Sunday, 12 September 2010

Coolbeth wins Minnesota Mile

With Sammy Halbert banned for one weekend's racing (more about that later), his rivals had the opportunity to gain some ground on him. Kenny Coolbeth won the Mile from reigning champion Jared Mees (on the cover of SB3) and Jake Johnson (on the cover of SB5).
Coolbeth styling.
The Dash for cash. Weidman, Coolbeth, Johnson, Pearson, Carr, Mees.
Three from three. Chris Carr continued his great Dash for Cash run, by winning from Jersey Jake.
Making cash. Kicking ass. Class act.
Johnson, Kopp, Mees, Lewis, Cose in qualifying.
Pro Singles action. Kurtis Lee (22J), Chaz Springsteen (29J - Jay's nephew), William Cato (35c).
Bryan Smith came sixth in the Main (after two back to back wins) and was part of the the most diverse Main for years. The nights's final was made up of 11 x XR750, 2 x Kawasaki, 2 x Suzuki, 1 x Triumph, 1 x KTM, 1 x Ducati.
Aussie Luke Gough (62) and Johnny Lewis (on a Kawasaki, I think)
Jared Mees.
Pro Singles Main winner Jeffrey Carver Jr.
Kopp main the main but came an uncharacteristic 16th.
Weidman seem to be one of the few riders who runs traditional bar clamps. Look at the bikes guys in the photo above.
Photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing.


Diplomate said...

bloody brilliant photography - that's all i have to say about that.

Anonymous said...

ill second that!.
the photos from the ama races are always mint!.
think i prefer the "look" o the old style bars thou.

Mick P said...

Wow, and I see from the pic that Chris Carr won that Dash for Cash with both arms in plaster. That man is made of tough stuff.