Wednesday 31 December 2008

500 + 100,000

Early cover treatment by BP

It's New Year's Eve and a few things are happening all at once in some amazing conflugerance (I don't think that's a word) of cosmic proportions. It's about three years since I realised I wanted to publish something myself. It was going to be a book about my friend Dan Walsh's moto-travel writing, but then he got picked up by a big publisher and offered a cash advance he'd have been insane to turn down. His book has been in the Top 10 non-fiction titles in the UK charts this year.
I love books, but I understand magazines so I spoke to Ben Part (a photographer who'd never designed a magazine before) about producing a magazine focusing on flat track racing and related street bikes. He came up with the name Sideburn and we started work. There was no business plan. It takes up too much time, but we're always happy with the results and people who buy it like it on the whole, so it spurs us to make another.
Then I came up with the idea of doing a blog to keep the Sideburn name in people's minds inbetween making the magazine, but professional pride has meant we want to post every day. And we do. Now there's a risk of it taking up valuable time we should be using for the magazine. And that's were the conflugerance comes in - today, New Year's Eve 2008, we will post our 500th post (this one) and have clocked up 100,000 clicks (according to Statcounter).
Thanks to all the visitors. Now please buy the mag, T-shirt, stickers...
Thanks and happy new year, GI


French project

From the very inspiring blog Ze Last Chance...

... a kool small streetTracker with 2 stroke power !
> check the work of this FATdude on the following link:

From Argentina

Hi people, this is the preview of my latest bike that i´ve been building during this week, it´s a 1976 Suzuki 425cc and only has 3800km in her speedo!!!!! I hope that I like you ,it´s a very "East" inspired and "BLINGS" like Bill Dodge's beautys. Well, I hope that I was able to send U the progress in a few weeks,and also I send the pictures of the CB 125cc that I built 4 months ago,It´s been showed at knucklebuster inc,wrench monkees,church of choppers and biltwell,so I think that it's deserved some atention.
Well,thanks for your time.
German Karp.

Ploughing a lonely furrow

Only one Skooter Farm rider made it to Scunthorpe for the Short Track UK Winter Warmer. It was certainly winter, but there wasn't any warm about it. Jason, we're proud of you, but we guessed the track might be a bit cruddy.
And for all those who thought he wouldn't ride his shiny, gold-leafed gem of a bike, you were wrong.
'At least I have enough shit to make my own track now,' says Jason.

Tuesday 30 December 2008

Viva Las Vegas

This is going to be one hell of an event.

Monday 29 December 2008

Austin's guitar case

From Austin of The Hip Priests

Emilio Scoto

Madder than trying to get an XR1200 airbourne. Emilio Scotto chose a Gold Wing to travel around the world, visiting 279 countries (I guess that must be most of them). The 500,000 miles only took him 10 years. This book looks like something you would find in the bargain bin in Woolworths (I got it as a birthday present from my brother, so it probably was), but its worthy. He makes Messrs McGregor and Boorman look like mollycoddled twats. A perfect turkey abuse come-down. Be humbled. Be inspired.

Motorcycho - 13

Stuff from Motorcycho. We love Norm. Norm, Norm, NORM! It's for sale for super-cheap, yas.
I'm putting that 13 on my leathers for the 2009 season.

Sunday 28 December 2008

Holy Mother of God, Seth!

Norm at Motorcycho pointed us to these at I interviewed Seth Enslow a few years ago. He was great, happy to stand around in Sheffield with his shirt off for the photographer and let us prod his widow's peak-style scar where they bolted his skull back together. For him to attempt a record jump on that lump is just superb. It makes an XR750 looks like a CR250. Look at the shocks! Are they off Big Foot? I cannot wait to see the follow up on this. Where can we donate some money to Seth's hospital fund? GI

Sideburn in Stockholm

Thanks to Marcus Carlsson, we're now stocked in Stockholm, Sweden at the rather cool looking Sivletto (pictured). Yep, blondie works there. And they even have an in house pinstriper.
We welcome all stockists and Sideburn will instantly make your retail premises that little bit more chic (you freak).
Sivletto follow Glory and Choke in the US, Deus in Australia and Rocker Speed Shop in Paris. Why the hell doesn't London have anything like this?

Live from the Timonium Cow Palace

Carpet shoe

Dress for the ride, not the crash

Oxford shirt, chinos, silk tie, tidy moustache. Sir, you are a gentleman and a example to us all.

High, wide and handsome

From ace shooter, Tim White

'Hosted by the Baltimore County Trail Riders Association (, the Timonium indoor short track races are a must-do every December. With AMA sanction the group puts on 13 races in an evening on the cement floor of the Maryland State Fairground cow palace, with classes for everyone from kids on 50cc shafties to "adults" on 100cc thumpers and the crazed on 450cc MX bikes. Bring warm clothes, ear plugs, and maybe a respirator.'

Saturday 27 December 2008


When I was seven, I had this poster on my bedroom wall. No relatives, neighbours, or friends had motorbikes, so this was my first inspiration for the dirt and noise that many years later, I now claim as my own. (OK I haven't actually done a desert race yet). Until today I never knew the who, when, or why details of the photo. Thanks to a post on Hell For Leather, a little piece of history now has a place. Mojave California 1971. Photo Bill Eppridge. If it wasn't for this single photo, maybe I would have never gravitated to planet Sideburn.

Spanish XR1200 Race series cartoon

This is used to advertise the Spanish Harley XR1200 BBQ race series. I like. G

Thursday 25 December 2008

Beautiful Work in Progress

Finally got some nice weather to take some pictures of my bike. the frame is an early 90's c&j? XR750 frame that I bought on eBay. I cut it up to switch the chain drive from the right to left side. the front end is a WP off a Buell Lightning, the rims are 19" Suns laced to an A&A spool hob in the front and a Harley-Davidson hub in the rear. The gas tank is a Race Tec and seat and rear fender are from Grand Prix Glass. Rear shock is a Penske. The motor is a 76 Bonneville 750 stock for now,
Carbs are Mikuni TM flatslides, 34mm. Rear brake is a Brembo from A&A with a Grimeca master cylinder. I still have to build the 2 into 1 exhaust and get some sort of lighting on it.
I'm building the bike in a 12' by 12' shed that is packed with metal working equipment. i hope the pictures get to you, if they dont, please let me know. I got my shirt in the mail the other day and I can't wait to get issue number 3.
Brian B, New Jersey, USA

Wednesday 24 December 2008

Konichiwa Japan




Superb Japanese ice racing photos

10 out of 10 for balls and effort. Especially on the little two-stroke NSR250. If you're going to those lengths you may as lean over a bit though, eh? I suppose that's easy for me to say. GI

Johnny's Alpha's shindig soundtracks

Received this from Johnny Alpha, Sideburn's favourite DJ. It got buried, that's why he mentions a Halloween one.
If you're looking for a soundtrack to a shindig look no further. You might not have heard of any of the artists, but these are beauties. And free to download.

"Great to see you Valencia man, had a ball over there. Just wanted to say cheers for the kind words on your blog and here's a couple more of my mixes you can download.
Made this one a while ago but forgot to post it up Rotoshow X"

Istanbul – The Night People (Seafair 45)
Cousins – Relax (Palette 45)
Curios – Chicken back pt 2 (Curio 45)
Jesters – Cadillac Man (Sun 45)
Ronnie Haydock & the Boppers – 99 Chicks (Rock & Country 45)
Righteous Brothers – Justine (Sue 45)
Scotty McKay – Midnight Cryin’ Time (Swan 45)
DC 5 – On the move (Epic 45)
Mad Mike & the Maniacs – The Hunch (Hunch 45)
Rumblers – Bugged (Dolton 45)
Dav Kipp – Yeah my baby love me (Coral 45)
Brice Colfield – Cha –Cha Twist (Madison 45)
Freddy King & Lula Reed – You can’t hide (Federal 45)
Rita Pavone – I’l Gedgehee (Rca 45)
Billy Davis – Whatcha gonna do (Columbia 45)
Los Sirex – Soy Napoleon (Belter EP)
Tidal waves – Action (HBR 45)
Oliver’s – Beeker street (RCA 45)
Tropics – As times gone (Columbia 45)
Del-Vets – Last time around (Dunwitch 45)

Couple of days late with this but who says you can only listen to spooky records on Halloween Graveyard Greats Volume IV
Chilly Billy - Cilly Billy’s Vamp
Lee Kristofferson - Night of The Werewolf
Why Four - Sleepy Hollow
Exercutioners - The Noose
Simon Stokes - Voodoo Woman
Ko-Ko Taylor - Insane Asylum
Ray Stevens - Laughing Over My Grave
Murray Sheaf - Tombstone No.9
Cadillac’s - Boogie Man
Poets - Dead
Dick Dixon - The Crawl
Swanks - Ghost Train
Mack Allen Smith - Skeleton Fight
Johnny Fuller - Haunted House
John Zacherle -
Dinner With Drac
Tomko’s - The Spook
Frankie Stien - Who’s Afraid Of Weirdo Wolf
Wolfman - Strange
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins - Frenzy
Big Guys - Zombie
Cramps - Fever

Tuesday 23 December 2008

Are you mental?

If you're within a five-hour drive of Gene Romero's Vegas race and NOT going, then you must be. Can anyone supply some shots for us?
Especially of the handshift/brakeless class. Thanks. G

King Khan going cheap

This just might be the last time I ever mention King Khan on this blog, but I got this email. We've never used this site and can't vouch for it. Looks like it costs $4.49 to download.

I'm with the independent music store We are reaching out to a handful of music blogs to see if they are interested in our holiday promotion, where we offer our favorite albums from 2008 at a huge discount. I thought you might be interested to know about this..
Follow the link below and you'll get 50% off any purchase from Amie Street; this link sends you to our Best Albums of 2008, but the discount applies to any purchase on Amie Street:
Amie Street
If you think your readers would like to use this link too, please feel free to share it with them. There's a ton of good music to choose from. Andplease drop me an email if you have any questions. Hope you enjoy! Zane

Monday 22 December 2008

It's not what you ride, but how you ride it (no.8)

From Sam Major, cheers Sam.

"Brudeli Tech proudly presents our new Leanster, the Brudeli 654L, a unique new vehicle providing an extraordinary riding experience. The exclusive production model Brudeli 654L is available in very limited numbers.
“Making 100 metre controlled powerslides at the local dirt track oval (speedway) is a quite unbeatable feeling. Especially when this is a street-legal vehicle that you actually came cruising with to the track.” says Geir Brudeli, the inventor of the Leanster and manager of Brudeli Tech. “Then just a few minutes later you could be at a go-kart track without any change of setup, leaning 45 degrees into corners with a control superior to that of a normal motorcycle. The Leanster suspension is 100% mechanical and leaves the rider in control. It is built with the goal of boosting the motorcycle experience.”
Brudeli 654L is based on a KTM 690 Supermoto. The leanster will be street legal in Europe (TÜV approved).
The price will be about 21000 Euros (30000 USD) (ex. VAT and ex. Works Hokksund)

Started life as a Honda FT500...

Hi guys, thought I'd drop ya a couple o pics of my street-tracker as it's now at least on the road and legal (well tax and mot anyway)
Started life as a Honda FT500 Ascot (sic). Eventually it'll recieve a better tank (the XL250 one fitted is about the right size but fugly shape at the front) when thats done it'll get a proper seat pad made and a decent paintjob.
Also on the lookout for a FCR or similar so I can ditch the CV carb - and hence the airbox. Then I can fit the Numberboard/sidepanel to the lhs too.
It's gonna make a fun winter hack and city terrorist for the meantime, and here in Norfolk there are at least still some gravel/dirt car parks and picnic areas to practice sliding round :-)
I'll bring it up to the first Lynn shorttrack round nxt year too - though only as a spectator, was seeing GI at mildenhall couple of years ago that was the inspiration for it after all.
Tel, Norfolk, England

Sunday 21 December 2008

UK Christmas Cracker

Our mate Guy Martin, Isle of Man TT star, road race hero and truck mechanic, will be one of the guest riders at next weekend's Short Track UK Christmas Cracker at Scunthorpe.

Saturday 20 December 2008

Hauler - Competition

This is a book a lot of traditional choppers guys go crazy for. No words, just B&W photos. Nice ones. That's Max Schaaf, from Sideburn 2, on the cover. Adam Wright, he who shoots and puts it all together, has just photographed a feature for Sideburn 3. Secret for now, but super exciting. And he sent us a very limited edition Hauler T-shirt. Thing is, it's too big for either Ben or me (well, Ben is huge but likes em tight). It's size L. So to win it we want to know:
What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

Post it as a comment. If you post anonymously, you better sign your entry. We'll take entries till Jan 2.
Our choice is final. There are no other prizes. Bon chance, mes amis!