Wednesday, 13 August 2008

More TR1 stuff

It has got a neat exhaust.

Hi Gary and Ben
You're right a standard TR1 is a bit of a lump but the engine has serious potential.
I have enclosed a pic of the yellow bikes exhaust side (Built by Sepp Koch in Germany) and two pics of flattrackers from the states.
The scan from Motorcyclist Magazine (July 81) is what started me saying I want one of them,am now just about in a position to make that happen,as soon as the 1987 ISDT MZ frame is off my jig I will start bending some tubes.
I'm sure there will be pictures.

Keep up the good work with the magazine (where's issue 2?0
Roy Griffiths, UK

ADDITION- This very old post has had a lot of attention today. Some anonymous fella has got on his high horse called us idiots for publishing an email that says it's a TR1. We knew there were 1000cc and 750s, but we didn't know if this was a TR1. If you look at this earlier post you can see we're not marque experts and admit. Satisfied, anonymous?


Anonymous said...

Was no such thing as a XV750 TR1, those are Virago's

The article even says so.

Just being chain drive don't make it a TR1.

Anonymous said...

You must be one of them idiots from the ViragoTech forum.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Yeah, we hang out at the Virago forum ALL the time. G

Anonymous said...

Hey, if I join your forum can I be a supreme being, too?

Sideburn Magazine said...

Look Mr Anonymous, it was an email sent in by someone. So, we're not experts on XV750s. We admit it. That's for putting us right, but if you think we're idiots go to one of the other billion sites in the world. G

Anonymous said...
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