Sunday, 24 January 2010

Flynn's mini-framer

Clever dad, lucky son.
The Skooter Farm bikes get a lot of attention, but Scotty stuck in my mind, before I met him, because he spent so long scrutinising mine and Dave's frames. He didn't say much, but he took a lot in, then went and built his own bike from scratch. It looks great and works well. Scotty started racing, and so did his mate Lez on a stock XS650, and Scotty's son, Flynn on a little KTM. Now Dad's building a framer for lad. Super cool. We think the engine is a Honda RS125.
Thanks for the photos Lez.


Nick said...

Cool bike, nice job, funny how many dogs you see around workshops!

#39 said...

I wish I could weld like that. Looks like an XR200/AT200 engine to me.

Griff said...

Awesome piece of work,a very lucky lad.


Nice bit o fab , that frame !
He'll be the coolest kid on the block ( that's the shorttrack block !)

Anthony Brown said...

Great Work. Cant waot to see it

Anonymous said...

ill testify that the dads bike rocks, looks like the young un's will too!!.
wish i had the skills!!!!.