Saturday 30 November 2013

Deus Does Endurance Rep

The latest bike Deus Milan have built in conjunction with Yamaha. It's an XJR1300 with a heavy endurance influence (I'm going to have to finish The Black Arrow before this look is the next big thing and I've missed the boat). It's called the Eau Rouge, a corner at Spa Francorchamps.
The bike is fitted with the lovely new Campagnolo-pattern Marvic and Deus branded Discacciati calipers. They're the same make as the one-off discs we had made for our Royal Enfield (see previous posts) and also the master cylinders I've fitted to the Black Arrow. They're a little family company from Northrn Italy.
Read more at Deus Ex Machina. G

Friday 29 November 2013

Thor by Charles Shearn

Thor Drake preparing to race the Sideburn Royal Enfield at Dirt Quake 2.
He has the front brake lever in his left hand, after removing it for the upcoming dirt track heats. Thor flew on our 500 (you can read all about this bike in SB 10)
Great photo that brings back a lot of good memories by Charles Shearn. G

Thursday 28 November 2013


My Christmas list extends. G

1. Quijada
2. Noodlebot

Sideburn x Stevie Gee x Vans x Old Kawasaki x Ruby x Free Rum!

Don't forget next Thursday is the Sideburn party and Stevie Gee one-man show in London. All the details are on the poster. If you can't make it on the night, the exhibition is open through until Monday.
The pop-up gallery store is selling prints, original art, T-shirts, books and magazines. G

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Hebden Bridge is the new Cannes

Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire is hosting a night of motorcycle adventure films.  It's on Saturday 7 December. It includes the Austin Vince new release, Mondo Sahara. This is what the organisers say...

AdventureSpec present an evening of film spanning the whole spectrum of Adventure Motorcycling. After a sell-out premiere in London’s West End, Austin Vince heads north to showcase his epic new film Mondo Sahara! Following Mondo Sahara will be the premiere of Graham Jarvis’ Erzberg the Hard Way movie. Both the film’s protagonists will be in attendance and there will be special guests and ‘special features’ making for a one­off evening of entertainment.

More details on their facebook.

Loyal Friend

From CFM, Lincolnshire who has done the lion's share of building our three project bikes; The FT, the Royal Enfield and the latest Stevie Gee Z200.

Hi Gary,
Thought you might like to see these pics of Dougs' Royal Enfield (Loyal Friend). We think it came out pretty well especially the addition of an old brass gasoline cap to the fuel tank.
Cheers Frankie. (CFM)

Tuesday 26 November 2013

Noyes Flat track weekend STOP PRESS!

I'm so excited I'm like a school girl on a Frosties sugar rush. This coming weekend is Noyes flat track Motorland school in southern Spain.
✸ ✸ ✸ ✸ ✸ ✸ THERE IS ONE REMAINING PLACE ✸ ✸ ✸ ✸ ✸ ✸
From the UK jump on an Easyjet from Luton tomorrow evening. You can rent a bike there. Go on drop everything. It's going to be great. Email the organizers ASAP if you're up for it. BP

In My Own Stupid Way, I am the Working Man's Evel Knievel

From The Wilds of Wherever by Dave Bevan. BP

Monday 25 November 2013

For Sale: RAD Dirt

The first non-Ducati powered bike from Radical Ducati, the Yamaha XT600-engined Radical Dirt is for sale. They're asking 5800 euro. The bike is in Madrid, Spain.

We featured this bike in Sideburn 10.

Contact for more info.

The House of Machines

The House of Machines in Cape Town, South Africa, now stocks Sideburn.

If your shop, bar or online outlet is interested in stocking Sideburn, email us dirt @ for more details.

Sunday 24 November 2013


Thanks to Raff P for this. G Photographer: Unknown

Saturday 23 November 2013

Dr Big

From Volker in Germany

The basic for the conversion is the enduro suzuki DR Big 750. I thought the big single cylinder engine with 779 ccm deserved better than to toil in an obese enduro. The 12 litre tank of a Yamaha SR500 took place after some adjustments. There followed a cafe racer seat (also various adjustments needed) and supermoto wheels in size 3.5 x 17 with tyres 120'er and rear 4.5 x 17 with tyres 150'er. Most cables have been painstakingly well hidden. 
A fork brace took place in the series fork that has been refined with wilbers springs . Lamp , turn signals , handlebars, mirrors, etc. were changed of course. Devil exhaust with a stainless steel manifold plays the song of the single cylinder. 
All in all it takes a little brain power to fit it all together, but I'm happy with the result. The fun she has refueled with 170Kg on winding country roads is fantastic. 
With best regards from germany, Volker

Friday 22 November 2013

Live For Myself, Answer To Nobody

Incoming from top photographer Sam Christmas (who shot SB15's Cover 2)

It should be a good night with loads of unseen McQueen Barry Feinstein prints, other photography by Bill Ray, Von Dutch, Joe McGorty and myself, art by Death Spray and Corpses from Hell as well as a few rare motorcycles and cars. And a free bar. Its in the (fully enclosed) top floor of the NCP on Brewer street, Soho and if you rock up on a McQueen era(ish) bike, you can park in the actual exhibition space... and leave it there til the next day too if you want to drink. For those that are interested but can't make the opening, the show will be running for a few weeks.

Deus Bike Build-Off

Plenty of fruit and nut bikes were produced for the Deus build-off. Here is 'the peoples choice' top 20.
This (below) is Shannon Snows 8th placed XT200 mongrel.
My bike started life as an early 80's Yamaha mono shock dirt bike frame that I found on Craigslist for free, it also came with an unknown bultaco gas tank. The engine is a 82 Yamaha XT200 for $300. I rode the bike up and down the street twice, then promptly pulled the motor. I had to hack, weld and shoehorn the motor into the 2 stroke frame. I modified the rear swing arm and frame to accept an R6 shock that I paid $20 for. I cut about a foot off the front forks and springs. Not having a lathe to re-thread the tube, I drilled and tapped the caps for pipe plugs and then welded the caps to the fork tubes. I added mountain bike shocks as helper springs to stiffen the front end, which gave my bike it's iconic face. The light is a Piaa fog light . The handle bars are mini apes flipped. The seat foam came from a Kawasaki 440ltd. My mother in law did the appolstry. I made the tail from a stainless steel bowl from Walmart. The ignition module and regulator are housed inside. The paint is spray paint, not quite as nice as I would have liked but just ran out if time! I did it all in my garage for under $600. Hauled it 1000 miles in my 93 ranger and had a blast through the whole process!! Thanks Deus for putting in such a great event!!
But Lincoln Black's - 19th placed Suzuki GS125 (above) is my flavor fave. BP

Thursday 21 November 2013

The Near Future?

I hope so... Off-topic*, but Suzuki's new turbo concept bike looks great to me. This is what Suzuki says.

Suzuki Recursion Concept, a compact roadster powered by a new 588cc parallel-twin engine which also features an intercooler turbo, designed to provide both high fuel economy for city riding and ample torque when ridden on open roads. 

The style and design of the Recursion is also aimed at providing all of the running performance of a bigger capacity motorcycle, while retaining the handling benefits of a middleweight machine.

**(We don't say that much any more. If you're not interested in one post, wait a day and there's another, or dip into wormholes of Sideburn blog vaults for over 4100 other posts.)

Don't Want To Sound Too Gushy But...

From Damian in England....

Hi Gary, Ben 
Just wanted to say I'm loving the new issue. It looks great.

I don't know if it helps but I've just bought a load of Biltwell and Deus kit, two brands I'd never heard of before I came across your magazine. The ad spend and event sponsorship is worth it.

You also may or may not like to know and I don't want to sound too gushy here but since I came across your mag, which is less than a year ago I've done the following, all inspired by Sideburn: - 

Pete Boast Short Track school 
Competed at Dirt Quake DTRA round 
Signed up to do every round next year 
Sold my Triumph Daytona 675 and bought a modified 09 Bonneville with knobblies (see PIC) tonnes slower but I'm loving it. I should have done it years ago. 

So thanks! Keep up the great work. 

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Sideburn Racing Skull patches and badges

New Sideburn Racing embroidered patch (above) and enamel badge (below) now on sale. The patch is £4, badge is £3.50. Postage is free if you order with anything else. Go to the Sideburn webshop for yours.

The embroidered patch is also the new free gift with every Sideburn subscription.

BluTack Gymnastics

Take the swearing out of the balancing a tiny screw on top of a screwdriver trick with a bogey sized ball of BluTack. You too can work up-side-down in perilously awkward and dark crannies. BP

Tuesday 19 November 2013

The Chop with Ed Oxley

Sideburn reader Ed sent us this film he features in. It is a work of insane brilliance. Big Ryan the barber is in it too. G

UPDATE: Bultaco Astroboy

Can't remember where this photo came from, but I like it. (I know it's not a Bultaco, by the way). G

UPDATE: The photo was taken by our mate Mark on his holiday to Australia.
Then Carby added 'Astroboy is none other than the SR500 of our very own Mikey (sales manager)'

Strong Adolfo's, Cornwall

We met John and Mathilda at The Bike Shed Event in London. They told us they were setting up a new cafe in Cornwall, called Strong Adolfo's, and wanted to stock Sideburn. This place looks amazing. Good luck. Here's some of their spiel. G

Essentially we are a roadside cafe but effectively we are much more. We serve speciality coffee sourced through Origin Coffee Roasters and our kitchen serves freshly cooked breakfast and lunches with influence taken from around the globe. We host artist exhibitions, guest chef evenings, wine tastings and more. Our roots are planted in the art, surf and motorcycle subcultures so expect events based on these ideals in the near future...

Monday 18 November 2013

Dirt Track Heroes at he National Motorcycle Museum

This looks amazing. But it's at the National Motorcycle Museum, Iowa and we're not. There are a couple of bikes and memorabilia from riders on show that we've featured in Sideburn.

Whether you call it flat track or dirt track racing, it’s a thrilling form of motorcycle competition unique to America. Now Allstate Motorcycle Dirt Track Heroes presented by J&P Cycles brings together nearly 30 race bikes, over 20 sets of leathers and countless photos, paintings and prints. It’s been assembled to build a great exhibition in tribute to the #1 Plate Grand National Champions, tuners and other dirt track greats and many of the motorcycles they raced. Triumph 650′s, the Harley WR’s, KR750′s and XR750′s, BSA Gold Stars, and some fine short trackers like the Bultaco Astro are all in the mix. Rare #1 leathers King Kenny wore, Aldana’s “skeleton” design as well as leathers Daytona 200 winner Don Emde also wore when he raced the TransAtlantic Match races decades ago. Paintings by Scott Jacobs, prints by Harry Miller as well as photos from Camel Pro photographer Bert Shepard help give action to the exhibit.