Sunday 30 June 2013

Sew and sew

Photo by Nick of Motore Cafe. Embroidered patches still available at the Sideburn shop. G

Saturday 29 June 2013

Dirt Quake II: The official film

Dirt Quake II by Iron Bird from SIDEBURN on Vimeo.
Is here! Thanks to all that helped make this event happen, all the racers, the spectators and these kind sponsors.

Dirt Track Riders Association
El Solitario
Kiddo Motors
Krazy Horse
Old Empire Motorcycles
Red Torpedo
Triple H Motorcycles

Who fancies another next year? G

Dirt Quake Survivor for Sale


From Rupert Farnsworth - Dirt Quake II survivor.

It has come to my attention that the market in Sideburn merchandise and collectables is probably most closely scrutinised at the Sideblog. Having been a keen follower of the brand since its conception I have accumulated a fine and comprehensive collection. Alas -there just isn't room for everything and reluctantly I feel the need to let some of it go - hopefully to be enjoyed by a proud second owner. I attach a picture of two stickers which I feel you may be able to find a home for.

For fear of damaging the priceless collectables I have decided not to try and remove them from the bike - so it seems sensible to throw that in to the deal. This way the lucky buyer could enjoy the ownership of the stickers complete with a fetching background which can provide good reliable (mechanically sound/cosmetically challenged) transport.

I reckon those SB stickers have to be worth 225 each with the bike thrown in ie.£450.00. That's got to be minimum price for a commuter with MOT. Is a 72/73 cb175/200 hybrid. Frame is CB175 with CB200 motor. Registered on V5 as '73 (that's the cb175 frame and correct reg number) so comes tax free next year under the new rules. Has 11 months MOT, new tyres, new clutch and a few spares. Nothing wrong with the bike but I've got to build myself a racer now I've tasted the dirt - so the 'shop is having a clear out. Any sale receipts go to racer kitty.

Contact mail at The bike is based in Northants. 10 mins from the Peterborough A1 junction. 

Below, Subaru hauler tested to 80mph on the A47. Smooth as silk. 

Friday 28 June 2013

Los Muertos, Cape Town Opening

Cape Town's coolest bike shop (and Sideburn stockist) Los Muertos, are having an official opening next week. G


We have an interesting couple of features coming up on the Bultaco Astro in the next Sideburn, number 14. One is written by Astro racer and owner, Don Miller of Metro Racing (above). We can think of few better to get under the skin of this revolutionary short tracker.

The magazine is due out in July. If you're a subscriber and have changed addresses lately, please let us know. G

Thursday 27 June 2013


Good two-page spread in this week's MCN. On sale till next Tuesday.
Words by Kamen Rider, Photos by Sam Christmas. G

Fuel Motorcycles Photo Comp

Our friends at Fuel Motorcycles (and Scram Africa) in Barcelona have organised a photo comp to win a camera. You need to be wearing some of their kit, but there's time to order, shoot and win. G

Own some of our Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles t-shirts and sweatshirts? Send us a cool photo of any of our apparel and we’ll enter you in our "Shoot the T-Shirt!” competition to win an awesome and limited edition BelAir X6-12 analog camera. A jury of professional photographers will decide which rider deserves the prize.

Send the pics at:
Add to the photo a title and your name
Deadline: October 1st, 2013
More info at

Wednesday 26 June 2013

DTRA Racing at Tir Prince. THIS FRIDAY

Don't forget, super-fast dirt track racing on the big horse track at Tir Prince, Towyn near Rhyl. this Friday night.
£5 on the gate. Under-16s with an adult free.
Racing from 7pm.

Artwork buy Adam Nickel

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Billy Preston Got Soul!

If this performance doesn't put a smile on your face we can't be friends. G

Kid Got Soul

DJ Asa was sporting this T with Northern Soul patches in Biarritz. BP

Monday 24 June 2013

Mule Bonneville

Mule Motorcycles of San Diego nails it again. This time Yamaha front end and Golden Tyres. Modified stock chassis, stock tank, Mule seat...
Read and learn about Mule is Sideburn 3 and Sideburn 8. G

Sunday 23 June 2013

W&W Dirt Quake Report

German Harley parts specialists W&W sent over a reporter to cover Dirt Quake II. Check it out at G

Saturday 22 June 2013

Red Ming Boots

We love Jason. Click his very own label below to see more of his borderline insane ramblings from previous years. G

Yesterday was five hours of waiting around while my car got serviced. I decided to make the most of the time by making some shoes from the spare interior leather. 
The soles are rubber tread from a horse box. No shit. I thought I'd be able to make shoes. How hard can it be? Clearly I know the answer to be, no I can't.

Friday 21 June 2013

Hell on Wheels x Perris Raceway

Some news from the Southern California Flat Track Association. They run the racing at the Perris Raceway (between Riverside and Murrieta, near Lake Elsinore).

Next flat track race at Perris, Round Seven, will be July 20th. 
Round Eight will take place August 17th. 

Racers: Gates open at 1PM for pit set up and sign up. Spectators: Come early and check out the bikes, or roll in about 4:30 to catch practice. Races usually start about 5 PM. Snack bar will be open with hot and cold goodies. You can bring your own cooler, but no glass bottles please. 

In between, local vintage shop "Hell on Wheels" will be hosting a hooligan style race on August 10th, open to just about anything on two wheels. They're hoping to get a few real flat trackers out there. There will be overnight stays... 

Double-check those details. The video below shows Hell on Wheels all-comers MX race, and that's wild, so the flat track they're set to organise should be great too. G

Thursday 20 June 2013


Full official Dirt Quake video made for us by Iron Bird, coming soon.

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Wheels and Waves Man Candy

Roland Sands who was in Biarritz showing off his custom R90S BMW, coined a new phrase for us 'Man Candy'. We made much use of it over the weekend.
The humongous 1600cc 308kg (not including leather panniers full of hair products and whiskey) Triumph Thunderbird that Thor borrowed from Hinkley was starship Man Candy and he was most definitely captain Man Candy. I enjoyed my status as flight attendant Man Candy.
Man Candy likes Belgian waffles for breakfast.
This is a Man Candy dream car - This one belongs to Chris who drove down with Keely Maze Balls.
We will shortly be releasing a new Sideburn Man Candy fragrance. BP

Exhibition in Milan

Andrea Chiaravalli was the first Italian to buy Sideburn when I bumped into him in a shop as I was hawking the first issue door-to-door in Milan (with little success). He's always kept in touch and has this exhibition coming up at Mermaid in Milan's wonderful new moto quarter (home to the Deus and other cool shops). G

Monday 17 June 2013

Wheels and Waves reportage

Wheels and Waves was fantastique! Thank you to Vincent and all the Southsiders for such a great weekend in Biarritz. We also had some great riding over the Pyrénées into Spain. More photos to follow.
There were some proper heroic types who had defied logic, having their own arduous road trip adventures just to make it down there.
Good people. Good times. BP

Sunday 16 June 2013

Rockerbox, Milwaukee

Rockerbox Motofest | August 3 2013 | from CJ Foeckler on Vimeo.
Our friends at Fuel Cafe have this going on in early August. G

Saturday 15 June 2013

Martin Squires does Dirt Quake

Automotive illustrator Martin Squires is becoming a real regular at Sideburn events. In fact, he's a regular at every kind of event. He seems to travel to at least one per week, sketching motorcycles, cars, hot rods, tractors, trucks, people...
He's written up a nice Dirt Quake II report on his blog, to accompany the sketches he did on the day. He's open for commissions too... Martin Squires Automotive Illustrator.

These bikes are Pete's Old Blu Triumph and Ross Rusty Nail's Honda. G

Friday 14 June 2013

Dress for the ride...

Not the crash. Thor and the Kamen Rider. Photo by regular Sideburn contributor Kristina Fender. Go check the great report photos on her blog. G

Thursday 13 June 2013

Cafe Racer Festival, Paris

A very busy month for Sideburn continues next weekend with a visit to the historic Montlhery, near Paris for the Cafe Racer Festival. We're there playing les disques, selling les T-shirts and les magazines. Come and say hello. G

Racefit Katana

Racefit were one of the sponsors of Dirt Quake II and brought this work in progress Katana along to the event.
We're big fans of the Derbyshire company, who wouldn't be when the exhaust company turns out bikes like this to promote their titanium pipes? G

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Wheels and Waves this weekend

...or rather "it's 856 miles to Biarritz (from Spalding). We've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cheese crackers, it's overcast, and we're wearing Y-fronts."
"Hit it." 
Still with Dirt Quake dust in our turn-ups, me and Gary will be there. Looking forward to some southern sun and a meeting of the euro clans. BP

Speed Merchant Speedway

Dan over at The Speed Merchant sent these photos from a recent City of Industry speedway meet in Southern California. If you're out that way and have never seen speedway, go along, sit next to someone who looks like they know the rules and tactics and you'll love it.

The Speed Merchant are making some great parts for Sportsters and new Bonnevilles - triples trees, forks adjuster inserts, ribbed engine casing covers, pegs...

Thanks for the photos Dan. G

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Dirt Quake II - An Unofficial Film

A pleasant little aperitivo from Paul Leeson on YouTube. MP

Planet Sputnik

Our friend Sarah rents out her mid-century-styled house to photographers and magazines for shoots. It looks like a Palm Springs time capsule but is actually in Watford.
This is one of the most recent shoots, by Elisabeth Hoff for 1883 Magazine.
See more of Sarah's great place at Planet Sputnik. G

Monday 10 June 2013

Dirt Quake II Flickbook by Götz Göppert

French photographer Götz Göppert  made this neat flickbook of the thrills and spills of Dirt Quake II. If your name is Dimitri 'The Crowdpleaser' Coste (or someone who loaned him a bike to race) then it might be painful viewing. 
There is plenty of DTRA action and details in there too. G

Zombie & DQII T-shirts

We have new Zombie McQueen shirts in stock. We printed this on a grey sweat a couple of years ago, but we've tweaked the design to put the logo on the front. Art by Maxwell Paternoster of Corpses From Hell. Screenprinted in England onto a soft, ringspun Gildan shirt.
Sizes: S- XXL and also a limited number of Lady M (which is perfect for kids too).
White only.
£15 plus postage.
We have a few Dirt Quake II shirts too. Black on a heavyweight Gildan. Front and back print.
Sizes: S-XXL (UPDATE: Small has sold out)
JUST £12 plus postage.
First 10 orders of this shirt get a DQII tote bag too.

Go to the Sideburn webshop.