Friday, 24 September 2010

Size Does Matter

Computer woes are the modern day equivalent of God testing Job, and in this techno dependent age, I receive those lightning bolts fairly frequently. My G5 Mac has been living on borrowed Sunday school time since SB#3 so it was Godsend that it lasted just until SB#6 was completed - crashing daily even when only one program was being used at a time. But then I realized apart from vital commercial photo work and Sideburn stuff that was backed-up on Lacie external hard drives, I had 75.59 Gigabytes of music = 14,795 songs (half of which was irreplaceable), some important emails, and assorted files which were not. Oh Damnation. So I did a few quick Hail Marys and went to the überhip down town Apple store. Miraculously they managed not only to give the spent piece of used jet trash a jolt of Frankenstein life, but keep it powered up just long enough for me to download the left-overs on to a second Lacie external hard drive. Praise be to the Lord!
My new system is a MiniMac wired up to a 24" Eizo screen.
It's fanfuckingtastic. BP

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stevie coles said...

sorry ben, but all that computor gobble dee gook went straight over me melon!!.