtubed' and have 'D' ports, I ran the bike for a couple of years and then in 2006 I shipped the motor over to California where I had a complete rebuild from the crank up with all new internals, bearings, rebore, new Carbs the lot by Jim Kelly of Jim Kelly Racing.
I have Jims report, dyno results (high 80's) his parts used and labour schedules, after having it returned I have leaned out the jetting and knocked back the ignition timing for road use. (It would take no more than a few hours to retune for race use).
At the moment it is running on brand new Avon Road tyres, I had taken the Goodyear Eagle II's off as you get a wobble from them on the road, obviously the buyer will get both sets of tyres along with all the sprocket sets, the 2 exhaust systems shown, the two petrol tanks shown (one is Alli and one is Fibre glass), all the old internals that were sent back with the fresh motor and any other odds and sods associated with the bike.
The bike has a Starter Adaptor 1/2" drive and comes with the electric Hand held starter motor, it will run and bump on a slope or on the flat with a friend.
Its only claim to fame is that Jack Osbourne rode the bike on a promotion video for his Adrenalin Junkie show.
The bike is MOTed until June 2011 and the tax runs out the end of November.
Please note that this is a Race bike, it is not a show bike and although I have it on the road it really comes into its own when raced.
I am selling this bike for financial reasons, the wife needs the money! If you choose to keep it on the road you will have lots of wow moments and it will be very noticed everywhere you go.

See it here eBay. Thanks to Mike C for the tip-off. But, what's the difference between no reserve and putting up a a starting bid of £10,000?

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stevie coles said...

what a beauty that would be to own!!.
lets hope whoever wins it, comes racin with us!!.