Sunday 31 August 2008

(More) Wainfleet Mega Bowl Invitational Classic

Hot, hot heats
Trappy. An athlete preparing for battle. Only one thing on his mind. Glory.
Whisky throttles. Too fast for the Sideburn digital camera

1. Moore 2. Boast. 3. Hargate
The Victor. He's giving the money to charity.

The Wainfleet Mega Bowl Invitational Classic

Track prep


We need a bigger banner

GI - Hard from the start

GI - On his arse.

The adrenaline has worn off and my right foot is hurting like hell. I was one of the chosen few to ride at the Wainfleet Mega Bowl for the £10,000 prize money. The occasion went to my head. And like I always try, I went hard from the start. In practice I was on my arse three times, then hit a fence post on the start-finish straight with my foot. The Mega Bowl is a mean track that doesn't suffer fools gladly. I didn't stand a chance. I qualified sixth, or second to last, on Boastie's Chinese cracker. The heat races were a clever knock-out system that was almost gladitorial. Only the heat winner went through so Trappy and I rode 12-lappers back to back until we could breathe.
Professional speedway rider Andy Moore won the cheque and champagne, handed over by Gemma, the lady mayoress of Wainfleet All Saints, Lincolnshire. Peter Boast was second. Local favourtie Justin H came in third.

Eddie Mulder bag by Bill Amberg

Custom made kit bag inspired by Eddie Mulder's 60s kit bag, holds helmet, bike leathers and gym gear. Manufactured using bike jacket leather.
Choose your own initials. Made to order: 6 - 8 weeks delivery. 23x73x25cm
£645.00 (ouch)


A Helmet for every day of the week, including bank holidays, sabbaths, coronations, rainy days, track days etc etc'
(the bike just visible in the bottom of the picture is Ben's every day ride. A GT framed bone shaker with a Sturmley Archer 3 speed, slick Specialized racing tires, topsy-turvy drops, & a banana saddle of course.)

Saturday 30 August 2008

Jenny Thunders

Austin, you remember Austin, is in the Hip Priests. This is his other-half, Jenny Thunders of the Roller Derby crew the Lincolnshire Bombers.
Don't mess.
Get Sideburn stickers for your lid at


Work of art. Photographed by Vincent Prat of France.
To buy your own Trackmaster go to for used, or for brand new ones

Meet the team

This is Ben Part. He designs all and photographs a lot of Sideburn. He lives in Amsterdam, but is moving to France. Why? God knows. Perhaps to be closer the mountains. The rest of Sideburn lives in England. We communicate by telepathy. That's why it takes so bloody long to get the magazine finished.
Ben is wearing a Mexican wrestling mask, a Nick Ashley Trailmaster and a matching skirt his wife made him.
Sideburn, not your normal kind of motorcycle magazine.

He can't help himself

This is Jason's new C&J racebike. He nodded and smiled when we said 'Forget about painting and plating it, just do as much practice as you can.' A couple of days later he sent these shots and said he's getting the frame nickel plated...

Flying Dog

Is fueling Sideburn.
'Good people drink good beer' Hunter S Thompson.

Friday 29 August 2008

1973 World Speedway

This is Valeri Gordeev leading Edward Jancarz at Katowice in 1973. Love it.

Chain Gang

This is Chris Watson. He's Sideburn's artist in residence. He rides a cool old Guzzi. And he's racing his bicycle tomorrow. He broke his hip on it not long ago. We only use the hardest illustrators. Good luck Chris.
We're thinking of having some of these Merino wool cycling jerseys made with Sideburn on them. Anyone want to buy one? They won't be cheap, though.

Tokyo Style

Stretched Honda FTR223 with bizarro bars

Bare bones

Er... Yoshi, nice slash-cut pipe, but where are your lockstops?

Another FTR

TW200 with a Supertrapp end can like I want for my race bike

Great shots of Tokyo street bikes from graphic designer, bike builder and fixed wheel cycling enthusiast, Ben Wilson. Cheers Ben

Thursday 28 August 2008

Calling all starlets...

Harlots, Viper Room casualties, Whisky-a-Go-Goers, Rainbow bar and grillers, LA flotsam and jetsam. Sideburn is now available on Hollywood Blvd at Glory...

Church of Choppers

Bikes nicked from the blog of the same same.

Dick Mann

As previously mentioned Dick Mann, the legend, was in England for the Beezumph. Sideburn stalwart, Alastair McQ brought along his Beeza and got some shots of Bugsy standing next to it.

Wednesday 27 August 2008

Choke Motorcycles

The couch

The driver

The technician

The barista

Now stocks Sideburn.

Honest mechanics, quality espresso. Our kind of place.


Tuesday 26 August 2008

Mule XS650

How beautiful is this? Just unbeatable style, I reckon. Mule rule. G

Monday 25 August 2008

New sand racer

Carl Smith, Austin Rocket's brother, built this Honda SLR racer for the new Mablethorpe beach racing season, coming up very soon. Looks the business. 'Ridiculously light,' reckons Austin, who is just about over his last sand racing accident.

Sideburn will be checking out the Mablethorpe beach scene and out with the north Lincs mafia on their deserted, On Any Sunday end sequence style private beach this winter.

Church of Choppers

We like some of the chopper blogs dedicated to traditional chops and bobbers. One of the biggest and most popular, - is using a self portrait of Sideburn's Ben at the moment. That's his old XS chopper from years ago. He still has this bike and the worl'ds coolst Guzzi cafe racer and a CCM supermoto on its way to being a dirt tracker.

Sunday 24 August 2008

Buxton people

Austin (from the Hip Priests) and Russ came by. And obviously me and Dave Skooter Farm were there. GI

Homemade KTM racer

The Selby Brother's homemade liquid-cooled KTM. Bare metal tank, Mk2 exhaust, nice hubs, tasty black rims and Star Bars (from It looked ready to rock, but the exhuast snapped. It'll go well when they iron the bugs out. Do you iron bugs out? Anyway, you know what I mean.

Buxton bikes

Jason's C&J Rotax ready for it and his first outing. Col in the background sporting Sideburn T-shirt. Good man.

Kev Armstrong's C&J Rotax.

Steve Coles' 650 Honda Bros/Hawk. You wouldn't believe how well he goes on this.

Richard May on the thudding, ear-splitting CCM 710. Cool pipe.

Marco Belli's Factory CCM. Beautiful bit of kit in a Brit-made, American-inspired frame. He was beaten in the final by Speedway star Aidan Collins on a 450 Honda.