Tuesday 31 August 2010

Rollerball on UK TV tonight.

Just heard from Tom that Rollerball is on the British Channel TCM at 9pm tonight.
Why is this interesting? Well, it's a classic and cult director Alex Cox writes about the film in Sideburn 6, that's why. G

Turd Polishing

Anyone who has read Sideburn 6, will know we successfully polished our FT500-shaped turd. Gareth B sent this link to prove we're not the only ones who can do it. G

Monday 30 August 2010

By Hand By Brain Street Racer

From Jason at By Hand By Brain. I thought it was a racebike, but it has a licence plate, front brake and headlight. Ride to the track, race, ride home?

GI-BP, here is a teaser-a-la phone pic. We hit the dirt lot today...crazy. Coppers didn't like it. When you in the US again? Pro's are coming-October.

Kustom Kulture Blast-Off

This coming weekend in Spalding, Lincolnshire.
More details here.

Sunday 29 August 2010

Indy Mile photos

Crowd pleasers. Springsteen, Smith, Werner. I hope Kawasaki are giving them some love, because the Green Machine aren't getting many high profile wins elsewhere (Though we know Tom Sykes and Ryan Farquhar are doing the business on ZX-10s).
Smith, Carr, Bonsey, Halbert, Johnson. The Dash for Cash. Kopp qualified but didn't start.
Nicky Hayden did demo laps on the Lloyd Brothers Ducati 1000cc framer. He's just put in a request for a Sideburn T-shirt. No shit.
Right, when was the last time a multi-cylinder Kawasaki won a GNC main?
Do anything it takes to tuck in down the straights. 26 Brandan Bergen, 51 Steve Murray.
Carr led the main, but came in (a still great) second.
Matt Weidman on a high line. He finished 9th behind Mees.
Smith and Carr.
Now then, is that Fatty from Des Moines in a prototype FTWCo T-shirt, trucker cap and camo shorts in this AMA crowd shot?
JD Beach won the Pro Singles support race.
Larry Pegram on the other Lloyd Brothers Ducati 1000. Read about this bike in Sideburn 4.
Still got it. Chris Carr won the Dash for Cash from Sammy Halbert.
Kopp was back on the Ducati and came sixth, one place behind title rival Sammy Halbert. Sammy's trailing Smokin Joe in the combined championship, but leading the twins title race. We have a fantastic interview with Sammy in Sideburn 6

Photos: AMA Pro Racing

Smith and Kawasaki win Indy Mile

Wow! Chris Carr second, Coolbeth third.
More later.

Saturday 28 August 2010

Poppa Wheelie says...

Sammy Halbert is going to win tonight's Indy Mile.
Poppa Wheelie Blog

Street Trekker

From John in America.

Hi, Gary,
My mate Greg (from NZ) and I just finished a 5,580-mile trip around the American west on a pair of '81 XS650s. One of the attached photos is from Death Valley, where it was 110 degrees F when we went through (we caught it on a moderate day; it
was forecast to be 122 degrees the following weekend). There's a ratty street tracker under all that gear, believe it or not.

Repair was a daily event. One good scare was coming off I-80 to the Bonneville Salt Flats after a few hours of running at 70 mph, and Greg finding the swingarm pivot shaft sticking out a few inches; the threaded end, nut, and locking tab had broken
off somewhere. It was a happy accident that we had happened on Speed Week. When Greg rolled to a stop he landed next to the camp of Guy Warner and his dog Buddy, who attends the events just because he likes them, and brings a trailer full of tools and parts in case anybody needs them. We borrowed the stuff to drill and tap the remaining stub of the shaft for a bolt that held it together for the next few thousand miles. Guy refused any kind of compensation, just telling us that if we saw anybody that needed help, we lend a hand. A low-key guy, and one of my current heroes.

We saw Jacqui van Ham, a friend of yours, at the informal car show outside the casino just over the Nevada state line that night. I wondered why anybody would be taking a picture of my loaded up bike with all those nice cars around...it was the Sideburn sticker on my lid. Proof positive that Sideburn attracts the right sort.
And, Sideburn #6 was waiting for me when I got home; thanks!
John Bishop

Friday 27 August 2010

Sideburn 6 release party, London

A wet Wednesday. The wettest Wednesday in August in living memory. Thanks to everyone who came out. Thanks to Dai Jobu for organising it, to Derek at Lewis Leathers for hosting it, to Vedett Beer for lubricating it.

Don't Knock The Rock

I saw this programme for the first time when I was 12. I'd already been mad about British bikes, especially cafe racers, for a couple of years and had recently gone barmy for rock 'n' roll, having discovered a box of old 45s in the loft. So, by the time I'd seen just the intro, which is all I've included here, I was delirious, had spilled my Tizer and sat on my Curly Wurly (no, not prison slang).

The programme was made in 1964 by Manchester-based TV company Granada and when first aired was called Whole Lotta Shakin'. I think it might have been aired in two parts. It was repackaged for the 1977 release (when I saw it) as Don't Knock The Rock and is 55 minutes of storming performances by Gene Vincent, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard, among others. You'll find clips on YouTube (but don't be confused by the 1956 film of the same name).

As far as I know, the only legal way to get hold of a copy (I assume their copies are legal) are through The Video Beat I can't vouch for the company, never bought anything from them, despite a very tempting line-up - worth a butchers. MP

Thursday 26 August 2010

Ozark Mountain Scramble

From Captain Awesome at Mulligan Machine...

I figured you guys might be able to post this up on your blog and get the word out to other like minded budget builders/riders. Inspired by the 555 for the past few years, me and a buddy decided to start a similar run of our own. The route has been chosen, and will be a 3 day scramble throughout the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. Anyone who meets the criteria below are welcome to join. We decided to change some things up a bit, but the initial concept is the same as the 555.

* 1980 or older motorcycle
* spend less than a total of $1000 on the purchase, build and prep
* total displacement of motorcycle cannot exceed 750cc

For more information check out the blog here------>CLICK

All ages

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Tonight. For one night only!

Sideburn 6 Release Party at the fantastic Lewis Leathers store.
Buy a magazine
Get a free poster
Drink free Vedett beer (till it runs out)
Swoon over Project FT, Sideburn 6's cover bike
Meet Dai Jobu
Try work out who the mysterious Mr Death Spray is.

Where to find Lewis Leathers

Tuesday 24 August 2010

Nuovi Modelli 2T

We love Fantic. We love two-strokes. Fantic are making a new 250 two-stroke. We're happy.
I think our amici Alberto Narduzzi made this teaser video. GI

Killer Triumph

Built by Hell on Wheels, lives in Spain and featured in the current Greasy Kulture. G

King Henry

Peoria TT 2010 winner, Wiles.
This air-space has a lot of history.

He even had time to change his kit halfway through the race.
Johnny Lewis on his borrowed bike.
Lewis and Jake Johnson.
Sammy Halbert scored his best ever result at Peoria and is second in the GNC standings. We'll post his helmet cam video as soon as we find it.
Wiles out in front.
What a nice place to watch a race.
Henry Wiles triumphed at the weekend's Peoria TT taking his win tally up to six back-to-back (Chris Carr - the Prince of Peoria has 8 back-to-back). Jared Mees was second, Sammy Halbert (who is giving riding tips in Sideburn 6) was third clawing back points on all his GNC rivals.
Johnny Lewis's Honda blew up so he borrowed Mick Kirkness's Suzuki and came fifth. Can you see that happening in MotoGP?
Jake Johnson got disqualified from the Dash for Cash for running a CD5 tyre, not a CD8. CD5 must be the control spec.
But no one could touch Wiles. Fastest qualifier, Dash for Cash winner and Race win. Class. GI

Monday 23 August 2010

This is Thunderbikes

This helmet cam video, taken by Paul Baleta riding a modified KTM Duke at Buxton, is what a midfield to back end runner sees in a UK short track race. You're trying to get past the guy in front knowing there's normally a queue of chancers behind. Watch Paul's bars shaking from side to side to see how he's having to ride it. Come and have a go (if you think you're hard enough).

Talking of Paul Baleta, he is one of the many fantastic characters attracted to the UK Thunderbike class. Already this year he raced in the Erzberg Rodeo, regularly in short track and this week he's racing two bikes at the Manx GP on the TT course. Legend! Visit his Speed Therapy blog. GI

Up and down day

Well, praying for sun worked. I live 35 miles from King's Lynn and it rained most of Saturday and all Sunday night, but it was baking hot on Sunday for the race. I had another up and down day. I crashed trying to miss Steve Red Max (who was riding like a demon all day, but decided to park in the middle of a corner on the one lap I was going up the inside of him), then my brake rod stripped in a heat and fell out. I thought quickly enough to lay it down before crunching into the boards. Then everyone behind me (and there were a few) managed to miss me (including Chippy). Carl from CFM (who was spectating), along with Jacapo Monti's mechanic jumped the fence to get my bike back straightened for the restart. Massive thanks fellas.
I've enjoyed the last two rounds even though my results have been poor. I woke up very early this morning and tried to work out what I'm doing wrong. I'm not short of bravery, just skill or feel. I crash my brains out and keep coming back for more. I must be an idiot, but my mate Diplo, who comes along and offers help and encouragement, sent this email putting a different spin on things.

'Don't de-construct too heavily. Surely crashing goes with the job - a bit - and you're not hurting yourself, which is vital. The thing that grips me is that the nature of the sport is such that a dropped brake link arm can be the cause of a whoopsie rather than a massive bone-crunching event, and that there is enough adrenalin pumping around to force a track-side bodge in time
to make the re-start.
'I thought John Lee (Capt Highside) had an absolutely blinding day, Jacapo was a pleasure (on and off track), the sun shone, lending the arena the atmosphere of a bull fighting ring, and I was exhausted by the time I got home, without the racing, - great drama and on such a manageable friendly scale.'

Thanks to Boastie for the photo who said 'How close!!! love fact gary is put your hands over your helmet'
More King's Lynn soon. GI

Sunday 22 August 2010

SR Drag Racing in Bangkok

Hi Sideburn
I'm Tam from Thailand, I'm one of Sideburn mag's fans and I just wanna exchange the information about Motorbike racing in Thailand. Last weekend we've Yamaha Drag Racing in Bangkok and our team have been participated. BTW, our team got the first runner award.
-Vespidae club Thailand