Wednesday 31 March 2010

Vintage BMX

From our friends at Deus. I imagine this gets some of you pretty excited.
Hey, why not click the bmx label below to see Sideburn blog's previous bicycle motocross coverage?

Beijing Scene

From a Sideburn fan in China (Russell's not a very Chinese name, though is it?).

Here's some pics of our motoring in Beijing, I just finished off my little Suzuki bobber, its a 250 grasstracker (JDM) lowered, bare metal tank, bars, Supertrapp etc..great for round town.

Few random points...all these bikes in the pics are essentially illegal, no plates (fake if they do have them)..the cops dont really enforce unless some major carnage gets some public press.
Amazing place to ride, mountains / highways / no speed-limits + really bad drivers makes for colorful motoring.

I'm going to keep you posted with with the scene here, as there is heaps going on...and its kinda interesting.
Cheers, Russell Haines


The Dutch Brothers inform us there is practice in Germany soon. In fact, it looks like they've got a lead on something oval-related happening every weekend.

10 April
usually it starts around 10:00

the track is located in Herxheim near Karlsruhe
check google earth:
49° 8'12.00"N

UPDATE: Jan-Willem Dutch Brother got in touch to explain 'It's not my practice. I only discovered that there's a practice on this track. We (flat trackers) are barely tolerated, that's why they "hide" their practice, but it's an awesome track where you don't get another chance to ride so we spread the word!'

Tuesday 30 March 2010


Sideburn and its organic content (I use the term in a sense of moss growing in the window sills of an old Land Rover, rather than over priced nibbles from Marks and Spencer's food hall), has, is, and will continue to be influenced by so many forces. Sure it will always be about flat track first and foremost, but from within that niche we want to seep sideways (no pun intended).

Before the internet took control of my brain, I used to have this thing called a pin-board for collecting pages torn from magazines, flotsam and jetsam, anything that caught my roving magpie eye. Now I just have a zillion digital folders on my overloaded Mac. I refer to these images again and again like smelling salts. The images don't have to necessarily be directly related to flat track; or even motorcycling, but they all have some magical power.

This 'snap' - most likely a totally contrived period advertising shot, spells Sex to me. Not just the glowing Mediterranean flesh barely contained by home-made denim hot-pants and the simple spaghetti strapped vest, but the weedy Piaggio Ciao moped too, those cork platforms, and the greasy docker. And the ciggie. BP

Any Old Iron Versus Gravity

Flynn's mini-framer - nearly finished

Flynn is one of Sideburn's youngest and keenest fans. His Dad Scotty build a Rotax framer for himself (in the background of the top shot), then started on a little Honda-powered framer for his son. And it's nearly finished. Thanks to Lez for the photos.
This bike will be out at the first Short Track UK round at King's Lynn on Sunday 11th April from 1pm.
See the work in progress shots here

Monday 29 March 2010

The Twilight Zone

3am and the party is over. 20 minutes of Roadie huffing and puffing then we're off to chez Skooter Farm and bed. GI did us proud on the dance floor despite "the most bitter shandies I have ever drunk". Louise; Dave's Mrs' has been on a fairy cake course and we are plied with tea and cake before turning in. We're surrounded by slightly scary puppets and erotic dolls. The yellow monkey is staring at us. BP, GI, Geoff, and Anthony are to share a deluxe king-size pikey caravan that sits in the garden hitched up to a rotting Hilman Super Minx. Dave built himself a skateboard bowl that's bigger than the house. I was skateboarding in 1976 but got The Fear long before ever venturing into a bowl. In this light it's a thing of beauty. I could have stared into it until dawn. GI who always travels light, but always seems to be prepared with the correct kit for the moment, is sporting 6 year old's jim-jams. Welcome to The Twilight Zone. BP

Davida Fuel Campaign

With diesel running at £1.25 a litre (or the equivalent of $7.80/US gallon) in the UK, Sharon from Davida organised an impromptu anti-fuel tax campaign at the Sideburn Party on Friday night. Sally Monster was all too keen to give her support.
Photo: Sharon Davida


PDQ in Berkshire, where I buy my K&N filters, are the latest stockist of Sideburn magazine.
If you want to become a stockist please email us at dirt @ for rates (remove the spaces from that email address).

Side Burn

tip from Kay Coenen

Wigan - Reader pics 1

From Rich. Lovely, thanks.

Alright guys,
Hope your heads are feeling alright today and you're ready for tomorrow. Party was ace, well done on organising such a good knees up. Stags and Johnny Alpha were class, as was the Tadcaster bitter at £1.80.
Got a few pics on this newfangled app on the iphone - thought you might like a couple, think they kind of fit the vintage of the venue.

UPDATE: From Rich - 'The app is called Hipstamatic - if you search the appstore on your phone by category
and photography you should find it.'

Sunday 28 March 2010

Davida Moto Photo

Originally exhibited in Liverpool, this is a world touring exhibition of motorcycle related photographs curated by Davida. Our party venue hosted a selection from the large collection. This is just a few of my favourites. BP

Northern Soul

Wikipedia are going to have to re-write their definition of Northern Soul following the Sideburn party. Dave Skooter Farm started the procedings with an out-door lecture on thermo-dynamics while the general public ate their fill from the local Chinese chippy. Geoff went for a multicultural curried chips and rice, with noodles as a side order. DJ Johnny Alpha ordered the native "pie 'nt gravy". I went for the chef's special chicken chow mein. (I apologise to any body I spoke to, for my 'spicy' breath). All of a sudden 200 odd souls turned up. Stuka rode his Sporty over from Belfast, and Amalia flew in from Spain. The Stags were brilliant. Met some good people. What a night. Thanks everybody. BPIf you want to email in your own snaps we will up-date this post over the week.

Billy Childish on Radio 4

Very good interview with one of my favourite characters - artist, Headcoat, Buff Medway, Mighty Caesar, poet and all-round fantastic fella, Mr Billy Childish. Get yourself educated by listening again on the BBC iPlayer. GI

Saturday 27 March 2010

Friday 26 March 2010

Windies Wheels

There was a special love of lightweight motorcycles in 70s Jamaica, and perhaps one day I'll bother to find out why. What with the scooting about in the film The Harder They Come (1972) and this 1976 album from early toasting grandee Dillinger, there was a bit of a scene going on. The CB200 track itself has been well-overshadowed down the years by the better-known Cokane In My Brain, but if there's a better reggae-based paean to two-wheeled cool, I've not yet heard it. MP

Thursday 25 March 2010

The Boys To Entertain You

Gary and Skooter Farm Dave, are busy in the The British Legion Club getting the venue prepped for tomorrow night's SB#5 launch party. Up ladder bunting hanging, iPhone updates not forthcoming, I can only envisage the dance hall from 'It Ain't Half Hot Mum'. BP

Wednesday 24 March 2010

Sideburn Party: Headline News

Why Wigan? Some people have wondered about the location of Sideburn 5's release party. Lots of reasons, but we never thought we'd make the local paper.
Two days till the Sideburn party and a wet Wednesday in Wigan is brightened by the news 'Motorbike Art Comes to Wigan!'

Sideburn readers, march to your local town hall and DEMAND you are the host city for the next Sideburn party. Dreams can come true.

UPDATE: Sideburn's favourite DJ Sir Johnny Alpha promotes the Wigan Wig-Out on his superb Killer Diller radio show. Download it here.


+ first sighting of Sideburn Soul. From Tom G.


This book was bought for me as a Christmas present when I was perhaps 12 years old. It has the period-obligatory intro by Barry Sheene, but what caught my eye the most, amid the blatant Heron Suzuki product placement, was Sue. The book is a pretty good basic instruction manual and as Sue grew to thoroughly enjoy being dirty and her tool manipulation went from fumbling to competent, so my skills followed a similar trajectory. Though mainly under the covers by torchlight. Complications only became apparent in later years when just the sight of a Ram Air cylinder head would cause trouser havoc. I'm better now. MP

Tuesday 23 March 2010

Cow Technology for 2010 Season

'Hi Ben
Do you remember riding my bike at Rye House? Remember when you gave constructive criticism about its handling and performance? Well I’ve understood your comments and turned that information into an engineering solution.

So I started with an orange base coat, which of course everyone in the know, knows it to be the fastest colour for flat trackin. And after an embarrassing mix up whilst trying to find a striper, I’ve gone for some silver leaf, too.

Couple this with my new internet purchased leathers and I’m laughing all the way to the finish line. I was told that the weakest part of a leather suit is the seams, so I bought some which are made from a single cow skin. Must have been a big cow though, it’s a touch on the large side, making it quite wrinkly, not sure about the zipper with four toggles either. The wife asked if they’re made out of four skins, “especially with your helmet just poking out of the top”. Honestly.

Anyway, you know that smug feeling that you can only get from wearing brand new socks? That’s how I’m feeling right now. I can’t help it, it just seems perfectly obvious that with this level of preparation 2010 is my year for collecting a couple of points, which would be a 200% increase over last year.

See you at the track.
Jason (I will be changing my name by deed poll to Daisy too)'


Ben and I were commissioned to write some features for a good moto culture webzine, Influx, that's produced for an English insurance company.
Ben wrote, and supplied photos, about the Mean Fuckers (above).
I wrote about the birth of Sideburn and ten of my favourite bikes. I purposely chose obtuse bikes, because who the hell wants to read about Fireblades and 916s AGAIN!? Well, some of the people who go on Influx. Anyway, it was fun to write.
Go read them while you wait for SB5 to arrive. GI


Monday 22 March 2010

SIDEBURN #5 Has Landed

It's official! 3000 copies arrived on Gary's doorstep last Friday and he has been posting furiously since. He sent me one guaranteed next day delivery but I missed the postie, and only got it in my mits this morning. I'm always as over excited as a 6 year old on Christmas eve. Thanks a 1,000,000 to everyone who contributed to another great issue. BP
Don't forget the issue 5 special offer. Shirts are going fast.

New Member

Sideburn is pleased to welcome a new member to the SBlog posting team; Mick Phillips. We have given him a key to the door.

2 minutes before sending off all the HiRes PDFs of SB#5 to the printers I realised we somehow had 1 page too many. Apart from simply losing a page, everything would need a a re-shuffle and some pages would have to be re-numbered. GI was in a meeting and unavailable. My brain went into Chernobyl meltdown. I phoned Mick in Rome to ask if he could be my brain and save the day. He did. BPMick's hobbies include holing himself up in the stationary cupboard and playing with rubber bands

Sunday 21 March 2010

Kempton Snaps

Patrick it was good to meet you and The French Connection, briefly. There was murderous queue trying to get out of the in-field when I left, so me and P came back to find you for a John Smith, but you were nowhere to be found - à la prochaine. How about shooting your bike for SB#6? BP

UK season starts next week

Well, it's the first official test at King's Lynn, next Sunday at 1. Last year a few fresh framers turned up - like Boastie's Suzuki 450. Let's hope there are some more this year. My Wood Rotax is nearly back together. Finishing SB5 and all that entails means my eye has been off the ball so I've had to put a couple of late ones in. Carl at CFM has refreshed the engine. Frame's been powder-coated, loads of bits tidied up. Just need to get the wheels in and exhaust on and a few tweaks and hope the bugger starts (no kicker so starting is a bump job, not easy with a cold, hi-comp Rotax on your own).

Come to King's Lynn and have a snoop. Especially if you're thinking of giving it a go. You'll see what a massive range of talent and machinery there is.

Also, we're co-organising a street tracker show for Amman Valley, May 29-30, in conjunction with Short Track UK and Red Max Speed Shop. There will be two days of the cream of European flat track racing on a big, fast 550m oval. Saturday is a round of the MEFO Cup and European Harley series and day two is the UK round (with all the Euro lot staying for an extra day's racing). We want to get as many street trackers along as possible so keep an eye on the blog and dig your tent out.

Wes White

This is Wes White from Four Aces Cycle Supply, California . We've never met him but we'd like to. Love that desert bike. This is what Wes did on Christmas Day. His van is lovely too. GI

Saturday 20 March 2010

Shake a tail feather

Only a week till the Sideburn Wig-Out in Wigan - click the flyer on the right for details.
That means it's time to start perfecting those dance moves. Here's some inspiration. We can't embed Chicken Payback (above) so check that last. It's brilliant. G

Last Mablethorpe

For this season anyway. Tomorrow. From about 10.

Friday 19 March 2010

Kempton Autojumble

Tomorrow; Saturday 20th, at Kempton Park racecourse, Staines (made famous by Ali G), Surrey TW16 5AH‎.
Like we've all got excess shed space for more rusty crap. Can't keep me away. BPphoto by Finkangel

New stickers

To commemorate our upcoming shindig in Wigan, the spiritual home of Northern Soul. Come along and get some.
The Party's next Friday.

Thursday 18 March 2010


The FTW blog doesn't have the option to leave comments; so Jeff, just to say, 'what a great image, is this the way you trim your front lawn every Sunday? Bet the neighbours love you. BP