Thursday, 22 January 2009

Man or Madman?

GI forgot to mention, that in order to get to the Verona show, he rode a 1,940 mile round trip via the Swiss Alps on a shiny (started as) new 1100 Ducati Monster, he was road testing for another magazine. Even the waterfalls were frozen it was that parky.
My balls are not made of stainless-steel, and I'm not so manly / insane and travelled by centrally heated steel box. All his bits survived frostbite, and he has dinner party repartee about killing mountain bears, and spitting in the face of over friendly border control Polizia. (OK I made the last bit up. This story doesn't need embellishment. But GI must have Uranium running through his veins). We salute you. BP

NB. Rather than strap on a messy Victorian piss drainpipe, GI decided to opt for the simpler - if less healthy, abstinence of drinking any liquids for the two consecutive days of riding (2 there, 2 back). And what did finally trickle out, looked like Maple syrup. No he didn't put it on his porridge.


Unknown said...

wow! Way to go, Gary.

well, we will see next week... me and a bunch of otheer madmen will be going to the elefantentreffen

And I'll bring there a little bit of sideburn (I have a sticker on the Bonnie ;) )
I'll be sure to take a photo of that ;)

Stay tuned:

Sideburn Magazine said...

SB contributor Chippy Wood, will be at the Elefantentreffen, please introduce yourself to him.

Unknown said...

with pleasure! how do I find him?

Sideburn Magazine said...

Hey Sl4sh,
I saw Chippy last night. He is going on a liquid cooled Honda XR650. he is traveling with other old, confused Englishmen. At east one is on an old single Tenere.
This is what Chippy looks like on a bad day

The Vintage Advantage said...

OHMYFUCKINGGOD! You are my hero....that bike is pretty sweet,too!
What an awesome trip!

Jacqui Van Ham

Sideburn Magazine said...

7 page feature in next issue of Bike magazine (UK)