Monday, 31 May 2010

Euro Trash

No embarrassing 'action' photos have yet surfaced in the media, but here are a few statics of the CCM complete. A heinous creature at this stage before it goes for a full sex change when time and funds permit, but it does go and it is fun. As GI has pointed out, the arse in the sky back-end is probably more just a matter of modifying the rear sub-frame rather than the need for any radical suspension changes.
No modifications to the machine will make it faster, only my ball size is holding me back. Thanks to all those who held my hand at Ammanford. BP
NB above photo is a deceptive as there is a tie-down inbetween axle and handlebar, squashing the front end to get it in the car


GrowUp said...

Sweet Berlingo action. I used to put the Husaberg in a Peugeot 205.
I might need to come join you.

Anonymous said...

i know the lid looks cool m8, but im sure a thimble sized stone, thrown from a back wheel will crack it open like a soft boiled egg!!!.

Sideburn Magazine said...

cheers Stevie.
The lid isn't actually an old Bell Star, it's a brand new fakey from Bandit in Berlin with a retro sticker from Jason, so I hope there will be no egg soldiers caused by your catapult.

Anonymous said...

hey groovy, 4 a min i thought you were being reckless with your health.
cant have that is day an age!!.

Daniel said...

Man, the wheels turned out real nice!