Wednesday 31 October 2012

Sideburn 12 Release Night, London

The good people at Edwin have got together with the good people at Kraken Rum and the kind of alright people at Sideburn to have a night of London schmoozing and (if you like) boozing.
It's at the Charlotte Road store in East London. 6-10pm.
Prizes for bikes we like and furthest travelled and other random stuff that puts a smile on our faces.
Thursday 22 November. G

Which witch?

I don't do Halloween, really, but I do do convoluted, dress-up, schlocky, garage punk. The Black Belles are far more professionally produced that the lo-fi slop I normally prefer, but I still like it.
If it's too polished for you, get a load of The Mummies - my all-time favourite live band.
Happy Halloween. G

Rare Ringer

Though we have a handful of Small, XL and XXL, we have just ONE Racer Ringer left in Large.
UPDATE: Large is sold out now.
Get other sizes, here.
Medium is all sold out. G

Tuesday 30 October 2012

CRO Vandertrack

Our good friend Antonio Merinero (above, in the cap) painted this bike. Here are details on the build from Federico at CRO, Madrid. Photos by Luis Cevallos

CRO - Cafe Racer Obsession - is Madrid based little company in which I modify and create bikes in the street tracker and Cafe Racer style; the business is growing since I open in 2009, and right now i am working on 8 (!!) different projects, including a 1953 Triumph. 
The latest release is a 125cc Suzuki Van Van, which I modified for a customer. The bike was trashed by previous owner, so it had lots of work to be done.
The rear subframe is new and the backbone has been modified to fit a Kawasaki KZ400 tank; the rear section, which is called " flat frog", is a fiberglass CRO creation, designed by artist Antonio Merinero, who took care of the graphics and the faded paint also. The CRO script doubles as a taillight, and all the details could be seen on the pictures. 
Of course all the electricals and brackets have been removed or simplified. 
 The name of the bike came after some Margarita shots in my Thursday night CRO meeting, held weekly in a bar in Madrid downtown. Van comes obviously because the bike, Track about the style, and "der" is Dirt drunk spelled and related to the Dutch orange colour... Too much tequila, i guess. 
Thanks for your interest, 
 Best regards from Spain

Monday 29 October 2012

Metal 305, Miami, Florida

Swap meet coming soon and other stuff going on. Check out 

Mikey Martin: On It

This is the visual definition of 'on it'. What an image. Perhaps my new favourite flat track photo of all time. Mikey Martin wringing the neck of his Bonneville Performance Triumph twin. Read about this bike, and the rider, in Sideburn 11 - out now.
I'm sure the photo is from Falconer Photography
This is the message from Bill, the team owner, tuner, builder...

I thought you may enjoy this photo from the Santa Rosa Mile. It is from the semi - Mikey finished 2nd behind Jared Mees. After a bad start he made 3 passes on the front straight and turned faster laps than the leader for 5 laps. That is one determined 19-year-old hanging it out. 

Sunday 28 October 2012

More Marco Cremascoli

Ross Rusty Nail Honda C90, carving up Guy on his BMW and compères Conway Castle with Kenny Roquette
Extra photos from the web Gallery of Marco Cremascoli who shot Dirt Quake for Riders Magazine. BP

UPDATE: Anyone else noticed how much the body language, arm position and angle of dangle of Guy and Ross, on two ridiculously mismatched bikes, looks like the two pro flat trackers in the post below? You've either got it, or you haven't. G

Saturday 27 October 2012

Steve Morehead

#42 - interviewed in Sideburn 12. Coming next month. G

Friday 26 October 2012

USA: Get Sideburn cheaper!

Good morning, America.
Over the last couple of years we've been building up a good relationship with our US distributor, Chris at Motorsport Publications. We've realised that because US post is so much cheaper than it is in the UK (where Sideburn is made), she* can actually sell magazines and subscriptions to US-based readers cheaper than we can send it from source. We can't match those prices sending it from the UK**.

Motorsport Publications has the current issue and back issues and is happy to stock stores at a discount too.

Use the money you save to buy Sideburn tees and sweats directly from us. Let us know if you have any questions. G
* Chris is a Christine and grew up with bikes, being the daughter of motocross/ scrambling superstar Jeff Smith.

 ** How can it be cheaper this way? Well, Motorsport Publications buy an airline shipping container full of magazines from the UK every two weeks or so. Sideburn hitches a ride out, sharing the cost. Chris buys in bulk so gets a trade discount. Then the set post rates for printed paper in the US are low. UK Post costs have increased. AND no one is getting rich from this. Selling or making magazines is not a good earner, but we do it because we love it. Yeah, really.

UPDATE: Below is Chris and her dad on a riding holiday on the Baja Peninsula.

Thursday 25 October 2012

Old Empire Motorcycles

A new short film from Alec and the crew. I've ridden the Pup, the bike that features in the film, Old Empire Motorcycles' Enfield, and it's fun and well put together.
Alec is organising a small showcase of handmade, craftsman-made stuff, in Norwich in early-December. It's called Saturnalia and is a 'compilation of imagination'. Click the name to find out more and support it if you can. G

MV Airgusta

Our good friend Jason has celebrated news of the UK coming out of recession by fitting a spare MV Agusta F4 wheel to the workshop wall to keep his airhose tidy. Recycling, the sensible thing to do. G

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?

I've been playing The Cramps regularly lately. My five-year-old likes them. When I used to buy records every week I'd keep the receipt and put it in the plastic sleeve. Nerdy, I know. I also used to put relevant gig tickets in with LPs. I noticed that  the current Mrs Inman and I went to see The Cramps play in Leeds 21 years ago this week (I think they were touring The Creature from The Black Leather Lagoon Stay Sick LP, a bit past their peak and in a venue that didn't suit them, but still glad I saw them). Tempus fugit... G
According to an online inflation calculator, £8 in 1991 is the equivalent of £14.32 now.

Distinguished Gentleman

Photos from the advrider forum. Love them all.
Is that some kind of GSX? G 
Thanks to Dan W for the tip-off.
this is Paul of Catamount Cycles. The bike is a redux of this $400 1983 Suzuki GR650 Tempter - only to the seriously perverted/ dedicated.
What a great job!

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Queen Creek Flat Track, Arizona

Great poster for an upcoming indoor race. More details at QC Flat Track. G

Complete Grand National Championship Volume II

The Complete Grand National Championship Volume II 1970-1975 is finally finished! The new 562 page book details the explosion in popularity of GNC racing in the first half of the 1970’s. This was truly at the peak of the “Golden Era” of American motorcycle racing. Factory involvement was at it’s highest and the best riders competed on dirt tracks and road courses from coast to coast. Over two years in the making, the book has been painstakingly researched and covers each race and championship. It is packed with neat trivia and nearly 200 photographs, many never before published. Other highlights include a foreword by two-time Grand National Champion Dick Mann and a tribute to road race legend Cal Rayborn from his close friend, Jim McMurren. Like The Complete GNC Volume I, the detailed account fills in the gaps and tells the whole story of this exciting era for the first time.
$39.99 plus shipping, $3.99 for Media Mail, (U.S. only), Priority shipping available. The books will ship out from the publisher, which normally take 3-5 days. Paypal, check or Money order are fine. The book will only be available directly from me until late November, when it will also be on Ebay. The book is a must have for anyone interested in one of the greatest eras in American motorcycle racing. It will also make a perfect Christmas gift for any fan of GNC racing.

A note to international buyers; I now have an arrangement to ship your books directly from the publisher, greatly reducing most overseas shipping costs. Please contact me with your address for exact cost.

Please contact me at my new email address: or
Greg Pearson

If this book floats you're boat, you really need the Bible of Flat Track Racing too

Monday 22 October 2012

21 Helmets

Thor Drake, featured in SB11, has organised another 21 Helmets art exhibition. He invites 21 artists or friends or other creative types to 'do up' a helmet. This year Shinya Kimura, Wes Lang and Drake McElroy, plus friends of ours Death Spray and Lennard Schuurmans (also in SB11) caught my eye. Thor (pronounced Tor) is a mighty do-er and also runs his bike/coffee shop, See See Motorcycles, in Portland, Oregon. G

Be Prepared

The weather's turning. I was nithered on the 100-mile ride to Stafford yesterday morning. Get your Sideburn winter wear before it's too late.
Chris Watson designed Satan zip-neck sweathshirt (in black, red or white)
The famous Dick hooded sweat (dark grey or red)
Sideburn scarf special combo

Saturday 20 October 2012

Guy's back on the telly

Friend of Sideburn Guy Martin has a new six-part series, How Britain Worked, starting this Sunday, 21 October at 8pm on Channel 4. Infectious enthusiasm and grease guaranteed.

Hell For Leather is free. Again

The motorbike news and opinion site Hell for Leather used to be free, then they started charging for content, then they got bought out (and one of the founders left to do other stuff and one stayed) and now it's free again.
Good quality, intelligent stuff. Stay here for your daily, at least once every single day, dose of daft crap. G

Friday 19 October 2012

Committed to Riding the Top

Bryan Smith discusses riding the high line at Santa Rosa. G

UK Indoor Flat Track

Tickets are now on sale for the December 27 indoor flat track at Newark, Nottinghamshire.
Riders already confirmed are TT stars Conor Cummins and Steve Plater; top speedway rider Simon Lambert and former UK supermoto champ Christian Iddon.
There will be a second event on February 23.

The organisers are hopeful the event will sell out (when they were held in Essex, at a slightly larger arena they did), so get your tickets in advance. Go to Short Track UK for more info and to buy. G.

Thursday 18 October 2012


This film was made by Icon to promote their new winter riding kit. It's the most outrageous advert for riding kit I've ever seen. The riders are seen eating dirt, snow, sand... There are TWO helicopters involved. This has BBC levels of quality. I'm gobsmacked. G

The Oil-Stained Brain

The organisers of Oil Stained Brain, a bike and film festival, got in touch to ask if they could show the Dirt Quake film at their event. Looks like it could be interesting. It's in Melbourne, Nov 3-4. G

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Into The Wild

All hail the new Sideburn long-sleeve. Designed by the Harley-riding Spanish artist, Raulowsky (below, with Mrs R). Front and rear print on a lightweight Fruit of the Loom.

Sizes S to XL BUT, the sizing is small of these shirts (there's nothing we can do about it).
So, S is youth or lady size. Check the sizing chart on the item description. If you need to return it we have to charge to send the replacement out.

£22 plus postage.
Get yours online at the Sideburn shop.

Thanks to Adi 99 Seconds for modelling.
For a limited time we're offering a free number board tote bag, normally £6, for anyone spending over £35 (inc. postage).

Also, we're getting low on back issues of Sideburn 3, 4 and 6. G

It's Not What You Ride It's How You Ride It (20)

Are you bored of bicycle trick videos yet? this one out-mentals all of them you have already seen this year. BPvia DSC

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Sideburn Sam

Poppa Wheelie spotted the mighty Sammy Halbert wearing our Racer Ringer shirt at Pomona last weekend. We have a few of this design left. Get your own at the Sideburn shop. Sorry, Medium and Large is sold out. We have a S, XL and XXL. The T-shirt has a back print, too.
Small is good for your youths and ladies, I reckon. G

James Bond Trusts Kriega

Now you don't need a Savile Row suit, Omega Seamaster (or Rolex Submariner) or an Aston DB5/7/8, to emulate fiction's favourite spy, just a designed in Britain tail/tank drypack.
The new Bond film, Skyfall, is released on November 9, and in it Bond rides around Istanbul on a very Icon-esque Honda CRF250.
And on the back of the seat is a US20 tailpack from our good friends at Kriega. It's upside-down and debadged, but it's definitely Kriega.

Get yours at G

1952 K Model

Hey, I'm Noot from Iowa. 
 Here's some shots of my '52K with model (my friend Jackie - she's 24 by the way). 
1952 K Model Harley Davidson Bike has KH Cams, dry clutch, 36mm Mikuni, smooth ports and polished heads and valves. 
I run a 18T front sprocket for quickness and a 21 for top speed... 
Respectfully, Rick Nootnagel

Check out Noot's blog