Thursday, 16 September 2010

New Stickers

We've had some new stickers made. Designed by the twisted genius, James Chappell and on nice juicy die-cut vinyl, big too, roughly 10x10cm.They seem to be the best quality stickers we've had made (other than the laser-cut subs stickers, they're killer. This pair are undergoing destruction testing on the back of the LDV).
They're £1 for two. Post is extra UNLESS you order with something else, then it's free.
Sandy is the blonde, Nora is the brunette. Which is your favourite?
Order them here. GI


Mick P said...

Sandy looks like fun, but I reckon Nora would do you a better fry-up in the morning, so she gets my vote. Got to keep your strength up.

Austin said...

Amazing, I knew Sideburn would descend down to my level at some point! Sandy gets my vote for sure, I need one of those to grace my new geetar

RichM said...

good original concepts those.

FlakeKings said...