Wednesday 29 December 2010

Lloyd Brother's Ducati

Lloyd Brothers Motorsports 2010 Video from David Lloyd on Vimeo.

Second Ducati video of the day. Thanks to Roger Falesco for telling us about this.

Nice little 5:42 video on Ducati's race team. Now that Kopp's retired, Henry Wiles will be back with the Lloyd Brothers team in 2011. Recall that he rode the Aprilia for this team before they switched to Ducati, and would've won the Lima half mile a couple of years back had Eslick heeded the move over flag. If he had won, then Aprilia would've got all the kudos for beating H-D that Ducati did this year... Roger

We featured the first Lloyd Brothers' Ducati (in a different chassis to Kopp's), in Sideburn 4. G

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Anonymous said...

another big hint for the manufacturers, come and play wi us!!.