Thursday 28 February 2013


Festival of Thump (for single cylinder motorcycles) at Deus Ex Machina, Venice Beach this Saturday.

If you like thumpers you can read about the two project bikes Sideburn built.
Honda FT500 in Sideburn 6.
Royal Enfield 500 in Sideburn 10.

You can get both of those issues as part of our £13 Back Issue Combo deal. G

Wednesday 27 February 2013

UPDATE: SB Homeguard

James Chappell sent me this wonderful old magazine clipping
- not adulterated with Photoshop. BP

UPDATE: James is a regular contributor to Sideburn and I love his latest collages. G

Sideburn x Ruby x Ornamental Conifer

I was slightly envious of Ben's Lagoon blue Castel (with it's special Sideburn branding on the goggle strap, that mine didn't have), until I collected mine back from Ornamental Conifer. Nico did a great asymmetrical job of the Ruby Castel full-face at a very reasonable price.
It's pink and pale blue, with black and 23ct gold leaf arrow, lightning flash and numbers. No lacquer so it will age, gracefully. If you want anything painting, get in touch with O.C. through his site. He does this for a living, but you get what you get given. He's not for steering, and he doesn't like doing the same on either side 'It's boring'.
Big thanks to Ruby and Ornamental Conifer. G

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Southern California: Co-Built Needs You!

Our good friend Anthony Co-Built (pictured) is visiting California for business and is desperate to ride at the March 23 practice being held at Perris.

Anthony is one of the finest men you'll ever meet, he is the  former UK Flat Track Thunderbike champion (2011), one of the co-founders of the best European dirt track chassis builders - Co-Built, and also the organiser of the UK flat track race series for 2013.

He's happy to borrow on a 'You bend it, you mend it' basis. He is also happy to repay the loan if the loanee wants to come and ride in England.

Contact him through G

SB1 for Sale

A Sideburn issue 1 has appeared on UK eBay. This sale is nothing to do with us, the seller has not asked us to advertise it and we don't know who the seller is (we haven't tried to find out). Click Sideburn 1 to have a butcher's. G

Gumnaam Style

In the sweaty post Shook Ups! come-down, Sideburn's house DJ (as in our stable favorite not boomcha handbag), Johnny Alpha delighted the crowd with his rare vinyl. Skinhead; Suedehead; tattooed faced Punk; Rocker; Cidernaught (Thanks to Redface Dave for drawing my attention this local anthropological group); braided East Coast Rapper; Traveler; Mod; Beatnik alike, none can resist the dancefloor gravity of a Shankar Jaikishan original Angel Records pressing from the 1965 Indian film Gumnaam. BP

(see also Ted Lyons And His Cubs)

Monday 25 February 2013

Ace Cafe Flat Track Day, 2013

Well, our luck had to run out. After two years of me thinking that it's stupid to stand in a London car park in the middle of February and, instead, being pleasantly surprised by unseasonably good weather, this year's Ace Cafe Flat Track Day was baltic.
Still, lots of brave souls turned up during the day. Fellow UK flat tracker, Paul H turned up on his lovely and just finished BSA 650.
Another racer turned up on a road bike. Guy S rode his R100 Dirt Quake 1 survivor. It was wearing a new Co-Built two-into-one pipe.
Guy's other-half Karina rode her new Suzuki Big Boy Grasstracker (yes, really), grey import. Great looking little bike. 
A few Van-Vans and this tidy FTR223 turned up.
Dael rode up on his Bonneville, The Co-Built Panther. It attracted a lot of attention.
It was a complete ArtistFest. Maxwell Paternoster arrived sporting a newly-painted ancient Bell covered with white and yellow goldleaf, innit.
Martin Squires, premier league sketcher, came and was brave enough to work out in the cold.
In the foreground, Graham brought the Z-Sled that was on the blog last week.
Nico Ornamental Conifer came along, defrosted enough to touch-up the Sideburn van's bonnet, then cleared off. David Death Spray was there, early doors too. People came and went all day, so it never looked very busy.
Phil D is so popular now he has to sign autographs when all he wants to do is go home.

This lovely pair of Champion Yams were on show. I fell in love with the two-stroke.
Plenty of more modern race bikes came and went too, like this Co-Built Rotax, that is on its second owner (after the first emigrated) and spruced for a new season.
Big thanks to everyone who came, the Ace, our fellow displayers - Co-Built, the Dirt Track Racers Association and the Redmax Speedshop. Even bigger thanks to Max, Jack and DJ Dave for getting up at the of dawn to stand around in the cold all day, playing records and selling stuff. We'll do it in summer next time... G

Manga Smoking Seagulls

Thanks to Adriaan for sending this Manga version of a shot we ran in Sideburn 5 of the Smoking Seagulls in Sideburn 5 (limited stock available).
The photo shows freestyle motocorsser, Red Bull X Fighters jump, artist, musician and all-round good guy Drake McElroy (who made the most memorable travel programme I've ever seen, Drake's Passage - see one episode, below then search it on YouTube) and regular Sideburn feature chap, Roland Sands jumping their cafe racered MX bikes. G

Sunday 24 February 2013

Verona 2013 pt.5: The People

Standing behind a bike booth for three solid days could be boring, but the primary target of any Sideburn show weekend is to amuse ourselves first and foremost. Second is to try flog some stuff.
Travelling with a record player and 300 7in singles is the way we keep ourselves from getting bored. Then there's people-watching. Bike shows are good for that. We stand still and, at Verona, 100,000 people walk past us. These are some of our favourites. G

Saturday 23 February 2013

The Shook Ups!

Tonight in Bristol, Skooter Farms Dave's other band are headlining a Frathouse night, organized by the Hi Class Joe's, at the Stag and Hounds pub 74 Old Market Street, BS2 0EJ.
Beloved DJ Johnny Alpha will be spinning vinyl too. Twanging Surf Garage Wahwahliciousness. BP

Sideburn at the Long Beach Swap Meet

The good people at The Speed Merchant will have a booth at tomorrow's Long Beach Swap Meet and they have a stock of current and back issues of Sideburn to sell. Go buy an armfull.
Below is Brawny road testing some of the Speed Merchant's 49mm fork inserts. Photo by Joyrides Art Co. G

Friday 22 February 2013


I was introduced to the poster-maker Lorenzo-Eroticolor by French magazine Twins & Triples. Lorenzo illustrates a column I write. I love his stuff and he has an exhibition coming up in Paris. For more info go to Lorenzo Eroticolor facebook. G


One of my favourite companies in the world, FTWCo, have updated their website. Go check it out at
Pictured is one of their sponsored riders, Jordan Baber, Norton on the gas, front wheel off the floor. Bumpy track! G

Thursday 21 February 2013

Classic Endurance at Imola

 Our good friend, Peter from Hungary, sent this email and his photos.

Just saw on instagram site (search for @sideburnmag) the Phase One Kawa (#4). It's not just a beauty, it's terrible fast too. I was in Imola at 200miles revival in last year, and I made a few shots about that bike, and about your friends too, with that nice guzzi nr.21. I send you these 
best wishes 

The Guzzi, 21, is Andrew Guzzi Nerd, an Englishman in LA who races a Guzzi in Europe. Nut. There's seems to be a 4-cylinder GoldWing racing in this lot too. Double-nut. G
All Photos: Peter Guld.

UPDATE: Peter's been back in touch. It is a GoldWing. See the new Peter Guld photo below.