Monday 30 September 2013

Bikes I Like

Jeff at Church of Choppers Sportster. G

Vaart, Belgium

Our good mates at the MOTOKOUTURE shop in Belgium presents VAART. They've taken over a great-looking former coffee roasting factory in Kortrijk, Belgium, and have invited a bunch of different companies, musicians and artists to be involved in a week long event. They're going to build a bike, live, during the week, with input from the many different companies invited. They say...

VAART = Fast
That is : 6 days for a live built motorcycle + leather project The MOTOKOUTURE headquarters move occasionaly from the 7th - the 13th of October to the
'Bruynooghes' coffee roastery Vlaanderenkaai 9 - 8500 Kortrijk

For more info go to:
Vaart Facebook

Sunday 29 September 2013

Scrambled Egg

Street Trackers and Scramblers seem to be currently eclipsing Cafe Racers on coolometers. The 950cc 50º V-twin Star Bolt came out (Yes you can use both interpretations of the phrase) earlier this year. Based on the gauche XVS950A Midnight, why did Yamaha deem it necessary to come up with an all new brand name?
Thankfully people are already chopping Bolts up. This street scrambler below is by Greg Hageman from Docs Chops. BP

Saturday 28 September 2013

Fast Freddie

My memory is so shot, I forgot I'd written about this short film, and even interviewed Freddie over the phone about it, back in 2008 until I was searching old copies of PB for something. It blew me away when I first saw it and it did five years later.
There are a lot of pretentious motorcycle films clogging up the internet. This is the drain cleaner to flush the worst away. G

Friday 27 September 2013


Our mate Trawler (above) has launched a skate/chop range of T-shirts. Check them out at Dogbone. G

Thursday 26 September 2013

Search And Destroy

Two of my favourite things - St Mert of Lawwill and The Stooges. This video is not for the faint-hearted, or possibly anyone planning to race flat track this weekend. There are some brutal crashes in it.
Thanks to Norm at Motorcycho for bringing this to our attention.

If you like Mert, read our interview with him in Sideburn 13. If you don't like Mert, get out of here, you rat! G

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Dirty Needle Embroidery

So this there's this guy, who looks like the ghost of Bobby Gillespie, in jeans so tight they appear to have to have been painted on. His hair makes him look like he narrowly escaped being tarred and feathered. They only got the first bit done. He's wearing Chelsea boots too.
His name is Cody.
His other-half appears to be the polar opposite. Tierra looks as healthy as muesli (but tastier). They're an odd couple, for sure, but are obviously madly in love. It's Portland in February. They are both used to the desert squelch of Reno, Nevada, so they buy a couple of Sideburn scarves to keep warm and wear them for the rest of the One Motorcycle Show weekend.
We keep in touch via instagram. Then something weird and unsettling keeps popping up on their feeds. It's sudden and matter-of-fact. Tierra's in hospital. A freak auto-immune disease has attacked her and both (BOTH!) her kidneys failed. They organs have had it. Never working again.
Now Cody is doing anything he can to make money to help pay the bills. One of his ideas is to make custom patches to sell. They're the best patches I've ever seen. He makes them with a single needle sewing machine, like he's tattooing the fabric. It's a crazy process. I'm commissioning one.
He'll make you one.
Go to
Follow his progress through instgram using @dirtyneedleembroidery

One-Off Wednesday #2

This is the day we sell odds and ends that we find at the bottom of forgotten boxes - every Wednesday till they run out.
This is the only one we have, so please don't ask if we have other sizes.

Racer Ringer T-shirt
Artwork by Adi Gilbert
Racers on the front, Sideburn in hand-drawn font on the back
60cm/24in from armpit-to-armpit
No returns on these one-offs.

Go to Sideburn webshop to buy it.

Tuesday 24 September 2013

This Sunday: DGR & DTRA

Photo: Ben Part
The 2013 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride goes off in countries around the world this Sunday. This year the organisers have added a charity element. Find out more at

There are four or five rides in the UK, but I'll be at the final DTRA meet of the year, at King's Lynn. Free to spectate. Marshals are always welcome and need no previous experience, just get there for 10.30, please, and ask for Anthony Co-Built.
Racing from 12 (weather permitting).

DTRA are saying NOVICE YOUTHS RACE FOR FREE. Go to their blog to find out more details. G

Monday 23 September 2013

Scram Africa

Inspiring advert for North African guided tours (from Spain) that's a reminder (to me at least) how hard it can be to ride heavy bikes in soft sand, from our friends at Fuel in Spain. G

Kaanaan Kahinat 2013

From Finland...

Kaanaan Kahinat was today. I'm sure you'll get a bunch of photos from various people but here are few I took. Feel free to publish them. 
Disclaimer: "Free for non-commercial use as long as you mention my name and notify me where the photo is used.
Pekka Lehtonen

If you want to find out more about this event, read the article written by Dan Walsh for Sideburn 10.

Sunday 22 September 2013

We're not like Morrissey...

...because we love it when our friends become successful (or more successful in this case).
Guy Martin, second overall in the Le Mans 24 hour with the privateer team Suzuki team R2CL. G

Firm Hold

So your day job is skirmishing with modern day pirates on the high seas. You are more versatile than Harry Houdini, in wriggling out of sticky situations. You raced your Yamaha XS750 chop at Dirt Quake II (wearing a Men in Black suit). You obviously tackle adversity with relish. But when your tubeless tyre gets smacked off the rim in a pothole in the middle of nowhere, how do you get home eh clever clogs?
Mike had been riding in the thick of 50 motorbikes on the Mud Crab ride-out in the glorious Peak District, but had dropped to the back of the pack so as to do some filming when BANG! his front end disappeared and the Astralite front rim took a big dent. He found himself shipwrecked.
Being the enterprising visionary sort, he walked to the nearest shop. Bought a can of Pantene firm-hold hair spray (it's not something he normally carries in his man-bag). Doused the the gap between crudely undented rim and tyre bead and then set fire to it. POOF! the tyre exploded back on to the rim and he rode off into the sunset on his next adventure. BP

Saturday 21 September 2013

Sideburn x Muff Party

Sideburn and new London cafe/bike builders Muff Customs have got together to arrange a FREE after-party for those in East London for the Bike Shed Event.

The venue is a warehouse in Hackney Wick, just over the canal from the 2012 Olympic Park. Only 3 miles from the Bike Shed Event. There's safe bike parking in the grounds of warehouse.
Location: Muff Customs, 4c, Roach Road, Hackney Wick, E3 2PA

We have cheap, good local beer.
We have DJs including The Captain, one of the near legendary London bike club, The Mean Fuckers. Soundtrack is a mix of punk, soul, surf and 'alternative' to shake your maracas to.
Plus live music.
You can download a free single of theirs here.

Sideburn has a booth at the Bike Shed Event, Friday and Saturday.
Poster art by Ryan Quickfall.

Friday 20 September 2013

Union, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Union in Newcastle now stocks Sideburn. This is the place to go, in the North-East of England, for your Edwin, Carhaart, Lee, Red Wings and tons of other good stuff. They're just about the only stockist in the North of Deus Ex Machina too.

If you want to become a Sideburn stockist, just email us at dirt at


These photos came in ages ago, but I was away, so I never got around to posting them. Still worth a quick flick through. This is the Sacramento Mile, from back on 27 July.
Bryan Smith #42 won, starting a rush of wins for Kawasakis. We have two great features lined up for SB15 about Kawasaki twins.
Brad Baker, #12, was fourth on the XR750

From qualifying.
#2 Coolbeth made the main on the factory H-D. #49 Chad Cose didn't make it through the semis. Veteran rider, Dan Ingram #31, DNF'd in the semi.

Johnny Lewis #10, transferred straight to the main on his Latus Triumph and came 15th, one place behind Mikey Martin's Triumph. #59 Willie McCoy was 10th in the main.

Sammy Halbert was on the comeback trail after an injury and operation over the winter. He came fifth, but the season would turn sour a few days later when he crashed at a non-GNC race at Sturgis.
Coolbeth #2, Robert Pearson #27, Jake Johnson #5 (on one his last rides for Zanotti), Mikey Martin #91.
In The main, there were 9 x XR750, 6 x Kawasaki, 2 x Triumph, 1 x Ducati.
Close finish. First to Sammy Halbert in fifth was just 0.223 seconds.
1. Smith; 2. Mees; 3. Robinson.
1. Kaw; 2. H-D; 3. Kaw.

All photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing.

Thursday 19 September 2013

Two Years Ago...

Just over two years ago, I returned from a 16-day trip riding through South Africa, Namibia and into Zambia with a group led by Charley Boorman and Motoaventures. I follow him instagram (we are @sideburnmag by the way) and he's just done the trip again. Seeing his insta posts reminded me to dig out these photos, under the perhaps ill-found assumption you might be interested.
The first day's riding around the Cape was incredible.
The back of Table Mountain (not Sugar Loaf Mountain, you dumbass Inman! See comments).
Selfie. I wrote that bike off the next day.
Charley B, wearing the Sideburn x Deus Ex Machina shirt Deus made a couple of years ago.
Near the Fish River Canyon, Namibia.
If this looks like fun, and you've got a wedge of cash for a trip of a lifetime, check out Motoaventures Tours. G

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Bike Shed Weekend Sideburn Party

Sideburn is co-promoting a free party with Muff Customs on the Saturday night of the Bike Shed Event.

Live band, DJs and cheap, good beer.
Saturday October 5.

Just 3.5 miles from the Bike Shed show location.

One-off Wednesday

We sometimes find one straggler left in a box. We've hung onto them for a while but it seems pointless to keep them forever, so we've come up with One-off Wednesday to shift these odds and ends.

First up is an Eddie shirt in large. This was the fastest selling shirt we've ever made.

Sorry, no returns.
Large only.
Green only.
Brand new in a sealed bag.
£15 plus post and packing.

We don't have any others, so please don't email to ask. Once it's gone, it's gone. There'll be another shirt in, another design, perhaps another size, next week.

Go to the Sideburn Shop if you want it. G

Tuesday 17 September 2013

European Dirt Track Festival, Spain, 2013

This just in from the DTRA, for novices, intermediate and experienced riders...

Kenny Noyes has teamed up with Dutch Brothers and DTRA to offer some fun and plenty of riding during the long winter. Based at Motorland Aragon (the new MotoGP track), the Noyes Dirt Track festival will feature a school open to all levels of rider and some great races. DTRA will be offering help with sign up and the possibility of transport options for those who wish to take there own bikes.

We will need people who wish to participate to show interest and sign up quickly.



28th of November to the 1st of December

3 tracks will run simultaneously A) 1/4 Mile Oval B) Big TT C) Small oval and small TT 

Thursday 28th
Free Practice on tracks A and B all day -
Morning: Beginner/Intermediate school with Kenny on track C
Afternoon: Intermediate/Advanced school with Kenny on track C

Friday 29th
Free Practice on tracks A and; B all day
Morning: Beginner/Intermediate school with Kenny on track C
Afternoon: Intermediate/Advanced school with Kenny on track C

Saturday 30th
Free Practice on tracks B and C all day
Morning: Dirt Track School and set up clinic on track A
Afternoon: Dirt Track Races

Sunday 1st
Free Practice on tracks A and C all day
Morning: Mini Endurance TT Racing on track B
Midday: BBQ

1.) All Access Includes: All Schools, races and free practices, rider insurance, use of KLX 140 School bikes for schools and free practices, professional photo and video, trophies and diplomas, BBQ, free camping at the track with water electricity and showers:
  • 4 days 430€ 
  • with 4 nights hotel and breakfast 550€ 
  • 3 days 375€ 
  • with 3 nights hotel and breakfast 475€ 
2.) Only Racing:
  • Saturday Dirt Track Race 60€ 
  • Sunday Mini Endurance TT + BBQ 90€ 
  • Aragon Federation Rider Insurance 30€ (covers Saturday and Sunday) 
  • Free Practice 40€ per day 

Ctra TE-V-7033
km 1 44600 Alcañiz, Teruel (Spain)
GPS:N 41º04.853’, W 0º12.191’

Monday 16 September 2013


I was on the fence, but that's it, I'm definitely buying a motorcycle now. G
Daily Mail. com.

Suits You Sir

Posh is the new gnarly. Brogue inspired bicycle saddle by Carson Leh. BP

Sunday 15 September 2013

Nowhere to Run

I've just watched the new Julian Temple documentary, A Requiem for Detroit? I knew a bit about the state the city was in. This film goes someway to explaining why.

A ten-second clip of this fantastically optimistic Martha Reeves and the Vandellas video, shot in one of Ford's plants, was included. It made me want to find the whole video. I'm glad I did.

Watch the guy at 1:50. He clearly didn't get the memo about Motown's hot new girl group being on his production line that day. He can see his productivity bonus going up in smoke. G

DTRA Round 7, King's Lynn

This extra round was added to the 2013 DTRA Schedule to replace the rained-off Tir Prince round, so we had to commission seven rather than six, but it was no chore to ask the mighty Death Spray Custom.
The race is at Norfolk Arena, King's Lynn. September 29.
Racing from 12.
Spectators go free!
For more info on how to get involved as a racer or marshal, go to the DTRA website.

As with all the other 2013 DTRA Posters we asked the artist a few questions. Here is Death Spray's answers...

Age: 69

Where do you live: London

What do you own? Suzuki GSXR1100 H

What's your dream bike? 
People who know me know I like to espouse the BASARA MC one man, one bike philosophy, so I'd like an air cooled Vyrus 984, or a tax and tested Britten, or the HIDE Knick Knack XLCH or a Jeff Wright x DSC Norton Commando, can you hear me Jeff?

Who is your favourite racer?
It would be a frankenstein of Stéphane Peterhansel, Jean Michel Bayle and Jamie Whitham.

If you were to start racing flat track, what bike would you choose?
If I could create my own dirt track bike I think it would be based around an ex-works factory Norton RCW588 rotary engine.

What was the inspiration for your DTRA poster?
I went for a sort of vintage carnival optical illusion eye fuck so as it's something completely different from the other (superb) posters you've had before.

Finish this sentence: Loud Pipes... 
are one of the key reasons motorcycles come under social and political pressure for control and restrictions. Motorcycling is dying in the UK. If we, as motorcyclists, want it to survive we should take a bit more responsibility for ourselves. White pipes, however, fucking rule!

Saturday 14 September 2013


In Shedland CNC does not stand for Computer Numerical Control, but rather Cardboard Near-enough Calibrated. Corrugated cardboard is not recommended for templates, do yourself a favor and step up to Corn Flakes box grade. BP

Friday 13 September 2013


Perverts welcome over at our special persuations Pinterest board.
It's not all rubber and studs - or tractor motorcycles. BP