Friday 30 September 2011

How to dress for the races...

We've just managed to get hold of the emails that went missing. We're catching up over the next few days. We got this one from Sideburn contributor Roger F...

From the 9/24 shorttrack at Salem [the 2nd Lowbrow Holeshot], note the Sideburn sticker and the latest shirt. The brakeless Triumph 500 belongs to my friend Alan Lonneville....Roger

The Cafe Racer, Hove

The Cafe Racer in Hove now stocks Sideburn.
If you want to stock the magazine too, get in touch at dirt at Thanks

Thursday 29 September 2011

Spirit of the Seventies stuff

Since advertising in Sideburn, UK-based bike builders Spirit of the Seventies have gone into orbit. They're beating off customers with a shitty stick and having fun, by the looks of it. They are making time to bring bikes to Rollerburn - and also co-sponsoring the event. Thanks fellas. G

GI in RS

After two years writing a column about motorbikes and stuff for GQ Italia I've left and I'm now writing a monthly column (about motorbikes and stuff) for Rolling Stone Italia. How the hell did that happen? The best editor I've ever worked for (and I work with some good ones), Michele Lupi, is in charge. Go and buy it. Andiamo! G
UPDATE. I posted the wrong cover (I haven't seen the mag yet). Below is the correct one. Hoping to do some bigger features for them soon.
UPDATE 2: Riccardo, the designer at Fantic/SWM Motorcycles in Treviso reads Rolling Stone. Nice lid Riccardo!

Wednesday 28 September 2011


Rollerburn Teaser shot by Drogo.
SIDEBURN on Vimeo.

Get your tickets, secure your trade stand, organise a hotel, book your flight, remember the killer pre-party in Nottingham, but whatever, just get there. It's going to be memorable. Any questions, leave a comment.
Rolleburn info.

Kriega Kompetition

Our mate Michael has left Cleckheaton for New Orleans for a new life, new wife and new business. He's importing Kriega products into the US. I've ridden all over the world with a Kriega on my back, so said I'd be happy to help spread the word. He's got a competition going on...

BritKit, Kriega's US distributor, is offering anyone with a Facebook account the chance to win the Ultimate Moto Luggage System.
The prize, valued at $450, consists an award-winning Kriega R25 motorcycle-specific backpack, along with a rugged UScombo40 tail pack system and US Tank adaptor, which will enables any of the three packs, which make up to the combo to be used as a tank bag.
To be in with a chance of scooping the grand prize, Facebook users simply have to search out the Kriega USA page and tap their details into the online entry form.
Competition is limited to US residents.
But the best bit is that anyone who clicks to share the sweepstake message with their friends, automatically increases their odds of winning. Because if a friend they refer wins, then the referrer receives the same prize too!
Plus – to make it even easier to win with Kriega USA – there are also weekly prizes of a pair of the company’s excellent R20 backpacks, valued at $119, up for grabs.

Full details are available online at Kriega US

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Eddie Kidd Big Nuts

1980, young stuntman Eddie Kidd and Beverley Pilkington model for Big D nuts. Starter for 10, 'What's the bike?' BP

Monday 26 September 2011

VCMC in Vancouver

The excellent Vicious Cycles are playing the Antisocial Skate Shop (stockists of Sideburn) in Vancouver. This Saturday. We'd be there if we could. G


We're back up and running, but we don't have the ones sent before Wednesday lunchtime. We need to download them. Please send again to be sure.

Sideburn's main email address hasn't been working since Friday, sorry if you're waiting for an answer. It's not affecting webshop orders, they come through another channel.

Egg Salad, Neon Brown and Sodium Distortion

Jason's first run on the improved Sodium Distortion
Rotax power.
Egg salad. Great name for a great bike.

I only get a single email from Jason Omer in Washington per year, but it's always a good one.

Hello Gary, I wanted you to see two Rotax creations built by Mark and Carl Bjorkland at SuperRat for this years BUB speed trial at Bonneville. Our team Sodium Distortion adopted them and they didn't disappoint. I have also included a picture of my record breaking 1000cc Buell speed bike, top speed 160mph. Thank you, Jason Omer.

I've just noticed Super Rat are from Bellingham, WA, the home of the mighty Estrus record label. Totally irrelevant, but it made me smile. G

Sunday 25 September 2011

Corpses from Hell x Lowbrow Customs

Great stuff for Lowbrow from Maxwell P. I think this is going to end up on packaging.
Maxwell is displaying at Rollerburn with other artists Chris Wilson, Stevie Gee, Adi Gilbert... G

Brainerd Half-Mile photos

The Kawasaki's are coming. The top six were all XR750s, but there were four Kawasaki's in the Main. One Ducati too. This is Jimmy Wood.
Henry Wiles. Look at his body language, it's swearing.
Jared Mees won the Main and extended his championship lead. Jake Johnson (1) was second and overtook Sammy Halbert in the GNC combined championship. Sammy (7) was down in 8th.
Bryan Smith rocking a similar mixed spoke and alloy wheel arrangement to the Krook Street Tracker.
Smith came fifth, behind Chris Carr who, despite the fact he's retiring in the next month, is still kicking arse left, right and centre. Coolbeth was third.
Jake Mataya made the Main but struggled.
Johnson chases Mees.

All photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing

Saturday 24 September 2011

Guy Martin on Rollerburn

Guy's excited about it.
So are we. We were doing more Rollerball tests at the Rollerburn venue yesterday.

Rollerburn ingredients: Bands from Wigan, Nottingham and Paris; custom show; indoor flat track demo from some of Britain's best racers; full roller derby bout; slalom skateboard race; vendors; art show and what Guy said...

Get your tickets here.

Project Royal Enfield: Want List

CFM are getting on with Sideburn's Project RE. Jason donated a genuine Indian rear mudguard (not from India, from Illinois). The rear brake is Performance Machine on an A&A dirt track hanger. The seat is a stock Enfield twin seat cut-down and mounted on a hinge and springs.

Now we need some stuff you might have.

1. A Honda CRF450 front disc - either MX or supermoto spec.
2. A modern motocross rear brake lever/master cylinder/pivot assembly. Something from Honda/Yam/Suzuki/KTM, clean condition.
3. Honda CFR450 front brake master cylinder and lever.

Email us at gary.inman @ with details of what you've got and how much you want for it. Thanks G

Friday 23 September 2011

Springfield Mile II by Fast and Dirty

2011 Springfield Mile II AMA Pro Flat Track Video from on Vimeo.

Their footage of the first of 2011's Springfield Miles was great and this latest offering from Fast and Dirty is right up there too. Brilliant stuff (even if the soundtrack is prog-rock). G

Thursday 22 September 2011

Davida Moto Photo, Madrid

Our good friends at Davida have hooked up with renowned artist (and Sideburn T-shirt designer) Antonio Merinero, to host an exhibition of moto photos in Madrid, next month. The exhibition is continually morphing and always looking for new photos to include. Read the flyer to find out how to submit yours for possible inclusion. Below is an example of some of the great shots the exhibition includes.
Sideburn hosted the show once and it was a great success. See the report here. G

Evel Art

Fell running, whippet loving yorkshireman John Parkin was bought up to graft on’t farm / down’t mill, however he managed to escape a life of true hardship and drudgery way back in 2001 to follow the dream. After trudging the globe in search of the elusive Geoffrey Boycott, he now resides in Northumberland where it is on average winter 14 months of the year. It is through these bitterly cold, long, dark, snow driven winters John paints his dreams - his aspirations of what could have been, and just maybe what still could be...
Parkins’s paintings are a mixture of scientific human endeavour; factual and fictional, challenging nature, exploration, and the pioneering spirit and heroism of man. He draws inspiration from boyhood dreams and fantasies. Focusing on the colour and dynamism of conquering space, both large and small, and the harnessing of untested technologies.
Gallery APART
- Summer show has been extended to 30th Sept

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Rollerburn Pre-Party

Make a weekend of the Rollerburn extravaganza by attending the rockin' pre-party in nearby Nottingham. Three killer bands including El Toro and the Ricky C Quartet plus the mighty Sir Johnny Alpha and Liz Lava Lounge Dj'ing. Held on Friday 18 November. Tickets on the door. It's going to be great. More details to follow. G

I'm AMA zing

Who Are You?! We are sending out an APB on this dude with the 'fro and proper lip cosy. Apparently this shot first appeared in the official AMA news magazine of July 1977 (we don't have an actual copy).
Any ideas? Or anybody got the original magazine they can check for credits? And if you do know who he is, where can we track him down?
Another possible clue (cross-referencing with another photo that remains classified information for now), is he may have raced a Boss framed stroker #25Y - so a Californian. Inspector Clouseau and Lieutenant Colombo

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Hook Motors Grand Opening

Official opening in Bologna this weekend. Great looking shop and a Sideburn stockist. G
Hook Motors

Goodwood snaps

by Southsiders Vincent Pratt
UPDATE: Vincent's casque dans la sable en France avec le Sideburn sticker 'si vous ne faites pas limp, vous n'êtes pas merde.' G

Co-Built Champion

Anthony Brown of Co-Built is the British Thunderbike champion. Anthony is probably the nicest fella in a paddock full of nice fellas and he won the title on a bike his three-man cooperative designed and built. Co-Built created the 4130-steel frame and swingarm from scratch. They designed and made the yokes (triple clamps), commissioned the twin shocks, made the exhaust...
There are only three adult classes in UK racing: Short track (for DTX bikes, though Thunderbikes can enter); Thunderbikes (air-cooled framers, road-based bikes and any twins or multis inc. XR750s) and mini bikes (bloodthirsty thugs on tuned putt-putts). The Thunderbikes class has had over 20 entries at each of the six rounds this year. Anthony had to fight for it.
There were five complete Co-Built Thunderbikes racing on Saturday night, with plenty more bikes - including the official Suzuki team - using Co-Built parts. Expect a big story on the fellas in Sideburn 9.
Congratulations Anthony. G
I would just like to add my pat on the back...
Anthony is deceptively fast. On first hearing his "Go Slow To Go Fast" mantra, it seemed preposterous in the extreme. He doesn't ride with the obvious flair of our Italian friends, or the tits out gay abandon of the STUK riders that have defected from professional speedway, he looks more like a sack of spuds. But all the people I have approached about (my awful) technique and the art/science of racing, has an Anthony quote. At Buxton he was explaining to Drogo that "A corner has 2 parts. A beginning and an end. Finish 1 before you start the 2nd". Drogo was jumping up and down that he now had the golden key to success. I still have no clue what he was going on about. Anthony is Yoda (except he doesn't have hairy ears). Yoda we Love you. BP

Monday 19 September 2011

Makes me feel Hungary

From our friend Peter in Hungary...

This is the XS400 of my friend, Arpad. All was made by Szakal Artdeco Motor. They made a really good job. The front suspension was from a Yamaha FZR250, but had been fitted using the wrong clamps (by the previous owner), so that had to be fixed.

The wheels are original XS wheels, with a Czech made Mitas E03 tires.
Fenders are remodelled CZ 175 Sport items, and the tank is also from a CZ 175.
The pipes were made by artdeco garage too and hooked up to silencers from a Sportster.
The buckle on the tank is from Polish skiboots.
Best regards and many thanks

Stevie Gee: Artist in Residence at Deus Bali

Hello, hello, hello, what's all this then? Stevie Gee, Sideburn collaborator, would-be music journalist, handsome devil and two-fisted drinker is flying out to Bali for a fortnight to be artist in residence at Deus's island HQ?
Nothing more than he deserves. Legend.
Buy one of our Stevie Gee Designed 9 Lives shirts and pretend you knew about him before he got big. G

Check the licence plate

From Jan-Willem Dutch Brother. Original photo by Stu's Shots (though some other website took it and marked it. What's that all about?). G

Sunday 18 September 2011

Knoxville half-mile

Action from last weekend's Knoxville half-mile.
An Aprilia made it to the Main! 40, is Aaron King - he came 10th. This is the semi. 73, Doug Lawrence made it through, so did M20 Matt Weidman, but 17 Wiles didn't.32, Shawn Baer on the Bonneville Performance Triumph going in hard. He just missed out on the main. 26 Brandon Bergen made it through. Aussie Mick Kirkness, 87, missed out. With 14 bikes in MotoGP it's hard for people who don't know the GNC to realise the quality of riders not making the main.S. Halbert, J. Johnson.
Johnny, Knoxville. Lewis came 6th in the main (with a Sideburn sticker on his bike).
23 Carver, 27 Pearson.
Johnny Lewis, 10, Kawasaki; 12 Brad Baker.
62 is Luke Gough. Front row start, but had trouble in the Main.
Knoxville result: 1st Mees, 2nd Johnson, 3rd Halbert
GNC Combined standings: 1. Mees, 321. 2. Halbert, 317. 3. Johnson, 312.

Photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing