Friday 31 August 2012

Kustom Kulture Blast Off 3

This weekend in Spalding. Details here.

BFT - Bicycle Flat Track

From Robin G, thanks.

Just spotted these on Facebook and thought you'd be interested in them, I've never wanted something so much in my life.

Thursday 30 August 2012

Black Leather Mini

Leather has been scientifically proven to be the best natural anti-abrasion material for those who make a habit of sliding down the road on their arse. Modern synthetic mixes of kevlar have now proven superior in this respect, but not for the act of frottage. BP
Charles Copeland strip artist?

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Willy Moon

A Kiwi living in London and channeling a mixture of Southern baptist preaching and early hip-hop mixed with the blues. There is a lot going on, visually and aurally. I love it. It's on Jack White's Third Man record label. G

The 1990s

I wanted to ask top-ranking moto journalist Roland Brown some advice, but I'd mislaid his email. I visited his website and found this amazing photo. This isn't someone pretending to be from the early-1990s, this is the real thing. I always thought Roland's Dream Machine-painted Doohan-esque Arai was classy. Get down, Roland Brown! G

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Scunthorpe Short Track

 Ross, 31, in the middle of first proper dirt track meeting.
It's taken a while to update from Scunthorpe but it was another good day's racing. 20 or so entered into the Thunderbike class, so there were two sets of three heats, for a 12-man final. I won a heat, my first for a while, and qualified 5th for the final. I ended up coming in 4th, just like the last round. A pretty good result, beating some very handy riders. Right behind me in 5th was Drogo Michie on the Co-Built, in his first Thunderbike final. Result of the day.

The best bit of the day for me was to see Ross 'King' Herrod of Rusty Nail Racing make his debut. Ross had raced his C90 at Dirt Quake and marshalled at the last round, so had done his homework. Dave Skooter Farm leant him his #31 600cc Rotax framer to compete in the novice class. Ross was listening to advice and looked the part from his very first lap. He put some great races, then in his final, on a wet, slick, but great fun track, came third in the Novice main. What a star. He did Team Skooter Farm proud.

Well done to Adi Collins #1 winning the Short Track title, his third, and Neil Martin, #26, winning the Thunderbike championship. G

Thanks to John Pym and James Boddy for the photos


Death Spray Camo

Death Spray Custom's latest project - Splinter. Bicycle, chair and helmet in, I think, a version of a Swedish camo. I love it. The helmet was a raffle prize at the Rockerbox event in Milwaukee, with proceeds going towards buying airfences for dirt track ovals in the US.

The photos were taken by Mitch Payne who has produced a striking project about poultry. Fowl! G

Monday 27 August 2012


Full feature on Dave Aldana in SB#11, with anecdotes and photos spanning the career of the illustrious entertainer. BP

Sunday 26 August 2012

Flag Drops

Every order from Sideburn gets a free sticker. We're currently sending out Flag Drops Bull Stops. Investigate what we're selling at the Sideburn shop. G

Saturday 25 August 2012

Rossi buys an XR750

Valentino Rossi bought a tasty H-D XR750 to ship back to his riding ranch in Tavulia.
We asked Chris Carr, if he sold him the bike. He didn't but was hanging out with Rossi at the Indy Mile (9 GNC titles + 8 GP World Titles). He said Rossi asked him a bunch of questions aboutt mile racing. G
Photo: Superbike Planet.

Friday 24 August 2012

Czech Republic this weekend!

From Jan-Willem Dutch Brother.

Flat track weekend in Svitavy

Track location: 49° 45' 11.0" N 16° 27' 6.0" E 
 Friday 16:00-19:00 
Saturday 10:00-19:00 
Sunday 10:00-19:00 

cost: 300 CZ krones for the weekend

Sammy Halbert Explained

Just watched this over at Co-Built's DBA blog. It's a great insight into one of the most controversial and interesting characters in flat track. He delivers more printable quotes in the first three minutes than Dani Pedrosa has in a career. G
PS I quite like and massively respect Dani Pedrosa.

UPDATE: Sammy Halbert leaves comments on Sideburn's blog.

Swedish Flat Track

The Belladonna Trackers guys stopped romping in their underground Stockholm dungeon long enough to go out to one of Sweden's many speedway ovals for some dirt track fun. And Jan-Willem and Tom from the Dutch Brothers drove all the way from Switzerland (a loooong way) to give them lessons and tasters on their bikes.

Our friend Marcus, of Marcus Moto Design, went along and said this...

It was cool to see a real flattrack bike ride a track! Thanks to the Dutch Bros who brought 2 bikes, did some races together with speedway and motocross riders on 450 crossers. They let the riders try their bikes and everyone had a blast! My 4 year old boy was stoked! 
 I hope that this is the start for the sport in Sweden and we can see built-it-yourself bikes as the ones in the UK. 
 Hopefully we will have more of these official training sessions for flat track in Sweden this year. Belladonna will then have their bikes ready and hopefully a handful others!

Photos above by Belladonna, below by Marcus.

Thursday 23 August 2012

No faking

Way-off topic, but I've just seen this advert and love it. Bottle that joy and make a fortune. G

Anatomy of an XR750

Randy Kremlacek goes into medical detail of what makes a championship winning XR750. Photos by Yve Assad. Full feature in SB#11. BP

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Bonneville Salt Flats UPDATE

Maxwell of Corpses From Hell went to support the Impossible Team at Bonneville Speed Week. He painted a wild car right there on the salt, below, and sent the photos of this 125cc class record breaker wearing an old Sideburn Dave shirt. Who are you, Mr Recordbreaker? Neat bike, by the way. Send us details if you see this. Thanks.

UPDATE - This from Dan Yoder of Killin-It, Thanks DY

Saw your post on Facebook wondering who Mr Recordbreaker was on the old HD 125. He's a good friend from Madison, WI area and a wee lad to be breaking records on the salt! I thought I would share a link to his blog in case you wanted to peruse it over a bit of tea... Primordial Cycles
That is what you Euro people do right:) 
 Anyways I hope all is well and keep up the good work my friend! Oh yeah Patrick Zeigle is the young chap's name - Dan 

Photos: Kristina Fender

Ornamental Conifer x Davida x Inman

I'm going on a three-week tour of the USA soon. NY to SF to LV to TX then back to NY with a lot of points inbetween. 7500 miles in 20 days on a Yamaha Super Tenere.
I had the idea to get a new helmet that I'll wear and remember this trip every time I see it. Davida supplied a Jet and Nico at Ornamental Conifer painted the names of the 24 states I'll ride through, plus his own O.C. and my racing number 13 (that I've had on helmets for a good few years now). This is the result. Wild, eh? They'll see me coming.
Big thanks to Davida and Ornamental Conifer. G

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Sideburn at the Manx GP (sort of)

Fellow Short Track UK Thunderbiker Paul Baleta is racing his Aprilia Mille (above) and Suzuki SV650 (with its new Ohlins front end) at the Manx GP this week. For those who don't know, the Manx is the amateur TT, held on the same 37.73-mile Mountain Course.
Paul is one of those guys, like Anthony and Geoff Co-Built, Boastie and Travis 747, who race anything, anywhere at any opportunity.
Follow Paul's daily updates at his Speed Therapy blog. G

New Racefit website

Racefit have a new website up and running. It's iPad-friendly too.
I visited them again and picked up the titanium Legend they made for the Black Arrow and a titanium paddock stand too. Very happy. G
 A detail of my exhaust.
 A bike with taste - Racefit Legend and RCD rearsets.
 Racefit titanium paddock stands.
 Spondon GSX-R in for new system.
 Jon Racefit's new hauler.
Jon (in an old SB T-shirt) and his wife Tam.

Monday 20 August 2012

Tales From The Southern Ocean

Captain Simon goes AWOL on a smuggled Bultaco Sherpa in the Falkland Islands. Read about his adventures in SB#11. BP

DJ La Isla Del Tesoro

Sideburn was founded on zero market research, but GI does at least now ask new buyers how they got wind of us. No matter how wildly we blog / facebook / pinterest / shout from our soapbox on Hyde Park corner, to spread the word according to Sideburn, there are pleasantly still old fashioned results to be had from someone just wearing a T-shirt. BP

"You happen to see the DJ rocking a [Chris Watson] Sideburn T at about 3:30 in this random and awesome film about an El Solitario MC party in Madrid?
"It's amazing how adept this culture is at mythologizing itself.
I love it. Not just cool, but authentic too... a fair amount of it, anyway. You guys have struck a great chord on that note.
Cheers, Scott"

Dirty Magazine

This great independent magazine celebrates all things shed-bound and craft-built. That includes motorcycles, hot rods, art, homemade musical instruments, lingerie, ladies hats, collectors, pinball parlours, steam fair painting, the birth of skateboarding, photography...

I really love every 52 pages of each of the four issues, but the cost of printing and posting within and from the UK made the creators call it a day after four issues. This independent magazine lark is hard work.
So we've bought a few to sell and they're up in the Sideburn shop now.
Above is issue one and a few phone snap examples of the pages, below are the other three issues. G

UPDATE: These are selling very quickly. If the issue you want is out of stock it'll be back soon. If you want to email us and we'll let you know when it's in.