Saturday 30 April 2011

Keihin CR

On the want list...

DR650 gets Deus treatment

From Dan in Wisconsin...

First off I want to say that I dig your blog big time! It does a good job of keeping me distracted at work.
My favorites on the blog are the "readers rides" so I thought I would share my DR650's current incarnation. Just got done doing a CBR250RR wheel conversion. Also has a tail section and upsweep pipe from the lovely folks and Deus. My friends and I laugh a lot at the fact that 99% of the custom parts on the bike come from Australia. It might be cheaper if I just move there! I still have a few bugs to work out but its coming along. It's likely to never be done getting monkeyed around with!
Also heres a link to a little montage of its progression.
Killin It blog
Cheers and keep up the good work guys!!


(via DSC). Garage People, a magazine dedicated to people and their garages, showing the exact position of every object and its specification. Anal Love. BP

Friday 29 April 2011

Champion Yamaha 750

From Gary T in England. Lovely job.

Hi Guys, 75 Champion 750 Yamaha flat tracker in Roberts tribute colours almost complete. It originally came from Hayward, California, one owner from new, I have the pink slip. All new everything from US specialist race shops. Will I be putting it on the road? - hell yes! How much has it cost? - don't ask!


Last week Boastie organized a special PR day to promote his new 2011 Suzuki flat track team. The venue was the Coventry Bees stadium at Rugby Road, Coventry. It's an impressive 301 meter track that has been used for Speedway and dog racing since 1929. A small bunch of journos were invited along to try the bikes. He and his prodigy Tim Neave showed us how it was meant to be done, then we mostly disregarded all the instruction and had a daft time. Sutty from Dirt Bike Rider magazine was a natuaral and bounced off the barriers a few times.15 year old Tim is a twisted firestarter and we will do a feature on him for a future issue of Sideburn.The two bikes are both RM-Z 450 injection in standard factory frames. (Boastie's custom built framer is not yet finished). The Engine spec is the same as the donor MX bike. The front forks have been changed from 47 to 43mm. The rear shock has had a new hole drilled in the bottom mount to drop the bike 20mm. The rear swingarm has had a section cut out to shorten the standard 1495mm wheelbase to 1390mm - the rear tyre is now right up to the lateral brace. 19" wheels and tyres. A tidy custom made CoBuilt exhaust. And thats it. It makes riding my CCM seem like an unwieldily oilrig.Boastie has mastered several different bikes over the short history of UK flat track, this little flyer should be a guaranteed winner for 2011.It was also good to meet Tim Keeton Impact Images - who shot our Roland Sands XR1200 story in SB#7, who was there to shoot for Suzuki UK, who are supporting Boastie. BP

Thursday 28 April 2011

Freight Train

Dave Aldana full steam ahead. Classic shot from stalwart Dan Mahony. Anybody know why he wasn't flying his usual #13? BP

UPDATE: From Roger, whose fantastic shots from the 70s and 80s are in SB7. Thanks Roger.
Dave Aldana's first national number was 13, which he ran from 1972-74. The next year he went to #10 and ran it through 1979. Interestingly, at least stateside, the number 13 is considered to be bad luck, and nobody rode with it in 1971, the year the AMA awarded national numbers based on the 1970 final point standings. Rick Hocking rode it after Aldana and he was a good racer, and a top competitor at vintage events up until his passing earlier this year. The next guy to run it was Randy Goss, from 1978 though the 1980 season, when he earned the #1 of the Grand National Champion. Bad luck indeed!....Roger

UPDATE 2: Thanks Roger, Yes #13 is also considered unlucky in the UK, but it doesn't stop our very own GI racing with it and having it emblazoned on his regular road helmet.

Wednesday 27 April 2011

Aldana v Ryder

Just over a week till David Aldana's UK tour starts and we had some unexpected good news. The MC for the night is going to be Eurosport's Julian Ryder. Über bikesport gnome Jules bumped into Skooter Farm Dave at the Stafford Show and got all excited about the Aldana night. So...
David Aldana
Julian Ryder
UK Short Track's movers and shakers
The chance to bid for Aldana memorabilia
Free Aldana stickers
And a screening of the 'lost' flat track movie 'The Thrill Is On'

Get your Aldana Night tickets

If you don't know who Julian Ryder is watch this. He's the furry one. G

Southsiders Show France


eBay is such a dreary place. But fortunately their are still humans like Jason on the planet, who manage to maintain a sense of humor; even for a wardrobe clear-out. BP

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Just say No

I called in at an office that publishes a lot of Britain's biggest motorcycle titles. I saw this on the wall of one of the newest magazine's containment cells. It says 'Flat track - Just say No'
I didn't bother asking for an explanation. Underneath was a photo of one of Shinya Kimura's beautiful bikes. That was slapped with a slogan exclaiming 'Say No To Steampunk'.
I left wondering why can't there be more love in the world? G

Omar's big-bore XS for sale

From Tom. Thanks.

This nice XS650 is on UK fleabay with out any 'keyword' searches. Needs a fix but looks all-together so long as you like it yellow.
XS650 street tracker

Monday 25 April 2011


Blue sky, Good Friday, tapes up.
Big crowd, crap photo.
Victory lap. One of these riders has the fantastic monicker, Dakota North.
Nicki Pedersen's sponsored Hauler.

10:27, Good Friday morning, I thought I'd check to see if the local speedway team, Peterborough Panthers had a match on. What? At 11am, 24 miles away. Ok, let's go. My boy got dressed, Mrs I made us a pack-up and me and junior were gone within 8 minutes. Luckily there was such a big crowd the start was delayed and we only missed the first heat. Probably 3000 or more there, but we found room in the packed stand.
The team seems to change completely every year, so I only recognised the name of the captain, Nicki Pedersen. I did recognise the name of Coventry Bees skipper, Eddie Kennett. Hey, he races short track with us! Kennett's Coventry were wiping the floor with Peebo, scoring two 5-1s. Then Peterborough got a 5-1 back just before the interval. In the end it came down to the 15th heat. The Panthers hadn't been ahead in the whole match, but won the last heat and the match 46-44. And it was all over by 1.30. Bloody great. G

Killer wheelie bins

Spotted in an elevator in Sweden.
For other examples of when wheelie bins go bad click here. G

Wiles wins Salinas Short Track

Yes, we called him a TT specialist, then he went and won the short track.
Super-consistent Chris Carr was again in the top 6 and made the Dash for Cash. Wait until they start racing the twins.
Sammy Halbert (chased by Jake Johnson), came third in the Main.
This is the Pro Singles class (red numbers, feeder to the Expert class). In the back of the shot is #50E, the Cycle World journalist Mark Cernicky. He came 12th in the Main. He's even faster than we thought he was. His best lap was less than 2/10ths off what experts in the Main were running.
Heat race action: 49 Cose; 23 Carver Jr; 7 S. Halbert (eventually 3rd in the Main); 95 Beach; 46 Lindfors; 37 Jimmy Wood (2nd in the Main)
Can't stop the Halberts. Jethro won the Dash for Cash (special race for the six fastest Expert qualifiers) and 4th, just behind his brother, in the Main.
Dash for Cash was contested by Carr (not in shot); 80 Bonsey; 7 S Halbert; 17 Wiles; 69 J Halbert; 37 Wood. Result was Jethro; Wood; Bonsey.
Imagine being in the middle of this.
This is Robert Pearson, but what are those wheels?

NEXT RACE: Springfield TT and Mile at the end of May.
Photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing.

Sunday 24 April 2011


Nick Clements has a photography show in London next week. Looking forward to checking it out. It's at the Royal College of Art from April 27 - May 3. Nice to see Royal Enfield's UK importers supporting it. G

Jersey Jake wins Salinas TT

Jake Johnson continues a fantastic defence of his title with a win on day 1 of the two-day Californian event. TT specialist Wiles was second, Brad Baker third, then Mees, Sammy Halbert and Chris Carr. Read about Jake Johnson's technique in Sideburn 5 (that's JJ, shot by Tim White, on the cover).Carr leads Coolbeth (in a heat). Kenny came 9th in the Main. This doesn't look like fun. Pro Singles heat race crash. Local boy Mikey Avila won the Pro Singles main. He's a name to watch.Jesse Janisch says 'No' to front mudguards.
Wish we were there...
There is short track at Salinas today.
Photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing.


Deus Ex Machina - Harold Park Paceway Revisited from Deus Customs on Vimeo.

We dig all the no-budget helmet-cam stuff people are shooting of their glorious - and gingerly does it (me), exploits. But here is a challenge... We know there are a lot of creatives out there, and even ad-land types that have access to professional editing suites and the like. Can anyone make a UK version of this lush - but minimal, Deus feel good clip, that mixes on-bike head-cam, off-bike long shots, arty blips of bike details, and a few subliminal swooshes?! We don't always have the sun, but we do have the characters. BP

Saturday 23 April 2011

Sideburn scarves

Great plug by Chopper Dave for something we've run out of . It's the thought that counts. See quite a lot more at Chopper Dave's Blog.

Go buy some other stuff that's going to run out soon at the Sideburn webshop. We operate a here today, gone tomorrow stocking policy. G

Fumi's Shirt

From Fumi...

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