Tuesday 30 April 2013

Art & Moto, Lisbon

Art & Moto in Lisbon was great. I have a bunch of photos to put up when I get 20 minutes to sort them.
Thanks to all that made it a memorable weekend. G
Art by Raulowsky


IMPORTANT: I should've added you've got to listen to the Ichiban Rock n Soul feed.

This is the greatest 'radio' station in the world, as far as I'm concerned. WFMU is internet radio, I listen through iTunes on my laptop when it's connected to the internet, but there might be other ways of listening. When I tune in there is rarely ever a DJ, just a continuous flow of amazing records.
If you like Killer Diller and its mix of garage punk, weird country, jungle exotica, northern soul, southern soul, vegas stomp, surf instrumentals and rockabilly, you will love WFMU.
To quote their website 'Our music doesn't fall through the cracks, it IS the cracks.' G

Sideburn's Windows user, Mick P, adds: I use VLC Media Player, which is free, multi-platform and can cope with almost anything it encounters. I never bother with Windows Media Fiasco. Here's the link for Ichiban Rock n Soul. Right click and  'Copy Link Address'. Open VLC, go to Media/Open Network Stream (or just hit Ctrl+N) and paste in the link. Now frug, shag, or do the mashed potato as appropriate. Other dances are available.

Monday 29 April 2013

Ride to the Track, Race, Ride Home

If you're as old as us you'll have heard a hundred stories of what it was like back in the old days, when someone would ride their one and only bike to the track, take the lights off, race it, then replace all the road fittings and ride home. Well, that's exactly what plenty are doing for Dirt Quake II, including Hubert, who is coming all the way from Paris on his TW200.

 If you've had your bike pre-approved and are waiting for the link to the entry site, please be patient, there's a hold-up at the MCF - the governing body of the race series. We'll send the link out as soon as we get it.

Please also note the Motorcycle Federation is absolutely nothing to do with the BMF. G


Dave Aldana, Yoshimura Kawasaki Z1, AMA Superbike Daytona. Primitive ram-air manifold scoop. Funny that they left the original reflectors on the fork legs. BP

Sunday 28 April 2013

The Sideburn Poet

I'm pretty sure Sideburn is the only motorcycle magazine to list a poet on the staff. And even if others had a poet, he'd be nothing like ours.
That's him above, bearded, after coming third in a big enduro race in the US and collecting his share of a $3000 purse.
Travis Newbold is his name. He races enduro, MX, flat track and he was the sixth fastest vehicle of any description at the 2012 Pike's Peak Hillclimb and 450 champ at that legendary race. He also runs a bike shop in Denver, Newbold's Motorbike Shop (photos below).
Read his poetry in Sideburn 12 and 13.
Check his 747 Rider blog too.
Oh, and he's coming all the way from Colorado to race at Dirt Quake 2. Are you going to be there? G

Saturday 27 April 2013

Dirt Quake Chopper

Mike is racing his pride and joy XS750 on 8 June, in the Dirt Quake Chopper class.

Entries are £25 plus £10 for a day licence. All entries are being handled online and entries close one week before the event. We can't take entries on the day. Sorry.
Riders will get 3 x 6-lap heats races and a final (if they qualify for it).
All bikes must be pre-approved (so we don't get something appropriate trying to race). Send a photo to dirt at sideburnmagazine.com and we'll get back to you with details of how to enter. G

Friday 26 April 2013

Next Weekend in Amsterdam

From the Rusty Gold guys...

Rusty Gold 2013 is getting closer and closer. 
On the 5th of May we organise this swapmeet for the second time at the Cruise-Inn in Amsterdam.
For the people that come from far. Next the Cruise-Inn is a nice camp site. 
We are still looking for people who wanna swap or sell their rusty treasures so if you've got vintage parts for sale or you just wanna show your bike and have a good time come to Amsterdam. 
For more info and last years pics go to www.facebook.com/RustyGoldSwapMeet
or our blog: http://rustygoldswapmeet.blogspot.nl 
Feel free to email us if you have any questions! 
Hope to see you all there and invite all your friends. Lennard Schuurmans & Zoran Holtkamp

Thursday 25 April 2013

Dirt Quake II Tickets On Sale

Order a ticket to our big event of the year and be entered into a draw to win one full set of Sideburn magazines, issue 1-13.*
Plus, every pre-sold ticket gets free DQ II stickers.
The tickets will be sent out the week before the event.
If you order tickets with any other items, the other stuff will be sent out separately, first. 

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we've lowered the entry price from the earlier advertised price of £15 to £10. Under-16s are £5 (pay on the day). Under-10s are free with an adult.

Buy tickets


Dirt Quake 2 is sponsored by:
Dirt Track Riders Association
El Solitario
Kiddo Motors
Krazy Horse
Old Empire Motorcycles
Red Torpedo
Triple H Custom Motorcycles

*Only one prize, cannot be exchanged for cash, yada, yada...

King's Lynn Photos

 Ade Collins - reigning UK short track champ.
Rob and his Ducati Thunderbike, running in the Rookie class.
Tom Whiting is planning to attend all, or most, of this year's DTRA meetings. He will photograph the racers and offer to sell the photos and prints to them.
Check out his website - thefooleryoftom.com

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Motorcycho 27 is here!

The new issue of Motorcycho has just arrived from Canada!
It's a mix of vintage motocross, budget dirt track, art, film and choppers. 40 full colour pages for £3.50.
We have a stock of back issues too.

Norm has also made some cool patches we're selling, £3.50 each, two designs.

SPECIAL OFFER: The first five people to buy anything Motorcycho from us gets a free Motorcycho key ring (and the free Sideburn sticker that we send with every order).

Get your at the Sideburn shop. G

Art & Moto, Lisbon

This weekend our good friends Antonio Merinero and Raulowsky headline an art show in Lisbon, Portugal. Lots of other stuff going on and Sideburn will be there. G

Tuesday 23 April 2013

El Solitario vs Dirt Quake

David of El Solitario invaded a farmer's field to have a pre-Dirt Quake II practice, his first ever attempt to go fast and turn left.
He's driving over from Spain for the race. We have other riders coming from France, the USA and Italy. It's going to be fun.
Read his thoughts at the El Solitario blog.

The good people at Old Empire Motorcycles are organising a pre-party with music, barbecue and camping about 15 mins from the track. The suggested plan, for those who want to come, is camp here on Friday, then move up to the track and camp there (or hotel if you prefer) for Saturday.
More details on the pre-party soon. G

Bamber Gascoigne

Sideburn would like to set up a University Challenge for dirt track riders. Any suggestions for topics? - silly or sensible. BP

Monday 22 April 2013

DTRA is Go!

The first race of a new era in UK flat track racing went off at King's Lynn yesterday and it looked fantastic. The new DTRA built on the great work Short Track UK - the founding fathers of British Flat Track - have done for the last seven or eight season's and carried it on.

There are a few changes, more evident to the racers than spectators. One thing that didn't change was Aidan Collins winning the Pro Class (Sideburn 10 cover star Tom Neave was second, long time short track racer Tim Greig a brilliant 3rd).

There was a huge entry, with lots of new racers, especially in Thunderbikes and Rookie classes, though the pro class was a little down on numbers. There were a good few people in the stands, but the UK scene, like the amateurs in the US, is kept going by race entry fees and series sponsors rather than people through the turnstiles. No one at the DTRA is making money - it all goes to track rent, trophies, medical cover and insurance.

There was a lot of enthusiasm at the track yesterday and it was good to see. Thanks to everyone who makes it happen - volunteers, organisers, timers, track and pit marshals, sponsors, racers and their families.

The race report and all the class results are over on the DTRA site now.

Next race DTRA race is Rye House, May 19 (NOT 21 as I originally wrote). G

BSA B33 engine in BSA M20 frame

Maxwell's BSA goes through more Frankensteination. BP

Sunday 21 April 2013

Harley XR500

Is this for real? Thanks to Graham Monk for bringing it to our attention. It looks like toy bike an Evel Knievel doll would ride, and I don't see that as a good thing. It has the single cylinder Buell Blast engine.
Harley continue to prove they just can't get it right when it comes to cashing in on the heritage of the XR750. This thing is the Bushveld Lizard of the motorcycle world.

The info below was taken from Twin Motorcycles website

 For several years now there have been rumours about a lower capacity Harley, a single cylinder motorcycle mainly aimed at beginners and meant for mass market sale in the Asian countries. The 500c Harley is said to be based on the existing Sportster and would have a single cylinder version of the same engine. 

These speculation got more backing after an Harley Davidson official, un-officially mentioned its plans to set up a manufacturing plant in India. This would not only enable them to bring down the prices of existing models which correctly come in via the CKD (completely knocked-down) route and get assembled here but also go ahead and make mass market entry level models. The folks at Harley Davidson are in-fact already scouting locations for the plant, top officials at Harley Davidson had the following to say “These initiatives are at a very early stage. The new plant has been planned as the Indian market has shown explosive growth in superbikes in the past few years, albeit on a comparatively smaller base.

Colby's ATK

From Colby in Northern California...

Hi Gary
Just wanted to let you know that I got issue 13 and the T-shirt, great issue, love the shirt. Thanks again for the effort. 
 This is my ATK-DT, hoping to take it down to Ukiah soon. 
If you're ever in Northern California look us up! 
Ride hard, break shit- Colby

Saturday 20 April 2013

Don't forget...

DTRA round 1 goes off at the Norfolk Arena, King's Lynn tomorrow. Racing from 12. It'll be action-packed. The first race of the year always is.
£5 on the gate.

Friday 19 April 2013

Motokouture Belgium

Sideburn is now stocked by Motokouture in Belgium (on the outskirts of Kortrijk). Avelgemstraat 53 bus 1, 8550 Zwevegem. Tel: +32 56 64 79 00

Thursday 18 April 2013

The Writing's On The Wall

photo of unknown origin. BP

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Superdry Enfield

This came in from Rupert in England.

Hi Gary 
I want to come to Dirt Quake with my Royal Enfield. 
I've lent it to the fashion label Superdry for a couple of shoots. They've used images of it for various aspects of their marketing. The top creative guy there is a mate and bike-mad. I didn't build it for any specific purpose but it has turned out to be a lot of fun, on and off road. Never had it on a dirt track.... It looks a bit trials but the engine and gearing is set to go fast. It goes pretty well and sounds even better. And just about road legal. Others attached. Also a picture of my buddy's RE, also used by Superdry. Looking forward to receiving Sideburn...
Kind regards, Rupert W

Photos courtesy fo Superdry

More Royal Enfield News
Watsonian-Squire, who worked closely with us on our Project Enfield have decided to no longer import Royal Enfields, but they are still dealing with spare, extras plus new and used Enfields, along with their core sidecar business. This is what they say:

Watsonian sidecars will be opening their new expanded showrooms on Saturday 4th May. 
In addition to new and used sidecars and motorcycle luggage trailers, a selection of new and used Royal Enfields will be on display, including some of the company's specials. 
Visitors will be catered for with a free BBQ and refreshments. Located between the picturesque market towns of Chipping Campden and Moreton-in-Marsh, the showrooms are perfectly placed for an enjoyable ride out through the north Cotswolds. 
Doors open at 09:00 and the first 25 visitors to arrive will receive a free Royal Enfield book worth £25. The Watsonian Motorcycle & Sidecar Company is at 70 Northwick Business Centre, Blockley, Moreton-in-Marsh GL56 9RF. Telephone 01386 700907. www.watsonian-squire.com

Krazy Horse Demo Day

This Saturday
Krazy Horse are a main dealer for these S&S X Wedge three-wheel roadsters and even have a three wheel dyno to hot them up. 

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Influx event in London, This Thursday

I've been asked to do a Q&A about bikes and Dirt Quake and the like at an event organised and promoted by Influx. There are a few tickets left if anyone wants to come. Free food and beer (while it lasts). It's in the same Shoreditch location as Sam Christmas held his Natural Habitats show (but this will be less busy due to tickets having to be ordered).
Get free tickets from here - Here's some blurb...

This April Adrian Flux publishes Influx_08, a very special print edition of the innovative multi-platformed magazine on car and bike culture. 
The launch coincides with Adrian Flux's 40th anniversary, and to celebrate Influx is curating an exhibition at a launch event in London's Shoreditch. The event includes guest speakers, film shows and live music. 
 Reflecting the core values of its founder, Influx magazine has approached the coverage of cars and bikes as things that move the soul as well as the body. The exhibition focuses on this spirit-enhancing aspect of car and bike culture. 
 From full-colour digital treatments to painstakingly hand-wrought takes on the mechanics of speed, Influx_08 includes 15 specially commissioned, stunningly original pieces of work. Artist Oscar Wilson, for example, pays spectacular homage to the Maserati marque, Millie Marotta evokes the V12 engine as a beautiful endangered species, and Kate Copeland renders the symmetrical beauty of a Moto Guzzi cafe racer as you've never seen it before.

Pete's Triumph is In!

Pete's reverse-head Triumph is accepted for the Dirt Quake chopper class!
(Get some good air filters, Pete). G

Flat Track Coffee, Austin, Texas

Lots of fun motorcycle stuff going on in Austin, Texas. They have their first MotoGP race next weekend, and their own One Motorcycle Show, organised by Thor Drake to coincide.
Austin also has a Sideburn stockist - Flattrack Coffee at 913 E Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX, 78702.
Go check them out if you're in town for the GP or the One Show. G

Monday 15 April 2013

DTRA Round 2, Rye House

As part of Sideburn's on-going sponsorship of the 2013 Dirt Track Riders Association race series we commissioned the poster for round 2. This whacked-out image was created by Essy May. 
PLEASE share it on your blogs, facebook, other SocMed....

This Rye House race takes place during the day of Sunday 19 May, the same weekend as The Bike Shed Event  in London (that Sideburn is also involved in), and is only a short ride (on bike or train) from the East End, so make a weekend of it. Entry to this race is just £5 and the action is always extra wild at Rye House. 

The first race of the series happens THIS SUNDAY at the Norfolk Arena, King's Lynn. The DTRA are short of a couple of marshals if you want to get involved. You don't need experience. You'll be instructed on the day. Contact the super-friendly organisers directly through the DTRA website
Entry for spectators is £5, under-16s are free. 

Here's an interview with the artist, the inimitable, Essy May.

Where do you live? 
 Muswell Hill, North London

What bike do you own? 
There's a 70s Yamaha RS125 rusting in the alleyway that's partly mine.

What's your dream bike? 
One that can travel through time and ride the rings of Saturn.

Who is your favourite racer/motorcycle hero? 
Evel Knievel of course.

If you were going to start racing flat track, what bike would you choose? 
A gold-plated Bultaco Astro probably.

What was the inspiration for your DTRA poster? 
Science Fantasy has no limits.

Finish this sentence. A motorcycle is… 
A fun thing to draw.

If you want to see artwork for Round 1 and read the interview with its artist, Ryan Quickfall click here

Sunday 14 April 2013

Deus Ex Milano

Often imitated, rarely bettered, Deus Ex Machina have opened their first European store in Milan, just up the street from our good friends at Officine Mermaid.
And the new Deus stocks Sideburn magazine, just like Deus stores in Sydney, Venice Beach and Bali. G

So Inappropriate

Hi Guys
Have been toying with this Pacific Coast as an inappropriate entry as it has room for massive sound system in the "boot" Just need to get it running and fit some knobblies. Screen will be useful to keep mud off lemon yellow linen suit and espadrille combo. Could pair nicely with the Helix.

Saturday 13 April 2013

We like Kriega

They make good rucksacks. Kriega. G

Friday 12 April 2013

Left Hand Cycles: Let the squirrels and deer disappear

From Lex and Richard at: lefthandcycles.blogspot.nl 

The Honda CB 750 is a motorcycle built in 1982 and we were right minded, how it should look. 
We tried to create something, original and rough, based on enduro motorcycles,but with a four cylinder engine. Certain details give the bike a unique character. 
For example a double-mounted sprocket based on our love for riding fixie bikes. The seat has a characteristic appearence of a leather chesterfield sofa. 
We chose for minimal: less is less! 
The Heidenau K60 tires give this bike an extra dimension. Turn the throttle,hear the sound of the open exhaust and let the squirrels and deer disappear!