Friday 30 November 2012

Guy Martin calendars in our webshop

These Guy Martin 2013 calendars are so lovely I had to get some for the webshop. We got them straight from Guy.

They are beautifully illustrated and masterfully printed, in England. Features illustrations of Guy's favourite things, The Britten; Snap-On tool chest; Rolls Royce Spitfire engine; stripped GSX-R1100 engine; Scania 143 truck; Transit van; Lego combine harvester; Nokia 6310 phone; Volvo Amazon kustom; Orange MTB; Saab hot rod; 2004 GSX-R1000 race bike.

It comes free with £20/€20 Dainese voucher to be used online. You could buy a £20 hat and get the calendar for free. It's money off, not a percentage. It's a no-brainer!

Also has a signed photo of Guy and a skull and spanners sticker.

£13 plus post. We post these anywhere in the world. G

100 Reasons To Buy SIDEBURN #12

Thursday 29 November 2012

Jocks&Nerds x Defected Records tonight

The Bike That Haunts Me

I was asked to write a series of three short articles about a bike that has changed my life, and while there have been a couple, I got the call literally while I was working on my Suzuki project, the Black Arrow. So I chose Steve's Spencer Evo. The articles came out pretty well, if I do say so myself. Read them at Leave a comment if you can too, please. Make me look popular. G

Ass Backwards

Thanks to Roger for sending us this.
It's all captured on one road, Mulholland Drive, above LA. Californians call sportsbikers 'Squids'. I heard it's because of the noise they make when they hit a canyon wall, but I don't know if that's true.
Anyway, this is hypnotic. G

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Rock 'n' Cook

The Surgeon's Bike

From Fabian in Austria. He's a surgeon in A&E!

I like your magazine and the bikes in it very much. I found Sideburn while I did some research about customizing bikes, because I wanted to built my own bike from my XS650. 
It is my first project and the maybe interesting point is that I'm not a mechanic, but a surgeon at a hospital for emergency and trauma surgery in Salzburg, Austria. 

I proudly present you my "KNOBBLER-XS". I hope you like it.

We have several motorcycle enthusiast in our hospital (not so many surgeons, but the cook, mechanics, house-maintaining, etc.). In September we were at the Lake Garda in the north of Italy. I rode my Sporty, not the XS. Next project will be a dirt bike style XS, I have one more in my garage...
Thank you, Fabian

21 Helmets

Last reminder that the 21 Helmets Show is happening this weekend. We got a sneak peek of Death Spray Custom's and it's as lovely as ever. There are some great artists and motorbike ace faces contributing to this show.
This is Lennard Schuurmans' lid. Read about Lennard and his art in Sideburn 11. G

Tuesday 27 November 2012

New stuff, old stuff

We have a new embroidered logo patch. £3.50 plus post (post is free if you order with anything else).
It's bigger than the first red and subsequent green ones we had made. This one measures 120mm x 40mm (4.5in x 1.5in).
UPDATE: The scarves sold out. Thanks to those who bought them.
We've also found three of the original Sideburn scarf that sold out over a year ago. £15 plus post.


Jimi Hendrix would have been 70 today. I love a bit of Jimi.
Remember, drugs are bad, kids. So are motorcycles. Try to avoid them. Definitely think twice before mixing them.
This is one of Conrad Leach's painting of James Marshall H. G

Fuel Motorcycles R100

FUEL R100 Tracker advert from Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles on Vimeo.

Fun short from our Spanish friends at Fuel Motorcycles. You've got to listen to the soundtrack. G

Monday 26 November 2012

ABC Amsterdam

The American Book Center in Amsterdam, has stocked up on SB#12.
Photo by Bubble Visor


This is a great banned advert. Not work friendly (if you work in an uptight office). Thanks to Spanish Johnny for the link. I can relate to the guy at the end... G

Invisible Sculpture

by Andrea Galvani. BP

Sunday 25 November 2012

Patrick's SacMile Road Trip

This is a short report from Patrick of the Sang Froid Riding Club on his trip from Portland to Sacramento for the GNC Mile race earlier this year. Patrick makes the Broke Bone patches we sell.
I just realized I never got back to you about the Sacramento Mile. That Mile was some of the best motorcycle racing I've ever seen, for a number of reasons. An extra $50 or so (not much) lets you go anywhere on the infield; you can stand at the entrance of turn one when the freight train roars by, get blasted with a mixture of dirt, rubber, and race fuel. 
The crowd was enthusiastic and the stands keep them grouped close, which amplifies the excitement. The last couple laps of the Expert main I was up in the stands, and we were on our feet, everyone cheering like crazy. Great stuff. The Pro main, where Shanya Texter won, was equally as impressive.
The pits are open too (all day if you have a pit pass, after the races otherwise), so you can walk up and shoot the bull with the tuners and riders. 
The track's also open for walking, both before and after the races. So in a nutshell - an absolute blast, I'd go to another in a heartbeat.
The ride down was outstanding too, the RC51 ran like a top and returned with a knackered rear tire - perfect excuse for big burnouts at the local bar at homecoming.

Below, The Broke Bone patch. The idea is you sew it on your riding kit where you've broken a bone in an accident. It's a badge of honour. Evel cleared us out, a while back, but we've restocked.


Here Gallery Bristol, now stocked with SB#12 (DSC camo cover 1 only). BP

Saturday 24 November 2012

SIDEBURN #12 Party Snaps

Thanks to everyone who came out on a winter's night in London, especially to those who rode in from the provinces like the Essex Harley fellas and rootbeerbobber; those who came down from Sheffield, Liverpool, King's Lynn and Oxford and Matt from Racefit who jumped on the train, plus the Southsiders and Mark Woodhatch who flew in from France and the El Solitario crew who travelled from Spain.
Big thanks to Kraken rum. That stuff must be good, because what Kraken thought would last four hours went in 90 mins. Plus a huge gracias to Edwin Jeans for hosting.
No thanks to the meathead who blocked the Sideburn van in a blind alley and made me hang around for over an hour till the police got in touch with him (somehow). It was worth it to see Dai Jobu freaking out, on my behalf, and hammering on the bonnet, bellowing 'MOVEYOURFUCKINGCAR' for five minutes while the copper stared at him.
Edwin are already talking about another Sideburn party next year. G

Trophy Kings - UPDATE

The Sideburn #12 launch party at the Edwin Jeans store was a blast, thanks to the Kraken rum and everybody that came down and made it so. I'll post some crowd scene snaps tomorrow.
In the meantime, these are the trophies we awarded for "Best Bike" (bad cop with the wheel) which went to Ornamental Conifer's Honda Rebel Sushi Eater.
And "Furthest Traveled by Motorcycle" (wrestler with handlebar) which went to Jules who traveled 230 miles from Liverpool on his Cagiva. BP
Jules doesn't have Looney Tunes cartoon-style good and bad personified influences on his shoulders (well, he might, but you can't see them), this is BP in white and James, Edwin's store manager, in black. GI
Jules heroically rode the same bike at Dirt Quake in the Inappropriate Road Bike class. Cagiva Canyon; Honda Fireblade; Honda C90 (might have a cheeky Chinese 150cc pit-bike engine in there); Royal Enfield Bullet; BMW R80/7 - what a line-up. Photo by Fly.

Tomba Archive

Raffaele Paolucci of the arty Street Tracker blog - who shot the cover of SB#11, befriended Gianni Tomba, Italy's historical authority on Speedway in the '70s-'80s. Sideburn #12 delves into his black and white archive. (You don't have to be into masks and leather to appreciate these yesteryear photos but it helps). BP

Friday 23 November 2012

It's Christmas (Sam Christmas)

Sam Christmas shot the British Speedway GP for Sideburn 12 (and Maxwell P's BSA for SB9). Here's some more of his work. It's bloody marvellous.
He's planning an exhibition in January. It'll be in London, but worth a day out to see, I reckon.
There's a short interview with him at The Bike Shed.
From top to bottom (Kitty for Davida; Kingdom of Kicks; James from Kingdom of Kicks, Rensh the Widder).

Scram Africa

We're turning up the central heating to max for Sideburn #12 as the ambient temperature drops toward 0º. Buy your copy, pour yourself a tropical drink and get naked! Four sweaty Spaniards and a German are going to take you on an adventure to the Sahara. BP

Thursday 22 November 2012


And on another French tip, following from Bertie's Parisian Trackmaster in SB12, I watched this film at the weekend and it's pretty bloody wonderful. It's about the life of French songwriter, singer, lover. He was, to paraphrase the great Dan Walsh, as ugly as a fight in a kebab shop, but he ended up being the nicotine-reeking lover of a succession of Euro beauties including Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin and Juliette Gréco.
The actor who plays the lead role is so convincing it's incredible, yet the film has fantasy elements including a huge Frank Sidebottom-esque character to play his inner, insecure voice.
Thoroughly recommended if you like a bit of 'world' cinema (subtitles and that). G

Below, the real Gainsbourg with Birkin (the English lady who 'breathed' the song Je t'aime).

Pink My Ride

This story has been a long time in the making, from when Bertrand's Trackmaster first arrived crated in Le Havre with its sister; Dimitri's TR6C - since featured in SB#5. But worth the wait.
Photos by J-F Muguet. BP

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Racefit x Sideburn

If you're going to Motorcycle Live at the NEC, that starts on Saturday, make sure you check out the Racefit stand. They're stocking Sideburn too, so you can buy the latest issue from them. G

Luke Peeters

Luke Peeters Welcome to Almond Flow from CSG UK on Vimeo.

Adi Gilbert (99 Seconds) sent this link to us. Lovely, smooth style. G

Edwin Tomorrow Night

Don't forget the SB12 launch event at Edwin in Shoreditch, East London tomorrow night. Some of our favourite people have said they're coming. G

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Classic Off Road Show, Kempton

With the new magazine and Thursday's launch at Edwin we forgot to tell you all Sideburn is having a stand at the Classic Off Road Show and Autojumble at Kempton.
It's organised by the same people who run the famous Kempton Autojumble and it's supposed to be a good do. Only £6 in and free parking. I bet there'll be some great project bikes up for grabs. Come say hello if you're going. Red Max will be there, so will Co-Buitl and the new UK Dirt Track Riders Association.
Saturday 6 December. G

Ducati Chupito

A Madrid summer haze toasting soft flesh. Hmm.
Full feature on the El Solitario 350 Ducati Chupito in Sideburn #12. Photos by Kristina Fender. BP

Monday 19 November 2012

Mons Trial by Denis Boussard

Ace French photographer Denis Boussard has a new gallery on his website, the Mons Trial. It's great. See it at DB-On-The-Road. G

Sideburn 4 - last 2 available in the shop

This issue sold out, then we found a box, now it's nearly gone again. If you want this back issue, you better order soon. Go directly to the shop. G