Wednesday 31 August 2011

Hof-Westerwald, Germany

Round 6 of the international Mefo Sport Flattrack Cup 2011 took place on the challenging 500m oval in Hof-Westerwald, Germany. And for the second time this season we could welcome the junior category! Heidenreichstein winner Tobias Gatzenmeier was joined by short track UK junior Oliver Brindley. Twelve year old Oliver had no problem with the tricky conditions and demonstrated amazing skills which earned him loud cheering of the crowd!
Oliver’s dad, Derek Brindley had joined the experts in Hof where he was doing well until he lost control in turn three, taking Tom van Nes with him. Unfortunately Tom was not able to restart and we wish him a speedy recovery. Mick & Jan-Willem Jansen and Stefan Gatzenmeier were constantly battling and it promised and exciting final. JW Jansen made the hole shot and took the lead. On lap 3, an over enthusiastic Gatzenmeier took Brindley out in turn 3 causing a multi rider pile up involving Mick Jansen, Halbe Scheper and Wiemer Borger. Derek Brindley hurt his foot and was not able to join the inline restart. JW Jansen used his advantage of the inline start and took the victory, follewed by Gatzenmeier and Scheper.

1. #15 Jan-Willem Jansen, Adetswil (CH), dutch-brothers Harley-Davidson
2. #70 Stefan Gatzenmeier, Ruhpolding (D), KTM
3. #28 Halbe Scheper, Emmer-Compascuum (NL), Jorrissen-Wood-Suzuki
4. #25 Wiemer Borger, Opende (NL), Brandoil KTM
5. #16 Mick Jansen, Utrecht (NL), dutch-brothers Harley-Davidson
6. #46 Leo Eibl, Poking(D), Yamaha
7. #80 Thomas Weigl, Berching (D), W&W KTM

Championship standings:
1st. Stefan Gatzenmeier 77pts
2nd Jan-Willem Jansen 68pts
3rd Mick Jansen 63pts
4th Roman Janostak 35pts
5. Tom van Nes 35pts

Coming up: round 7, Lelystad (NL) 2 October

Tuesday 30 August 2011

Amanda Hutt artwork

Back in the early 1990s I was working on Motor Cycle News in England. The editor, (the now late) Peter Bolt, was generous enough to give me a weekly column (no, not a morally questionable disciplinary session in his office, but a full page for me to ruin). The best part of the whole deal was being able to commission a young artist called Amanda Hutt to illustrate my words. Given that I rarely thought about what I’d write about till the pressure of deadlines forced me to, it was pretty tough on her, having to turn around these lovely pieces of art in a couple of days. I think the last column I wrote was in about 1992.

Anyway, for my 40th birthday, my ever-thoughtful wife got in touch with Amanda and bought four of the original pieces (one photo came out badly and I’m too lazy to re-shoot it as it’s now under glass). Fantastic present, they're about 2ft x 1ft (60cm x 30cm). They sat well-wrapped in a cupboard for six years, waiting for the right place to hang them. We moved house earlier this year and now I’ve got the perfect couple of walls. MP

Monday 29 August 2011

Zombies in London

From Tom.

Here's the McQueen Zombie sticker on my £36 open face:

Sunday 28 August 2011

Guy Martin Rollerburn

Did we mention Guy Martin is a guest rider at November's Rollerburn? Oh yes.
There's loads of new info about hotels and distances from airports and ferry ports. Just click ROLLERBURN. G

Saturday 27 August 2011

Buxton next Saturday

Club Championship Round 4 next Sunday 4th at High Edge Raceway, Dale Head Lane, Nr Buxton SK17 0RR [that's a zero]. Download the sign-on (on the day) form here. Practice starts at 11am, racing 1pm.Ady Collins has also arranged a practice for the Saturday, from 11am utill 3pm and costs £30. Contact him directly on 07709390819 or

Mark's BMW

Just a quick note and photo to introduce myself. This summer I completed my first custom build. This was a complete frame out make over based on a '82 R80 RT. With a limited budget I'm very proud of what l achieved. She goes and sounds as good as she looks.
Let me know what you think. Love the magazine.
Mark, Suffolk.

Lovely job Mark.

Friday 26 August 2011

Back From The Grave

The soundtrack to my youth (or a big part of it). I dug them out last week and they still sound great. I loved everything about these compilations - the snarling mid-60s garage punk, the photocopied liner notes, the Mort cover art. They're all available on CD now direct from source at Crypt Records. GI

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Chaos Theory

"A Shite Tip nae a Tight Ship" as a Glaswegian friend of mine exclaimed. I can't even swing a cat in my shed, it's ridiculous.Junk includes:
1) Mosquito net made from deep fat fryer anti-splatter mesh gaffer tapped to branch. Vain attempt to de-larvae new pond of 1 trillion mosquitos before they become vampires and decimate the neighborhood.
2) Superlight pressed aluminium ramp, trouble is it could be doing with an extra foot longer, making bike loading a lot easier. Now have heavy extendable Multispaz wheelchair ramp (to the left) which is the biz.
3) Dual-sport broom and Swingerball - 'get fit and tidy up'. That'll be the day.
4) Dual-sport knobblies for my CCM - 'interchange between street and off-road wheels in minutes'. That'll be the day, I've had these for 3 years and they still haven't made it on the bike.
5) battery charger for frying already dead batteries.
6) Kids merry-go-round MV Augusta inc 6 megaphone exhaust. Only missing the screen. Originally planned a trad red/silver paint job, but now thinking Wrench Monkees stylee.
7) DIY work table made from odds'n'sods.
8) 'Dr on call' style tool box. This has all my electrical diagnostic stuff in.
9) Street-find shelf with draws. Crap and water sodden before I got to it. Why did I bother?
10) 'on the road' tool bag for essential get-you-home fettling/breakdowns. Its been to Spain and back strapped to my brothers C15 BSA. Very sentimental. Just learnt from Drogo that its actually originally a 'Lord of the Manor' shotgun cartridge bag.
11) Harro Elefantenboy tank bag. This thing is amazing. Opens up in 3 tiers with a map window in the top. Perfect as a wardrobe bungeed on to my Guzzi. It's been everywhere.
12) Crap mini chest of draws. Now so trapezoid the draws don't open without a fight.
13) Davos toboggan. The Best. With a smeer of seal pup fat on the rails, so much faster than the modern plastic ones.
14) What more wheels?! 17" that came on the CCM when I bought it. Tomahawk re-mould tyres, cheap as chips, very sticky.
15) "Don't make 'em like they used to" assorted spades and hoes. £4 a pop from local house-clearance junk shop. All my new ones are bent or broken.
16) Broken in 1/2 Moulton bicycle frame. It's already donated some bits to modify my new one.
17) Assorted 3/4 empty tins of paint.
18) (sigh....) repro 'Made in China' Raleigh Chopper seat bought on eBAy alongside shagged real one. Embarked on restoration of all-original bike, only to find buying new parts on eBAy would be cheaper than re-chroming etc the original, but then realized you end up with a bottle-top quality pastiche.
19) Trusty 4b'2 shelf brought over from my Amsterdam photo studio. Daft if you consider the bulk and hassle, but not if you consider there is no better. Ikea is the pits.
20) Euro Trash Co-Burn CCM one day this will be a tidy looker. Promise.
21) Maneki Neko lucky cat bought in Nieuwmarkt, it rakes in ca$h. Yeah right.
22) Gemeente Amsterdam galvanized rubbish bin. Simple pleasure every time I kick the lid up.
23) Tinfoil robot made for kids birthday. They were terrified.
24) Classic pegboard. Various instruments of torture should Jamie decide he wants a hair cut round mine.
25) Cornerstone of my project sleeper chop. Always thought it was a German Simson Schwalbe but just had a Google to check, and it's not.

Tuesday 23 August 2011

All That Glitters

"Following stringent, non scientific criteria outlined bellow, the Dr. has been busy collecting items 'fit for purpose' for his new CoBuilt project.

1. Does it look pretty / cool or better still both:
2. Do I have an irrational need to own it:
3. Is there almost no chance it will fit / work:

A secondhand only rule is strictly in place, I can't understand why 2nd hand is cheaper than new. To think I buy something that has been through a rigorous series of tests to show it works, and pay less for it is, is mind boggling!

First up the 'Zeta clutch lever'. Now we all know two of anything is better than one, and this little fella has two levers! I have no idea what the second one is for, but I'm bouncing up and down with the possibilities....To think it could be the summons for a butler to serve refreshments between races is just too exciting. I simply wont let the the reality of not having a butler get in the way of such a
brilliant idea. Better still, it can't break, that's right, when I break due to the aforementioned sacristy of talent, I can rest assured from my hospital bed that my little 'Zeta' is just dandy. Maybe it can pull it's own lever and make use of the butler I don't have during my convalesce!Next up, let me introduce my new tank, 'The Dazzler'. This ingenious item is my multi tasking new best friend. Lets start with how it makes me feel all fresh and young by being older than me, which is much cheaper than a hair transplant! Secondly with the aid of further global warming and thus more sunshine, I'm certain its going to blind anyone trying to overtake me on the outside of a corner. Petty, underhand racing advantage in the style of 'Wacky Racers' can only be a good thing when my own natural talent is so scarce...."
- BP:
You nut job.
Did you you do the 'end of the bed' test? Prop said item up on your footboard before going to bed; or if you dont have one, then dressing table, chair, windowsill etc
Have sweet dreams about it, and wake up with it gazing at you. And the test is 'Does it still look sexy the morning after'?

The second deformed lever is not for bottle tops but a decompression lever (usually for older single cylinder bikes) but your bike doesnt need it. The butler summons is much more useful anyhow.

- Dr:
"Nut job indeed, I'm a beacon of clear thinking whilst all around me people stumble through a muddled fog....

The bed test was actualized last night (I love that word, so middle management), a crescent of components arching across the chest of draws at the end of our bed, Mrs made odd noises that sounded like "inappropriate" & "weirdo" but I cannot of heard right. I awoke awash with piecing dawn light & they looked as lovely as ever.

The lever news is just fantastic, what is better that a lever without a associated command? So I've just bought a small pull bell on a silken, tasseled cord to butler summon with. Better news still is I now finally have a name for the bike, 'The Dazzler of Downton Abbey'....."

Monday 22 August 2011

Peoria TT photos

Johnny Lewis in practice.
Wiles the winner in practice.
The UK's Tom Woolley and Ben Baker were spectating during their US tour and made it on the AMA FT site! Ben is rocking a Jacapo Monti patch. They're talking to former GNC racer and current AMA official Steve Morehead.
Wiles on his way to victory.
Pro Singles practice. They're all wearing their Metro Racing Gary Nixon tribute shirts. Well done Don and Peg for organising that.
Crazy lines. Look at 92, Kevin Vance some getting mid-air lean on!
Sammy Halbert came third, a place behind Jared Mees. He now leads the GNC combined championship by just 3pts.
Jared Mees.
Chris Carr and Rob Pearson.

All photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing

Wiles wins Seven

Henry Wiles won the Peoria TT. Seven on the trot. Wow. G
(this photos is Salinas)

Sunday 21 August 2011

Roller Derby Aggro

Look at the determination on the girl in the white vest on the left. Don't mess! She looks part-vampire.
More aggro!

It's just about the most complicated sport on the planet, with a cast of thousands involved, but it still makes good viewing. We had a family day out watching the Lincolnshire Bombers A and B teams v Manchester and Newcastle yesterday. It was good to see a couple of Sideburn readers there (as amused and bemused as me). And it's going to be great to mix roller derby in with bikes, the world's only Rollerball drag race and other stuff at ROLLERBURN. G

Hagerstown Half-Mile

I found these AMA Pro Racing shots lurking on my lap top. They're from July's Hagerstown Half-mile. I thought they were worth sharing. Kenny Coolbeth - shot by Adam Wright for Sideburn 8 - won from Johnny Lewis and Jared Mees.
Matt Weidman battles with Kawasaki's Shaun Russell.
Bryan Smith.
10 Johnny Lewis continued his great season with a second.
Jake Johnson was fourth.
Jethro Halbert beat his brother Sammy for the first time this season. Fifth in the main.
Jimmy Wood, another rider to choose Kawasaki.
Chris Carr, 4, out in front in a heat. There are only a few races left of his Farewell Season.
Sammy had an uncharacteristically bad weekend 14th in the main. He leads the GNC race as we write this.
Brad Baker's Lloyd Brothers Ducati didn't make the main this time. Five Kawasakis and Shawn Baer's Bonneville Performance Triumph did though.

Saturday 20 August 2011

Peoria TT tomorrow

Henry Wiles is going for seven in a row. Chris Carr, who has won there 13 times, make his last visit as a racer. Sammy Halbert is on a roll and leading the GNC. Good luck fellas. G

Friday 19 August 2011

Indy Mile cancelled

This just in from the AMA...

AMA Pro Racing has been informed by Indy Mile officials that the tragic events of August 13 -- in which an overhead stage-rigging structure collapsed in high winds, killing five and injuring dozens -- has resulted in the cancellation of Round 15 on the AMA Pro Harley-Davidson Insurance Flat Track calendar.

"A series of investigations into the causes of the accident have commenced," stated the promoters' release. "The examination of the wreckage is expected to continue for an indefinite period of time. This has forced the closing of the Grandstand and one-mile dirt track to events until the investigation is completed and the debris is removed."

UK flat track practice, Hertfordshire CANCELLED

From Anthony Co-Built. Another practice at Rye House on Saturday August 27.
It's organised well for newcomers and complete novices (like those in the photos - you're all let out together). Bikeless novices should read Anthony's last line.

Mike who usually organises training at Rye house is not around at the end of August. So myself and Guy have stepped in to organise a days training on the excellent track at Rye House.
The Rye House Rockets have a speedway meeting in the afternoon so it's an early start and finish.
Riding will start at 10am and finish at 2pm. We need to be clear of the site by 3pm
Its £40 per rider Inc a medic and insurance.
If you want to ride you need to email me in advance with your licence number. If you dont have one we need to organise a day licence.
Please dont turn up on the day and expect to ride
If you don't have a bike but want to try email anyway!

usefultone @

Thursday 18 August 2011

Greased-Up Eye Kandy

Just stocked up with the 208-page, hardback book Kustom Kamera and it reminded me to have another flick through. What a great book, each chapter is a different photographer. The mix is cars, bikes and pin-ups (some of it v. raunchy). There are plenty of names you'll recognise, on both sides of the camera, if you're a reader of bike blogs.

Three of the 12 photographers included have kindly worked with Sideburn: Adam Wright, Nick Clements and Laurent Bagnard. In addition, there is Viva Van Story, Dirk Behlau, Shannon Brooke, Richard Fahey, Richard Heeps, Chas Ray Krider, April May, David Perry and Roy Varga.
Buy yours here.

PLEASE NOTE: We only send books to UK and Europe. Every order outside Europe is refunded.

XR Replica on German eBay

Sie bieten hier auf eine gebrauchte Harley Davidson XR 750 Replica. Rahmen original Werksnachbau von 1972, Original-Teile-Nr. 47095-72R (nur als Referenz). Ausgestattet mit Akront/Morad Felgen 18/19" mit Dunlop K180 Bereifung. Motor Baujahr 1966 Sportster 900 mit Andrews Y Grind Nockenwellen, teflonbeschichteten Kolben, 2. und 3. Gang komplett Andrews. Aluminium-Öltank, GFK-Tank und Sitzbank, 39 mm Showa-Gabel, Mallory-Batterie-Zündung und Original Harley-Davidson Screaming-Eagle Vergaser. Das Fahrzeug wurde 2010 neu aufgebaut und hat an 4 Oldtimer-Rennen teilgenommen. Da es sich um ein Wettbewerbsfahrzeug handelt, ist Garantie und Rücknahme ausgeschlossen.

Got that? Is it a '66 Sportster engine with Andrews cams (Nockenwellen!) and stuff? Anyway, view it here. Thanks to Dan of Flailings for the tip-off. GI