Monday 1 November 2021

The contents of SB47 spans 78 years of dirt track metal. From 1943 we have a wilfully period incorrect H-D WLA flathead, now raced in the Midwest, but once A. Lived in Russia, B, Belonged to Jon Bon Jovi.

In the modern corner we have an exclusive first test on the Royal Enfield FT Twin, a bunch of AFT twins and singles, with their riders, and a big feature on Trevor Brunner's gorgeous Turner Racing CRF450. In the middle is a rare Wood Honda monoshock framer and our own Yamaha MX250 vintage two-stroke. We have road bikes too, and they couldn't be more different - Icon have served up a 124cu in, S&S-powered Original Sin, and our art ed has a Mutt 125 on test.

But it's not all bikes - we have portfolio of our favourite artist, DSC - Death Spray Custom, and report from events dating back from 1967 to late-2021, with photos you've never seen before.


COVER: Royal Enfield Twin FT

BIKES: Royal Enfield Twin FT; Wood Honda CRF450 framer; 1943 Harley-Davidson WLA racer; Turner Racing AFT Honda CRF450; 1974 Yamaha MX250 short tracker; Mutt Razorback 125; Honda FTR223; Icon Homemade Sin*;

PEOPLE: Jared Mees, James Monaco, Michael Hill, Bryan Smith, Clayton Williams, Dan Bromley, Nick Armstrong; Ezra Brusky; Davis Fisher; Jesse Janisch; Morgen Mischler; Robert Pearson; Trevor Brunner; Dallas Daniels; Steve Lucero; Geoff Co-Built

INTERVIEW: James Monaco

PORTFOLIO: The art of DSC (Death Spray Custom)

EVENT: The Sacramento Mile; The Malle Mile; Lodi Cycle Bowl 'Night Before The Mile' short track; 1968 Arena Park Scrambler, Missouri

PAGES: 116



Sunday 11 April 2021

Sideburn 44: Out Now

We're not sure if there are still any lurkers out there for this old Sideburn blog, but if there are, we have a new issue out. It's March 2021 and we're now up to issue 44. 

We created a photography special, including memorable images from 50 photographers around the world, and our subscribers are loving it. 

Visit the Sideburn Shop to order. 

And if you still love reading blogs, head to Sideburn's new one, that is still updated nearly every day. It's over at