Saturday 30 April 2016

Barstow Goggles; OSFA Edition

Regular Sideburn contributor, photographer Dimitri Coste has a long relationship with 100% goggles, shooting ad campaigns for them and others in the motocross industry. Now 100% have created a collaboration goggle that promotes Dimitri's OSFA project.

OSFA stands for One Size Fits All and is based around his 1967 Triumph TR6C. The idea is to race as many different disciplines with one bike, only changing wheels, tyres and handlebars. He's race the Catalina GP, Pikes Peak, short track, mile and motocross (maybe more that I've forgotten).

Find out more about the goggles and how to find them at The Barstow OSFA.

You can read about the first time Sideburn met Dimitri and his Triumph in Sideburn 5 (which we have a very small amount of very slight seconds on sale) and his about Pikes Peak race in Sideburn 10 or a portfolio of his work in Sideburn 20. And click the label with his name below to see lots of posts about this enthusiastic racer, photographer, father, do-er. Vive le Coste. G

Friday 29 April 2016

WIN: The Dirt Quake Mutt

As part of their sponsorship of Dirt Quake V, Birmingham-based Mutt Motorcycles are giving away a special version of their Mutt Desert Racer 125 to one lucky punter. All you have to do is buy a £15 adult entry ticket in advance to Dirt Quake to be entered into the draw.

Buy Dirt Quake V tickets

This custom Mutt has a one-off two-tone metalflake paintjob; classic spoked 18" wheels shod with 4.00 x 18 Firestone ANS tyres; special US spec handlebars; comfy classic barrel grips; chrome megaphone silencer to top off the standard stainless steel downpipe; Bates TT-style seat.

Check out the new dedicated Dirt Quake website too, why don't you?
Dirt Quake V Win a Mutt Terms and conditions 
  • Draw takes place at Dirt Quake V, Adrian Flux Arena, Norfolk on Saturday 16 July at approx. 5.30pm.
  • Motorcycle to be collected from Mutt Motorcycles HQ in Birmingham at winner’s expense.
  • No cash alternative.
  • Winner does not need to attend the event as long as they buy a ticket. They will be notified later. Motorcycle must be collected within 90 days of 16 July 2016 or prize will be forfeited.
  • By buying a ticket in advance you are agreeing to these terms.

Thursday 28 April 2016

Dirt Quake USA 2016

It’s back! Two days and nights of motorcycle racing, fun, live, music and camping presented by Sideburn, See See Motorcycles and Harley-Davidson.

WHEN: Friday 17 June – Saturday 18 June
WHERE: Castle Rock Raceway, WA
HOW TO ENTER: Send a photo of your bike and which class you want to enter to with the subject Dirt Quake USA Entry. Once your bike is approved you’ll be sent a link to pay.
Entry fee is $75 (includes gate entry and camping).
First come, first served.
No entries on the day.

Dirt Quake is for the kind of bikes that don’t usually get a chance to race anywhere else. Dirt Quake race day is Saturday. One rider per bike. One class per rider. We will be having a good, tight program of dirt track racing for real race bikes, and all abilities of rider, on Friday night.

CHOPPER: For choppers! Not factory customs or baggers, just choppers.
STREET TRACKER/STREET SCRAMBLER: Road legal street trackers and scramblers NOT race bikes or modern enduros.
INAPPROPRIATE ROAD BIKE: Harley Fat Boys, Trail 90s, Ducati Panigales, virtually any road bike. If it shouldn’t be on a dirt track, it’s in.
LADY: Women racers on any of the above bikes (not real race bikes please). Women can enter any other class if they prefer.
TRIPOD: Three-wheelers (and snowmobiles, of course)
MINIBIKE: Pull-start Taco-style and 3-speed autos only.
HOOLIGAN: 750-plus cc multi-cylinder beasts.
KITCHE SINK: Race bikes that don't fit in the other classes.

Spectators, pay on the gate. $20 for two days including camping.

Poster artwork by Toria Jaymes/ Stay Outside Studio

Highlights from last year...

DIRT QUAKE USA Round 2!! from See See Motor Coffee Co. on Vimeo.

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Honda RS750D

The Honda RS750D is one incredible machine. It won five AMA championships in 1984-85-86-87 and 1993. And one is still being raced in the AMA GNC by the father and son M3R team.

Sideburn 24 has a nine-page homage to the HRC-developed V-twin, with exclusive drawings of the M3R team bike by Mick Ofield, a feature by Dave Despain and also a profile and action photos on the M3R team and their 30-year-old race bike that is still competing at the highest level.

Buy Sideburn 24. G

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Revival Cycles, Austin, Texas

Revival Cycles 'bricks and mortar' shop in Austin looks incredible. And now they stock Sideburn.
If your shop would like to sell Sideburn magazines and/or merch, get in touch. G

Monday 25 April 2016

Stay Outside Studio x Sideburn

Sideburn has worked with some great artists during its history and our latest collaborator is Toria Jaymes of Stay Outside Studio. The Yorkshire-born, London-based artist designed Sideburn 24's cover and the related the Clear Your Head T-shirt and Clear Your Head art prints and also a free sticker that is going out with current orders.

Then she had the great idea of creating a stunning, handpainted 12ft x 8ft version of the cover in time for the recent Sideburn 24/DTRA launch at the Bike Shed London. These are the process photos by Ava D'Antimo.

You can read an interview with Toria in Sideburn 24. She's a complete pro. Everyone needs a bit of Stay Outside in their lives. Thanks Toria! G

Sunday 24 April 2016

The Sid Presley Experience

More garage punk/power R&B, this time from London (I think, but that might be a bit general). I saw these at the Birmingham Powerhouse in 1984, the year this track came out as a B-side to Hup Two Three Four, and it's still one of the best gigs I've been to. The band broke up the following year and vocalist Peter Coyne and bassist brother Chris went on to form The Godfathers, who could also bang out a good tune or two. MP

Saturday 23 April 2016

Sideburn 24 and DTRA Launch at The Bike Shed

Apologies for taking so long to post this, a full two weeks after the event, but it's here now.
The day before the Rye House DTRA season opener we were invited to have an afternoon event, the Sideburn 24 and DTRA 2016 season launch, at the Bike Shed's HQ in London.
A bunch of out of towners made a special journey to check out the recently opened bike-centric lifestyle hub for the first time. A steady stream a cool and quirky bikes arrived too. One of the Bike Shed staff said it was the busiest day they'd had.
Thanks to everyone who made it down, especially Team Co-Built for bringing their gorgeous race bikes.
And massive thanks to Toria Jaymes for the super-sized cover painting. More on that soon. G

Photos: Ian Roxburgh. Thanks Rox!

Friday 22 April 2016

Dwayne Pro Racing Patch

Dwayne has been our dingbat mascot since day one. Drawn by Kar Lee, Dwayne sums up the feckless, have a go attitude that Sideburn has promoted right back to issue 1 in 2008. We're not focused on the champions, next big things or the handsome and beautiful (though all those crop up from time to time). Sideburn is about giving it a go, whether you're any good or not.

Dwayne is a beaten and battered also-ran, grinning until the adrenalin wears off, normally at the point he's driving his used, high-mileage van on the long road home on Sunday night.

Mark Wilson (@71speedster) cleverly combined our lovable loser with the logo of elite flat track racing to create the Dwayne Pro Racing patch. They are 6.5cm (2.5in) in diameter and we'll sell you one for £4 plus post even if you've won a race.

Buy Dwayne and have a look at the other offerings in the Sideburn patches, badges and stickers department. G

The Rebcor Helmet Riders

From Roger F...

A facebook grab, The Rebcor helmet riders are Steve Freeman, Gary Scott, Ted Boody and Hank Scott.

Gary Scott held the number one plate for one season, so this must have been shot in early 1976.

Ted Boody has a letter after his number showing this is his rookie season, and he has yet to start a season having made an expert main. Boody is a name that pops up often, but I didn't know a lot about him, so I did some reading up at the AMA Hall of Fame site.

In 1976, Boody made a successful rookie debut on the national circuit. He scored his first AMA national points in May of 1976 at the Oklahoma City Half-Mile, where he finished second. He earned his first AMA national win in June of that year at the indoor Short Track held in the Pontiac (Michigan) Silverdome. At the time, he was the youngest rider, at 17, to win an AMA national. 

He won a national in his rookie season and still wasn't rookie of the year, that went to Steve Eklund (who was profiled in issue 13).

I was thinking, why haven't we interviewed Ted Boody? Then read this...

Ascot Park was the site of both Boody’s final AMA national victory, and his tragic death three years later. On May 7, 1988, Boody crashed in a freak accident on the final lap of the national. He died from the injuries. 

A sad end to the research. If anyone can put us in touch with Gary or Hank Scott I'd be grateful. G

Thursday 21 April 2016


Latest issue of the online magazine from the UK's Dirt Track Riders Association.
Have a flick and read interviews with top UK racers, tips, race reports and great photos...

It expands if you click it. G

Wednesday 20 April 2016


I was finishing a story late the other night for the next Sideburn (it's never-ending...) and the name Jezebel came up. Great song, I thought, and immediately stopped working and went onto YouTube (I now have the concentration of a butterfly).

The superb rendition above came up, the original of this much covered tune. During the 1950s performance Frankie Laine really emotes and the dancers have curves for days.

I first heard this song played by The Mummies, one of my all-time favourite bands. I've travelled 1000s of miles to see them, in the UK and Europe, and even interviewed them for the long-gone Bizarre magazine. I know people will watch ten seconds of this video and decide they wouldn't walk to the bottom of their garden to watch The Mummies, but musical taste is funny like that.

They were the most memorable live band I've ever seen (If you were wondering, off the top of my head: 1. The Mummies 2. King Khan and The Shrines 3. Rocket From the Crypt 4. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 5. Man or Astroman? 6. The Headcoats  7. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion 8. Pussy Galore 9. NOFX 10. The Pogues).

Anyway, hopefully you'll enjoy one or both these clips, or maybe neither. Either way, another post will be along soon and is likely to be about motorcycles or the people who ride them. G


Tuesday 19 April 2016

Suzuki DTX on UK eBay

I don't know anything about this bike, but it's got the right wheels to go racing and it's £1500 (with a 'make an offer' option). I don't think it would make a very good road bike (that the current owner seems planned for it), but that's just me.

Go to eBay

Thanks to Kev H for the link. G

Monday 18 April 2016

DTRA Ladies Dirt Camp

After the success of their 2015 Ladies day, the DTRA has organised another with changes, and this time it's at the new Greenfield track, in Lincolnshire, with camping as an option. Only a handful of places are left.

There are tons of details at, but here are the basics...

Options and costs:

2 day Dirt camp (20 places available)
Come and enjoy of weekend of riding and hanging out at Greenfield. What's included.
2 days of tuition and fun riding on bikes provided
Loan of steel shoes
A participants number board
Memory stick of photos
Cost £160

Sunday training 
A single day of basic training and fun (10 places available)
Tuition and fun riding on bikes provided
Loan of steel shoes
A participants number board
Memory stick of photos
Cost £80

What you need to bring along
Some riding gear if you have it.
We will have some spare if you don't.
Your own helmet and gloves
Some boots that cover your ankles preferable motorcycle boots
Your tent and all the stuff you need to camp.
Toilets on site but no showers!
Feel free to bring friends and family if you wish. We will have a gazebo and a seating area. Well behaved dogs are welcome on a lead.

Poster at by Toria Jaymes of Stay Outside Studio (who also did the Sideburn 24 cover)

Sunday 17 April 2016

John Harrison 104R: UPDATE

I mistakenly called John 'Andrew' in a blog post last week, after meeting him at Rye House, and got this email...

Amazed to be included in today's blog (and Sunday's instagram) but really ...Andrew?!? 

I'm gratified that you and others realised I'm trying to keep the whole look as early '70s as possible. It's pathetic really, but I'm simply acting out my 'On Any Sunday' fantasies at last, 44 years after being mesmerized in The Regal, Eastleigh. Now if I can just find some old race boots that lace right up the shin. 

Due to pre-race nerves and chronic inarticulacy I fear I didn't express myself adequately when I blurted out that The World of Sideburn is a huge part of my life. What I should have expressed perhaps, is how checking your blog and instagram are part of my daily routine, and just how much I enjoy gems like the rubber boned sisters and Sam n' Dave's early 70's sartorial wonder etc as well as all the mo'sickle related stuff and things like your wonderfully understated Mablethorpe film

 I just wish I'd had the balls to join in years ago, when I first discovered Sideburn, and found that I wasn't the only Limey who got flat track. 

I was speaking in truth when I said that I wouldn't have been at Rye House and racing if it wasn't for Sideburn, but I expect you hear that a lot. I thank you deeply and sincerely for making it possible for an old fart like me feel enabled to have a go. Just don't call me Andrew please. I don't have anything against the name, I like several Andrews /Andys, but it's just not me. 

 To show there's no hard feelings, and because I'm unlikely to ever to be able to afford to use it to get to a DTRA meeting here's a pic of my other old kit, which I think you'll get. 
Cheers, John Harrison #104r
UPDATE: John sent a follow-up email of him racing his 1958 Dodge Coronet at a local hillclimb. It's impressive.

Read more about John's car at

Ask Guy

Sideburn 24 saw the introduction of a new regular, the Ask Guy page. The idea is simple, readers send in questions and we ask them to Guy Martin.
They can be about anything. We need some for the next issue, so please either leave them in a comment WITH YOUR NAME or email them to the regular address, which is dirt @
We need a snap of your to put next to your question too.

Artwork by Adi Gilbert.

Saturday 16 April 2016

Dirt Quake V Camping

Bookings are now being taken for Dirt Quake V camping. The camping is not run by Sideburn or Dirt Quake organisers, but by a third party for us. 

Any questions or bookings should be directed to

Price -  £10 per person per night
Opens - noon Friday 15th July
Closes - 3pm Sunday 17th July
24 hour security
Toilets and water on site

Cmaping booking by email:

Dirt Quake tickets are now on sale too. Go to Dirt Quake V tickets, and you have the chance of winning a Mutt Motorcycle street tracker with every £15 adult Saturday ticket.

Friday 15 April 2016

Record Store Day

I love records, not quite as much as I used to, but a lot. There aren't many record shops left, so there is an annual celebration. Our favourite record shop is Static Records in Wigan, that featured in the recent Force of the Moto-Ninja.

This surreal video sums up the place. Go out an buy a record, tape or CD tomorrow. I'm going to. G

Thursday 14 April 2016

Harley-Davidson: Battle of the Kings 2016

Harley-Davidson UK and Ireland are running a custom competition for their dealers, with the grandiose title, Battle of the Kings. 30 shops all had to modify a 2016 Sportster Iron 883. Some are better than others...

These are four that stood out to me. Above is the Maidstone H-D entry, below is Warr's, Shaw and Dublin H-D.

Harley want the public to choose the short list of finalists. They say "All votes cast online between now and 18 April will determine a top five shortlist, which will go to the Bike Shed London show on 27-29 May for an independent judging panel to decide the overall national winner."

Follow this link  to see more and vote: H-D Battle of the Kings 2016
Be quick there's only three days left to vote.

I wonder if any of the dealers fancy entering the Harley-sponsored DTRA Hooligan class... G

Warr's H-D
Shaw H-D