Monday 31 October 2011

Fat Tyre 2

From Richard in London, following on from the earlier post. It has a fat tyre front wheel conversion.

Here's my own set of fat tyres and yes, it aint much faster than a mtb.
Cheers, Rich

Rollerball Action Figure

Great handmade one-off found by Dave Skooter Farm at Man is at the window blog.

On a kind of related subject, to quash any confusion, Rollerburn tickets are in the form of wristbands, not normal tickets. If you've ordered and haven't received yours yet, email us. Thanks. G

Fat Tyre

From Ed at Great Rock (a brilliant looking MTB site)

Hey there
Thought you might like these photos of the On-One prototype Fat Bike, with Sideburn sticker in shot (Zombie McQueen on the helmet)!
Cheers Ed

Sunday 30 October 2011

Art From The Asphalt, Pomona

This looks like it could be good. G

Painting and Decorating

I love this. If I had any spare wall space in the garage I'd rip off the idea. Spotted at spamventdocument G

Saturday 29 October 2011

Mablethorpe tomorrow

Family day-out to see Carl from CFM race his TDR. G

Garry Stuart Harley Pics

Springer on the Sportster Cup bike. We have a Who, When, Why interview with him in Sideburn 9.
Back in my first full-time job in magazines, at Streetfighters back in 95, 96 -ish, I worked with Garry Stuart a few times. Back then he was travelling to America all the time, when I still thought London was a different planet. He got in touch this week to say he's putting some of his work, old and new, online. These are some of my faves he's posted at Harley Pics G

Matt Machine Movie

Sorry Mat, meant to post this more than a week ago already, but just been too busy bustin' balls finishing off Sideburn #9. A fan of the Oz machine since his Norton Atlas first came to light in the showroom of (pre-phenomenon) Deus Ex Machina. All too often builders seem to favour (read 'get stuck with') one marque, but Mat casts his wizardary over many shapes and sizes. Getting a bit bored of Guzz caff racers, but he's given his a healthy nipple tweak.
Sideburn Loves feel good movies and this one by Mat Harrington has Readybrek glow. Respect. BP

Friday 28 October 2011

Mule Storz up for auction

From Mule

Here's a bike I'm selling at the Peterson Museum auction in Los Angeles on November 12th. It's got 501 miles on the clock and every Storz option they make. It was one of the bikes that just moved around from show to show displaying all of the Storz products. I especially like the USD Black Cierianis!
Also, I just got a new batch of T-shirts made up and they're for sale on my website. The guy in the picture is not me though.
It's my friend Ralph and he's the guy that does all my polishing and anodizing for my bike projects. He was in the right place at the right time.

Wild Willow

Imagine turning up with your bike to a local race and finding this lot have entered... Mees, Halbert, Lewis, Gough, Baker, Avila, Bauman, Kolkman...
That's what happened at the recent Eddie Mulder West Coast Dirt Track race at Willow Springs. Of course, it was more than that. Mulder bills it as the 'Outlaw National' - the outlaw referring to the fact it isn't an official AMA race. Whatever, the fans got a hell of a treat. See more at
Thanks to Roger F for the tip. G
Sammy Halbert and Mikey Rush

Thursday 27 October 2011

GI on Killer Diller again

I travelled up to Wigan on Tuesday for another guest slot on Sir Johnny Alpha's Killer Diller radio show. I went with my good friend Paul Bryant (who shot Project FT for Sideburn 6's cover) and he took some great photos.

We played a mixture of garage punk, surf, rock and roll, R&B, footstomping instrumentals and mariachi from: Shu Swanson & The Savoyards, The Ramrocks, The Untouchables, Bobby Williams & his Nightligfters, The Ideals, The Tornados, The Charles Blackwell Orchestra, The Eyes, The Chocolate Watchband, The Revellions, The Chesterfield Kings, Black Belles, The Trashwomen, Jonna Gault, Reverend Horton Heat, The Cramps, The Monomen, Jimmy Seldar, Ike Turner, The Robins, Dusty Wilson, Thee Cormans, The Vicious Cycles, The Stags, Les Terribles, Esquirita, Elvis Presley, Maddox Brothers & Rose, Nick Jaguar, Calexico, Ennio Morricone

We also gave the first airing to a 7in single The Stags have recorded especially for Rollerburn that will be released on Sideburn Records. It'll be on sale on the day and online soon.

Johnny Alpha is DJing at both the pre-party and Rollerburn. Click the flyers at the side for details.

Johnny Alpha's Myspace
Download the show here.
Click the Killer Diller label below for more shows if you like this one. G

RSD Desmo Tracker Finished

Cycle World's Mark Cernicky, a hell of flat track racer and a demon road test rider, sent us an email pointing us to this: the finished Roland Sands Designs Desmo Tracker. If you don't know, one of Roland's customers commissioned him to take the MotoGP rep (that was £38,000 in the UK) and make a street tracker out of it. I don't think it's anywhere near RSD's prettiest bike, but it's audacious, totally iconaclastic, brilliant and punk rock. People got their knickers in a twist about cutting up the bike, but there are plenty of standard Desmos in the world. What's their problem? G
See more at Cycle and read about it in the mag.

NOTE: Roland Sands has appeared in Sideburn twice: in SB5 with the Smoking Seagulls and in SB7 when he came to England to race a Harley XR1200

Wednesday 26 October 2011

KTM Street Tracker Concept

Fantastic design from Ian in Italy...

I was going through some work I've done over the years and found this old sketch, thought you guys might dig it. It was a quick concept for a flat track racer based on the then-new KTM 690SMC chassis with the induction up top and fuel tank doubling as a subframe. I did end up working for Kiska (the design firm that handles KTM) for a while after this, but the sketch pre-dated my employment and doesn't reflect any intentions of the company, just my own fantasy. Hope you enjoy it.
Love the blog and the mag, keep up the good work!
Best, Ian

Dr. Castle's Freak Emporium

The Stags annual Halloween extravaganza is this Friday in Wigan. It's always something special.
The Stags will be bringing their own brand of craperet to Rollerburn too. No two shows are ever the same though. G

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Monday 24 October 2011

Rollerburn: The full 49-sec preview

Watch it full screen, sound up.
Event info here
Tickets here.

A Date With Elvis

Listening to my 25-year-old copy of the Cramps LP right now. Forgot how good it was. G

Protect your identity

From Richard in London

Sideburn scarf, Ruby, sylish yet impractical Carhartt jacket which will explain why I have a cold!

Sunday 23 October 2011

New Zeata DT

Paolo from Zaeta DT has sent us exclusive news on the new Zaeta he is hoping will be finished for the huge EICMA show in Milan and then the not quite as huge, but wholly more interesting Rollerburn show in Newark. Looks amazing eh? G

Marco Simoncelli

We're a good news site, but I couldn't ignore the death of Marco Simoncelli. He was a star.
Normal Sideburn blog service will be resumed soon. G

Saturday 22 October 2011

Conrad and the Long Day pt. 2

So, the long day continued. From Reading I drove into London at rush-hour. I had to drive because I'd picked up the Enfield project from Co-Built and the bodywork that had been painted. I was quite keen to see Conrad Leach's new work, Paradise Lost at the Gauntlett Gallery. There are always loads of people I really like catching up with, like Dai Jobu, Nick Ashley, Jake Rocker, the Vintagent and....Conrad Leach - a lovely chap. I've seen loads of his work, but it's always been in print or on the internet. To see the actual paintings and inspect them made a big impression on me. I'd really like to buy one. To think, the first time I met him he was bump-starting my Wood at Peterborough (nope, that's not prison slang).Her Majesty and Men's File's Nick Clements.
Cres, Sarah, Steve, Gary P from MCN, Helen and the fella who gave me my first writing assignment, a long time ago, Steve Berry.
Nicolai the painter came over with his mate Chris to pick up the bodywork I'd just collected from Revolution. They wrapped it in a blanket and stuff it in the sidecar for the journey to Nicolai's East London grotto. Check Nicolai's amazing work at Ornamental Conifer. Big thanks to David Death Spray from the intro way back when.
The Cro Customs/Conrad Leach/Gauntlett Studios BS1.
Phil D and Davida's Fid the Lid.
Jerome from Ruby Helmets made it over from Paris.
The show is on at Gauntlett Gallery, London till November 12. It's well worth the visit. GI

Friday 21 October 2011

Conrad and the Long Day pt. 1

Last week I drove all over the place sorting out stuff for Project RE. This is Steve. He covered the seat for Sideburn's Project FT and he's covering one for our Royal Enfield. Highly recommended for everything from Harleys to Louis the XIV dining chairs. Give him a call on 07958 990962 if you need yours trimming. He's also bring his gorgeous Katana to Rollerburn.
Vegans look away. These are stingray skins. The Royal Enfield's getting the blue one.
There are loads interesting things hanging around in Steve's garage.
Someone's nicked your staplers.
Next stop: Geoff! Project RE! Co-Built pipe! It's a beautiful job. Geoff welds Inconel exhausts for F1 cars. They're amazing. If there was a world championship for welding, he'd be my bet.
From Geoff I was heading to the painter, but I called in on Kev from Spirit of the Seventies for a cuppa. He'd just picked up bodywork from Revolution, who painted the base coat of Project Royal Enfield. They're busy with a new Bonneville project.
Kev designs Spirit's projects. The finished bikes are amazingly similar to the designs he proposes months before.
Part 2 coming soon.