Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Mike's Suzuki GT650

Hey Gary,
I wanted to do an SR600 (I'm a thumper fan )but there hard to find over-priced and everyone does them. The Suzuki has a great chassis but its an ugly street bike and I've never seen one as a street tracker.This is only my second build but I knew the bike had potential and I like the look of the motor.The suspension is lowered 3" front and rear.I replaced the front rim with an 18" the rear is the stock 17".The fender I found at tractor supply for $20.00 bucks.I used the stock seat pan and reshaped the foam.I went through 5 tanks on ebay before I found one that fit, headlight ,taillight and blinkers are also off ebay. Oil cooler is off an old
Honda.The exhaust is one off with tubing from my first build,muffler is off a trashed R6 looks great but its friggin loud .Side panels are hand hammered 16 gauge steel.
I think the stance and lines work well together and its a blast to ride.
Let me know what you think.
Mike Sternick, New Jersey

We love it! G


Ogri said...

That's a perfect 'London Bike'

Paul said...


Mick P said...

Good work. So it's based on a DR650, right?

Griff said...

So what is the tank from ?
Nice ride.

pushrodmofo said...

Wow. Nice job.

Dan Yoder said...

Love it man! I am in the process of tracker-tarding my DR650. They are great bikes and like you said not many people are working with them.

Hiram Kneesch said...

is this a new or an older (pre 96) DR650?

I was thinking about modding my old DR but sold it to fund another project. what kind of tank is that on there? I'd like to do something like this one day

great work