Saturday 31 August 2013

Friday 30 August 2013

New Wingboot T-shirt

Jasmine, one of the heroines of our SB#15 cover pool shoot
Our new design, £15, plus post.

It's printed in England on a Gildan Soft-style, what the company calls a Euro fit, so it's a smaller, slightly narrower fit than the normal Gildan Ultras.

Royal Blue with yellow
Black with white
Grey with light red

Sizes - S to XXL. Plus a lady slim fit Medium, perfect for youths of 10 and up.

Go to the Sideburn shop to get yours.

We also have the Wingboot rub-on sticker in black, white and red.

Mees wins at the Mega Mile

Reigning champion Jared Mees made hay while the sun shined at the Colonial Downs, 1.25-mile Mega Mile - the first time the GNC has visited the Virginia oval. Mees broke his leg earlier in the year, but the rain-offs played into his hands and he's right in the hunt, especially as... 
Mile specialist Bryan Smith had mechanical problems while leading the Main, pulled to the side of the track, then fought back to 12th. And...
Series leader Brad Baker broke down too... This was the first time, out of nine GNC starts this season, Baker finished outside the to 5. All these back to back races are obviously hard on the machinery.
Jake Johnson found his mojo with the Lloyd Brothers Ducati. He was 7th in the main on the 749cc framer.
 Johnson's teammate, Henry Wiles, came second in the Main and took a chunk of points out of Brad Baker's lead. He's looking good with four races to go.
Kenny Coolbeth, #2, is having a quiet year, by his very high standards. He came 5th, between up and comers #14 Briar Bauman and #95 JD Beach.
 Matt Wiedman on the Scott Kawasaki, 10th in the main, and, in those leathers, styling like it's 1995.
Johnny Lewis finally showed the potential of the Latus Triumph. Here is being pushed off by his team boss, Joe Kopp (in sunglasses) - who is interviewed in Sideburn 14. Lewis was top Triumph, coming 8th. Mikey Martin also made the main, coming in 16th in the 19-man main.

There were only 7 XR750s in the main. There were more 650 Kawasakis, a total of 8. Plus two Ducatis and two Triumphs.
The Harley still came out on top this time.
#44 Brandon Robinson in the hunt.
 Trying hard and looking like a Troy Lee cartoon,  Jake Constantine.
Smith, #42, won the six-rider Dash for Cash, from #10 Lewis. JD Beach, Nicole Cheza, Jake Johnson and Jared Mees also made the four-lapper for the top qualifiers.
Cody Johncox won the 10-lap Pro Singles race, beating Shayna Texter by EIGHT THOUSANDS of a second.
1. Mees, 2. Wiles, 3. Robinson
1. H-D, 2. Ducati, 3. Kawasaki

Next AMA GNC Flat Track is the Springfield double-header this weekend.
All photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing.

Thursday 29 August 2013

Hell on Wheels by Deus

Run what you brung flat track, organised by Hell on Wheels at Perris, earlier this month. G

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Sideburn 1 on eBay

Grandma's wedding ring, the watch dad carried up his poopchute for three years in Vietnam, the 'spare' kidney...
Once everything else has been sold, there's only one thing for it - put Sideburn 1 up for auction. 
A friend of ours is selling this magazine on UK eBay. We're promoting it here because lots of people ask us for them. Sideburn 1 for sale. G

The Bike Shed Event II

The good folks at The Bike Shed have lined up another show, October 5-6, this time with more bikes. The last one was great and this one is set to be better.
More info at The Bike Shed. G

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Fabian's Daily Rider

From Fabian, a surgeon in Salzburg.

Congratulations for issue 14! Thank you for that great magazine. 
I hope I can come to a launch party sometimes , if that is possible. 
I attached pictures of my son, sitting on my daily driver, with which I ride to work every early morning. Check out the helmet! In the background The Surgeon's Bike.
Best regards from Austria, Fabian ( Sorry for my englisch, I will work on it)

Purely Fortunate Chance

From Giuseppe in Italy.

I was in a pub in Helsinki, Finland when I found a copy of Sideburn 14, by a purely fortunate chance! It was very interesting to see the pictures of the story, "Inferno Fangoso" and I recognized immediately the track (Giavera del Montello, North East of Italy) and the time: it was April 1972. And I was there too! 
And the guy with the Maico 25cc N.5 was Alberto Angiolini, one of the best Italian motocross rider at that time. You can find attached two more pictures (black and white by my brother) of the event. 
Best regards, Giuseppe Gasparini

Monday 26 August 2013

Bristol Bike Show Snaps

Trikes and field-drag mono-bikes are pretty popular in Bristol.
There seem to be a lot of first generation Mods on immaculate Lambrettas.
And a few younger riders on chopped ones.
This XS650 has two 19" front wheels so it can run Maxxis DTR-1. Smart.
Rob organized a good expo inside the old Guild Hall with it's 17 courtrooms and now EU out-lawed jail cells in the basement. Here is the VonZeti family who make very tidy cafe racer tanks and seats.
And a great company car. I Love it when someone dares to use an old banger for all-weathers daily business.
Adi Gilbert and can also buy Sideburn commisioned prints from his webshop
Martin Squires on deft hand.
Lovely screenprints by Ben Mesh Cheshire.
As well as Sideburn merch I dug out some original Mean Fuckers photographs. Printed on defunct Hungarian made Forte Polywarmtone fibre paper. It's a strange thought how many hours I used to spend, back in the early '90s, underground like a mole, inhaling chemicals in the darkroom, dodging and burning to achieve the perfect print and now its just RSI-inducing computer work. BP

Sunday 25 August 2013

Grease, hair and the craic

With the Classic TT running this weekend, it reminded me of this precious piece of documentary-making by David Wallace, who followed Joey Dunlop, Frank Kennedy and Mervyn Robinson through the 1977 season of real road racing at such as the North West 200, Cookstown and Carrowdore. It's all Transit vans and country music, flat-out test runs on quiet Irish back lanes, filthy fingernails and scraping together the pennies to go racing. Beautifully filmed and a snapshot of another world. MP

Saturday 24 August 2013

Wiles Peoria Video

I've seen countless Peoria photos, but never been to the track. This video finally shows me what it's like.
Thanks to Roger for the link. G

Friday 23 August 2013

Fernweh, Antwerp

We're proud to say we have a new stockists in Belgium!
If you want to stock Sideburn, get in touch. Click the Sideburn stockists link below to see the good company you'll be with.

This is from one of Fernweh's founders, Dennis.

After 'serving' time in the Far East mass producing garments for 6 years, I decided to come back to base and set up a shop with Pieter, a longtime friend, the way we would like to find a shop when strolling thru an unknown city. Pieter's experience with selling high-end brands online, combined with my motorcycle (racing) background, brought forth Fernweh: the ache for distant places; the craving to travel.

At Fernweh we bring together a carefully selected collection of garments dedicated to those who like to venture out to roads less traveled or those who just want to look like they do. We stock brands such as: Atelier Ruby,  Lewis Leathers,  Belstaff,  Nigel Cabourn,  Filson,  Levi's Vintage,  Levi's Made and Crafted,  Armourlux,  Mr Freedom,  1st-Pattern,  Norwegian Rain,  Elka,  Iron and Resin,  Geier Gloves,  Men's File and of course Sideburn Magazine

Thursday 22 August 2013

Wingboot, Buzz or Howl

New products in the Sideburn webshop.
First is a gorgeous new rub-on sticker- the Wingboot. Each letter is individually cut out, like our logo/subs stickers. £3.50 plus post.
Black, white or red.
250mm (10in) long. BIG!
Perfect for vehicles, helmets, toolboxes...
We bought a few of these Buzz or Howl 7in singles to sell on because...
A) Our entertainments officer David 'Skooter Farm' Arnold plays bass in this 3-piece.
B) One of our favourite artists, Maxwell Paternoster (Prez of the Corpses From Hell) drew the artwork.

We have a handful of these at £5 plus post.
The style is a lot like Freak Scene-era Dinosaur Jr and Mega City Four, late-80s indie punk. Anyway, there were 500 made and the record company has sold out of them already.
Vinyl fans should also check out the one of only release on Sideburn Records, by The Stags. G

Indy Mile Round-Up

Bryan Smith (42) and Shayna Texter (25A) backed up their Sacramento Mile class wins by triumphing at last weekend's Indy Mile.

Brad Baker continued his fantastic run of results with a third, though Smith chewed into his points lead. It now stands at Baker 155, Smith 122.
Mikey Martin qualified for the main on the Bonneville Performance Triumph (featured in Sideburn 11).
Of the 19 bikes that made the main (one rider must have used their Provisional) only 10 were Harley XR750s. Six were Kawasaki 650s. Two were Triumphs and one was Jake Johnson's Ducati.
Kawasaki were first and second.
After a great result at Peoria, Shaun Russell, #28, failed to make the main.
 Pro Singles racer Zakk Palmer styling.
JD Beach, fifth in the Main on a Kawasaki.
Nichole Cheza, 14th in the main.
Henry Wiles came in 7th on the Lloyd Brothers XR750. His new team-mate, Jake Johnson was 11th on the team's Ducati. Stevie Bonsey came in 8th for the Zanotti Harley team that Jake Johnson had recently walked away from.
 Baker and Mees.
1. Smith. 2. Brandon Robinson. 3. Baker.

Next race is the 1.25-mile race at Colonial Downs, Virginia, this weekend.

All photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing.