Monday 31 March 2014

Grant Robinson: Photography Looker-atter

Sideburn friend and contributor, piano-botherer, Canadian, Dirt Quake survivor and fantastic photographer, Grant Robinson, is the subject of this film. That's him below - looking like a shoe-in for The Stags sickness cover, should Spencer Chess ever break his scaphoid.
Motorcycho Norm cameos in the film too.
Well worth a watch. G
(Warning: There are a couple of f-bombs dropped in this film so perhaps don't watch it with your seven-year-old...).

Sunday 30 March 2014

Coast, Poole

We're happy to say Coast in Poole, Dorset, is our latest stockist. They currently have a Deus SR on loan too.

If you want to stock Sideburn, please get in touch.

Saturday 29 March 2014

Yamaha 500TT Flat Tracker

Very neat Yamaha 500TT race bike spotted on the Deus Ex Machina blog. It is/was for sale from their Sydney HQ.

If you're using this as a template, make sure you put your lanyard cut-out on the throttle side, not the clutch side.
Can someone tell me more about 'American CCM' frame. Is that ATK? Where they made in the US?

This spec is taken from the site.

Frame - American CCM Frame, Reynolds 531Chrome Moly.
Front forks - Fully adjustable WP units. Triple trees / clamps - American A and A variable units with eccentric adjusters for trail adjustment (5 separate sets of oval adjusters come with the bike)
Front Wheel - A and A hub, laced to PM rim, with Goodyear Eagle rubber.
Handlebars - AFAM with Renthal bar pad, Renthal grips.
Foot-pegs - Bates
Rear Wheel - A and A hub, laced to PM rim, with Goodyear Eagle rubber.
Rear Brakes - Brembo master-cylinder with remote reservoir, Brembo Brake calliper and disc
Tank - Red Max CJ Tracker tank with RedMax dual petcocks.
Rear Shock - WP rear shock w/ adjustable clevis for ride height setting. Remote reservoir fully adjustable for compression and rebound.

Single and Twin Season Opener

Hamburg Sideburn stockists, Single and Twin Motorcycles, are having a season opening event on Easter Monday. Get along if you're in the area. G

Friday 28 March 2014

Static Records, Wigan

Static Records is a great used record store in Wigan, Lancashire. It's run by Conway Castle of The Stags and is now a stockist of Sideburn magazine. Thanks Conway!
They have an online record store too - Static Records, Wigan.

If you want to become a Sideburn stockist, please email us at dirt @

You can hear a song written by Conway and played by his bandmates if you buy a record player and Sideburn Sticker Pack 3. It includes the limited edition 7in vinyl (released on Sideburn records), five vinyl stickers and a programme from Dirt Quake II. All for £5 plus post. G

Thursday 27 March 2014

DTRA News + Photos by Sam Christmas

The first official practice of the 2014 DTRA series took place at Rye house, Hertfordshire, last Saturday. Great weather, good turn out, decent track conditions, loads of new faces, no need for the paramedics.
All photos: Sam Christmas
Geoff Cain, on his new Honda 450, and Frank Chatokhine (on his old Metisse Triumph).
 The only female rider at the practice, Leah Tokelove.
Two-piece or one-piece leathers? Or motocross kit? Or speedway kevlars. Even Dimitri's jeans over BMX armour. We've seen it all, but never a Welsh dragon onesie (with wings and tail tied up) as worn by Olivier from France (studying in Swansea).
 Dimitri Coste on a borrowed Honda, Tom Firth on a rented CCM 230.
 Ross 'King' Herrod.
David Death Spray came for a few laps on the Rotax KTM he sprayed for Ross. He was quickly up to a good pace.
 Drogo and Ross waiting their turn on track.
 GI, riding without a brake all day, after a malfunction.
There was a French invasion. Five French riders - Olivier (from Les Petroleurs); Christophe and Frank, plus Dimitri and Olivier. There will be one more when Hubert gets his bike built.
Peter Boast (54 - number, not age - the godfather of British flat track) and Guy Sutherland, 97, plus Nick Ashley on his street tracker.
 Boastie, always on it.
 Top junior, Ollie Brindley, moves up to the adult class this season.
 Team Co-Built.

The DTRA are looking to fill two positions -

Commentator - Have you ever fancied yourself as the next Murray Walker? Or maybe you are already better than Murray was. Either way we are after your help at our rounds this year. Alex Ragby our usual commentator is busy at many of our rounds, we would like to develop our own presentation with someone who is enthusiastic about our sport.

Press Officer - We would like more people to hear about what happens at our events. Do you have some spare time to help promote the news from our club.


Wednesday 26 March 2014

Dirt Quake USA: Coming To America

Click the link more info on Dirt Quake USA.
Pre-entries are now open.

Info on Dirt Quake III, at King's Lynn on July 18-19, to follow.

Thanks to Dael Poulter for making this promo clip. G

Tuesday 25 March 2014

SOLD Neat Dominator Street Tracker for Sale


Our mate and fellow racer Guy is selling his Honda NX650 Street Tracker/Street Scrambler on UK eBay. It's up for £2950 as a classified advert, not an auction, so no messing about. The bike is located in Oxfordshire.

It won the Street Tracker class at Dirt Quake II.

Read more about the bike at The Bike Shed.

See the eBay listing at Honda Dominator Street Tracker. G

FTWCo Visit

Last month I visited the Mid-West to go to the Mama Tried Show and took the opportunity to detour the six-hour drive to Des Moines, Iowa, for a flying visit to the new headquarters of FTWCo. I'd been to the old HQ a couple of years ago (on a cross-country ride). I arrived at 10.30pm and stayed talking till 3am with the two owners of FTWCo: Brad (aka Fatty. Red shirt) and Jeff Wright (the man behind Church of Choppers) plus the photographer and film-maker, Michael Schmidt (green shirt) who I was working with.
Their unit is an Aladdin's cave of creativity and good stuff.
Jeff's One Shot collection.
The back of the headquarters is for bike-building. The front is the admin and T-shirt printing. Jeff does 90% of the art. Brad runs the business side of things. 
Jeff's Honda CB1100EX. Hyperpro shocks; Over Engineering swingarm; RCD-Tec fuel filler; Yoshimura exhaust; hand painted tank logos. It had 2 miles - TWO MILES - on the clock, when I took this photo.
 Brad's ironhead Sportster street tracker.
 Jeff's slabside GSX-R project.
 Road-going dune buggy with a keg fuel tank.
Up for 30 hours or more and still laughing. I love FTWCo.

Monday 24 March 2014

70 Years Ago..., since the break-out from Stalag Luft III. The Great Escape is a dramatised, Hollywoodised version of events. The truth of WWII break-out attempts is incredible. The ingenuity was mind-boggling.

The Great Escape is often wrongly remembered (by me at least) and depicted in UK TV skits as a feelgood movie of the 'good guys' winning the day. The poster, above, even calls it a great adventure - making it sound like a mountain biking holiday in Moab. Regarding the actual break-out, in 1944, of the 76 who escaped only three were successful - two Norweigians and a Dutch airman. Of the recaptured allies, 50 were executed on Hitler's orders (a war crime, as they were killed not during the escape, but when recaptured).

Apparently, a great deal of McQueen's Virgil Hilts character was based on the US Pilot David M Jones, who was on the Escape Committee and worked on the tunnels and planning, but didn't go through the tunnels and subsequently survived the war, went on to be a Jet Age test pilot and work for NASA. G

UPDATE: Coincidentally, Steve McQueen was also born on this day, in 1930. He died in 1980. If he were still alive, he'd be two years younger than Bruce Forsyth.

Sunday 23 March 2014

Deus Ex Machina Saturday School

I don't know how many people reading this blog are new to motorbikes, but these schools sounds like a good idea to me. This is a beginner's guide to bikes at Deus's Venice store.
Sideburn stockist Town Moto in Toronto, Canada have been doing similar night classes in their store since they opened. G

What does the ‘W’ mean on my motor oil? What is dampening? How do I even learn to ride a motorcycle? For the answers to these most common interrogatives, don your sharpest thinking caps and head over to The Emporium of Postmodern Activities on April 5th to participate in a little group learning as Deus Ex Machina’s Venice branch hosts SATURDAY SCHOOL: AN EDUCATION IN MOTORCYCLING. Tutors of all stripes will be on hand to enrich and enlighten you in your journey through the world of motorcycles. Whether first-timer or an old-timer, all are welcome. They say you learn something new every day. Why not make it a Saturday?

Top Secret Drum Corps

The Sideburn blog is updated at least once Every. Single. Day. And we enjoy going way off the reservation occasionally (eg. previous posts on glassblowing, synchornised swimming, parquet flooring and Serbian Turbo folk songs).

I saw this group, the Top Secret Drum Corps from Switzerland, on a British primetime Saturday night show I was watching with my kids and it mesmerised me (nearly as much as the tech drawing gif below).

This is a longer routine than was on TV. Make time in your day to watch it. If it doesn't impress you I don't know what will. G

Saturday 22 March 2014

Iconic Flat Trackers

Mick Ofield's fantastic series of blueprints of iconic flat trackers continues for SB#17. Next up we have Alastair's Trackmaster BSA A70.
This gif animation shows the five we've published so far - all to exactly the same scale so you can see the comparison of different wheel bases, fork rake etc. I get off on these drawings. BPSIDEBURN iconic photo Mick-Ofield_SIDEBURN_iconic_zps592439ec.gifWe still have a few high quality A3 giclée prints of the XR750 for sale in the Sideburn webshop.

Friday 21 March 2014

L'Etoffe Des Heros

Lovely video from our friends at silk scarf makers, A Piece of Chic in Lyon. G

DTRA Practice Tomorrow

The first official DTRA practice of the year goes off at Rye House tomorrow, if anyone fancies a ride out for a butcher's.

Anyone who would like to be a flag marshal would be very welcome. You need to be there from 9.30-3 (with breaks in that time).

I will be taking magazines and a few T-shirts if anyone wants to buy anything without paying postage. If there is anything specific you want, leave a comment or email us. G

Rye House Stadium, Rye Road, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, EN11 0EH

Photo: FT Photos

Thursday 20 March 2014

Dirt Quake USA News

Pre-entries are open for Dirt Quake USA.
Here's how it works.

If you want to race you choose one of the following four classes:

Inappropriate Road Bike
Street Tracker/Street Scrambler
Lady (female riders on any of the bikes above)

Send in a photo of the bike you want to race and the class you choose to be in. The DQ USA Committee then decide if it's inappropriate enough. If your bike is accepted then - when entries open, you have to get your payment in to guarantee your place. Race entry is $50. Racer goody bag included. Gate entry included.

Note: having your bike approved doesn't mean you're in, you must pay (by paypal) when the entries open on 1 April. Entries Close 17 May. No entries on the day, sorry.

Dirt Quake is for ROAD bikes. It's for people to dip a toe into racing who might never have tried it. There are plenty of races for real races bikes.

$10 on the gate, $10 for camping. Live music, chopper flat track, minimal risk of injury, good times.

Saturday is elite flat track racing (the good guys on great race bikes).
Sunday is Dirt Quake (misguided fools on inappropriate road bikes)


31 MAY - 1 JUNE

There is more info on the Dirt Quake USA page.

This sounds like a lot of rules, but it allows the day to be a lot of fun with less hassle.

#DQUSA Instagram Competition
Hashtag a photo of your Dirt Quake preparation on instagram and win prizes. We'll have a different winner every month between now and the race.

Interested in sponsoring? Please get in touch.

UK Dirt Quake III news to follow next week.

Poster artwork: Adi Gilbert

New In (and Back In)

Super limited edition yellow Slacker shirts.
Medium only. All other sizes sold out. These are on a Gildan Ultra, so they are a good medium, not a tighter-fitting medium (like the Gildan Ringspun that the grey Slacker is printed on). Only a handful are left from the exhibition we did with Stevie Gee.

We have also unearthed a few of the long sold out Sideburn 4. They're still at the 2009 cover price. I really love this issue, a great mix of stories and characters and bikes, from the 1950s to 2009. Well I love them all. G