Sunday, 26 September 2010

How To Look Good Dirty

Mutton dressed as lamb psychological fashion that started on English TV with Trinny and Suzanne has now been taken to the next level by Wan Gok. I wonder if he'd come to our next short track meeting and give us some up-lift.
Why is it that the Japanese; like these fellas from Field Day,seem to manage their wardrobes so much better? BP


mp said...

I can't work out what the hecks going on from the text, but it's good to see everyone ploughing around on any old steed. looks like an array of bikes of varying ages like. good old b series bsa there, looks like some sort of home made/heavily modified frame on it

Stuka said...

I love a bitta Gok now and again..!?!?

Sideburn Magazine said...

your eyebrows need a replucking before you're getting any more Gok!

seriously though, this Daily Mail headline (no I'm not a reader) made me laugh:
'There are times when I wonder whether Gok is a secretly completely straight man who’s just pretending to be gay so he can play with ladies’ “bangers”.'

BlackCountryBiker said...

I'd love to do Gok's job, My style might be bit different though... lots of leather, denim and tight white t-shirts... hmmm

harreng said...

Bit off subject, I know - but has anyone ridden a rigid flattracker?
How do they compare?
Just wondered...