Sunday, 26 September 2010

Kawasaki S1 from Canaduh

Hi from Canada,
I love your guys blog, cool bikes, good people, makes a guy wanna go out and do wheelies. I wanted to show you my 1975 S1 street tracker i built, it started life as a hillclimber in the mid 70's. St least the engine did. When my father sold our 30 year old kawasaki shop I held onto that motor knowing one day i might use it. well its 10 years later and i finally got around to building something.
I did the whole project for a little over $1000 CDN. I had to find a rolling chassis, thenIi basically bolted a bunch of parts on it that I had laying around. Solid aluminum bars, 2004 YZ250 clutch cable and Works Connection perch, Husky WR250 pegs, and old dusty Carlisle tire i found in my father in law's barn along with a '74 Yamaha TY250 seat. S3 carbs, ported top end, and one mirror to look for cops!
It's a blast to ride! This winter it's going to get a 350 top end and 3 on one side chambers.
Anyway hope you enjoy what very few of us are doing out in Alberta, Canada. "peace and wheelies", Aaron.


grant said...

i like.......

Anonymous said...

Awesome Cool 2 stroke. Canadha Eh!
Are you a Mod or a Rocker?

Triples Rule.

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michaelbretherton said...

awesome - shot from the back is great

michaelbretherton said...

great! shot from back is awesome