Sunday 30 September 2012

Guzzi Street Tracker

From Filippo in Italy. It's not doing a lot for me, but whatever floats your boat.

 Even if in Italian I think it's quite intelligible, isn't it? 
More details here Moto Guzzi V1000 special 
 Greetings from Florence, Italy. 
Filippo aka "Guido Rottami"

Saturday 29 September 2012

Harley Speedway Carnage

Found this video on Roland Sands' blog. He wins the race, but it doesn't show much of it. This could be the craziest first corner action I've ever seen. G

Friday 28 September 2012

Dirt Track Riders Association

UK dirt track needs you. After seven years of establishing the UK scene, that then spawned the European, resurgent Italian and budding Czech and Swedish scenes, Pete and Jackie have stepped down from organising and promoting races. The new man at the helm is Anthony Brown of Co-Built. UK races will now be run by the DTRA. Here's what he says...

 The DTRA (Dirt Track Riders Association) has been formed by riders and fans in the UK who want to promote flat track racing. 
We are working with Pete and Jackie who are still involved in the new club. 
All of the faces you see at STUK meetings will still be around but the DTRA will be hoping to introduce new riders, fans and staff into the sport. 
For 2013 we will organise a six-race series including a Dirt Quake event, we are working on the schedule already. Our plan is to cater for all the classes that STUK hosted so dig your bikes out from the shed and get prepping. Six Months and counting until our first meeting. 

Our new website is 
Our facebook is 

We need your help. We are looking for new people to help us with our plans for 2013. 
We are looking for potential series sponsors. 

On Race Days (6 days next year) we need marshals and general helpers, lap scorers, starters, referees (training options available), photographers, commentators. 

From the armchair we need Publicity helpers, Bloggers, Admin staff .

We can use pretty much anyone's skills who wants to be involved. If you are a paramedic who fancies offering a special deal for your time 6 weekends next year we are all ears.

Sideburn will be involved with promotion, sponsorship, racing and anything else we can to ensure UK Short Track continues and grows. G

Racefit Parts Bin

Racefit is having a garage clear-out HERE. Go bag yourself a lightweight bargain. BP

Thursday 27 September 2012

Santa Rosa Mile this weekend!

After a 42-year-gap Santa Rosa, in Sonoma, California is hosting a GNC race this Sunday.
There's District 36 short track on Friday and Saturday nights, and, also at the venue, on Saturday from 12-4pm, the legendary flat track photographer Dan Mahony (above) is showing his, and his father's photos in a Wine, Art and Pinstripe Fest (eh?).
For more details go to AMA Pro Racing. G

Distinguished Gent's Ride - Update

There are more details of the London one (organised by The Bike Shed) and Corpses from Hell have set up a ride in Sheffield - THIS SUNDAY.
Paolo from the most gorgeous (newsstand) motorcycle magazine in the world, Riders, is attending the London one with a photographer, so you could get your mug in that wonderful Italian mag.
I'm hoping there will be some distinguished ladies too...

Dr Ogo, Co-Built, BP and I are dusting off our tweeds for London.
London details here.

Sheffield details here.
BP and brother circa 1991 at a friends wedding

Cycles South 1971

via Capt Simon via Bubble Visor

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Sideburn Supervan

Before I left for my three-week trip in the US I dropped my VW Transporter off with Nico at Ornamental Conifer in East London. This is what he came up with. Smart, eh? G

Tucson Raceway

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Conor Cummins & Boastie

The godfather of UK Short Track, Peter Boast, gives flat track lessons to Isle of Man TT star, Conor Cummins. This is Leicester's track. Hope to be back there next season. G
Thanks to Piers at for the tip

Maxwell Paternoster x Dice

Chief Corpse From Hell and regular Sideburn collaborator, Maxwell Paternoster has created the latest killer Dice Magazine cover. Lovely job.

Read about Maxwell's personal, private, pickled BSA in SB9 .

Also, we have heavyweight art prints of the Zombie McQueen Maxwell drew for Sideburn. They're A3 size on recycled brown card. Just £8 plus post. Only available through our webshop. G

Monday 24 September 2012

Smith and Kawasaki win at Springfield

Better late than never for this short report. So, Brian Smith has won the Springfield Mile again. On a Kawasaki-powered bike again! This time the Crossley Howerton-framed, big-bore Ninja 650 (ER-6 in Europe). 
The shutter speed used to take this shot has frozen the wheels, but you know they're hauling here. That Kawasaki's pipes look good.
The Jake and Jared Show rumbled on. Mees came out on top this weekend, making third, Johnson was fifth, but title contender Sammy Halbert was second.

Shaun Russell (I always thought it was Shawn). Been with Bartels a long time. Came 11th in the main.
Shawn Baer on the Baer Racing Kawasaki.
Robert Pearson squeezing every last tenth out of  another Kawasaki. Eight of the Japanese bikes made the main. There were nine XR750s and Henry Wiles' Ducati, but he was black flagged.
Mikey Martin didn't make the main on his Triumph.

Nichole Cheza (15) had an eventful weekend. She failed to make the main, but her fella, Jared Mees, proposed to her on the podium.
Jake Johnson leads heat 3 (though Smith will win it). 59 is McCoy, 81 is Justin Hittle, 23 is Jeffrey Carver Jr.
Sammy's turn to look pee'd off. He lost the 25-mile race by four-hundredths of a second. G

All photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing

Icarus Zaeta

Marco Belli talks about his stab at last year's Pikes Peak race on the Zaeta. The Yamaha engined prototype of this bike was featured in SB#5, and the latest TM engined street version in the current issue SB#11. BP

Sunday 23 September 2012

I love this photo

It's all about the body position.
Springfield Mile, PRo Singles Class, corner entry. 
30S, Jason Issenock; 55A, Jake Shoemaker; 10A, Stephen Vanderkuur; rider at the back, I think 66Y Dominic Colindres. G

It's not what you ride, it's how you ride it (19)

Ross Herrod C90 contortionist. GIF by Richard Baybutt. BP

Saturday 22 September 2012

Ruby Castel

I think we might have had the first news on the new Ruby full-face, here. This is the official pre-release press release. The first Castels are available in plain colours only. They don't have a visor. The prototype Ruby founder was wearing at Anthony Co-Built's birthday ride had press studs for a visor, but I'm not sure the first production lids do. It's released soon, so we'll find out then. No prices are confirmed yet, either.

On 1st October, Les Ateliers Ruby will unveil their first full-face helmet: Ruby Castel... 
This first full-face helmet pure by its shape but strong by nature, you will recognise the carbon-fibre shell, the handcraft on the ruby red leather of its inner cocoon, the titanium pieces, and the careful know-how of Les Ateliers Ruby.

New Deal

The weather's changing for the worse (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway), so we're now offering our popular scarf and magazine deal with issue 11. Get the latest issue and a Sideburn scarf for the normal price of the scarf. Bargain. Sideburn webshop.
Scott from Vermont models the scarf and a serving suggestion - in snow with a Honda field bike. G

Friday 21 September 2012

Dirty Magazines

We've got them and you don't even have to go into the woods and hope there's a black bin bag full of them (did every young boy who grew up in Britain in the 70s and 80s find at least one bag of dank Razzles in the local woods?).
This lovely little, now defunct, English magazine is selling fast, but we have all four issues back in stock at the Sideburn shop. G

King of Cool

Hi Gary, Ben Hope all is good? The US trip looked ace, instagram feed was a great touch!
Thought this might be of interest to you and your blog readers? My friend Ben Burdett has a photography gallery in London and his new exhibition is original prints of Steve McQueen by John Dominis, the Life magazine photographer who spent three weeks with him and his first wife Neile Adams in California, 1963, just before The Great Escape came out. Lots of the iconic images, including a couple from the Mojave desert race and the one from the Life cover riding the Triumph, are on show and for sale.
It's worth a look in. It starts today and runs until 27th October at Atlas Gallery, 49 Dorset Street, Marylebone, London W1. More on their website. Sorry about the crappy iPhone images, I took them as I left the private view last night!
Cheers Mark MWA

Thursday 20 September 2012

DEUS Parking Lot D'elegance

- Jeff Zwart is bring his Bellytank for joy rides. Carby

Jason x Racefit

Jason's UK short track, Skooter Farm C&J Rotax, with Racefit titanium pipe. This bike featured in Sideburn 5 in a previous (gold leafed) guise. Photos lifted from Racefit. G

Wednesday 19 September 2012


From Charly in Austria

 Hi Gary! 
 I'm responsible for the motorcycle history in Vöcklabruck. That's a small city with about 12000 inhabitants. The picture was made at a sidecar ice race at 1960. 
 You can use or public the picture if you have a need. I'm looking very much forward to the next issue. Have a nice day and greetings from Austria 

One For the Kids

Mini Ducati 750SS based on a Honda Monkey Bike. Via Spanish John. BP

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Swedish Flat Track

From Patric at Belladonna Trackers:
"Saturday, September 22 Mellan 1400-1700 runs Sweden's first sanctioned Flat track racing at Nyköping. FMX daredevils meet MX riders face Long the bane World Champion, Ice racing drivers, back champions, speedway pro, motard elite. Ultimate racing that will prove who is the meanest drivers on two wheels. There are 24 riders running 3 heats each, 8, in each heat for 6 laps, concluding with an A, B, C, finals. During the day Rack Arty trail display and Sweden's leading FMX team Skilled FMX showcases its spectacular mini flips landing on flat ground after a backflip. Flat-track and FMX Sweden are working to pave the way for two outsider sports in Sweden. The aim of the events is to create a platform for future Swedish championships." [apologies for any lost-in-(Google)translation info] BP

Monday 17 September 2012

Rye House end of championship

Ross Rusty Nail C90 Dirt Quake champ, now a fully fledged flat tracker, riding Captain Highside's old Rotax KTM won the Novice final (from a full grid) and came 9th in Thunderbikes in only his second race. Kid got talent.
Tim Neave ON IT as usual, took 1st in Thunderbikes riding John Roeder's rodeo CR500 2-stroke.
More Great photos from Richard Baybutt on his blog here. BP