Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Dirt Quake Prizes

Everyone was a winner. If you looked the quagmire in the eye and said "Hell Yeah Bring It On" got on your bike and wobbled round - or fishtailed like horny salmon headed up (a muddy) stream, you're a winner. We did also give Co-Built-made Sideburn trophies and a special DQ Davida helmet to:
Milo for cleaning up in the Chopper Class on his hand-shift 45
(bike photo CFH)Guy in Inappropriate Road Bike Class for rodeoing his rubber cow BMW to victory
(bike photo Capt Simon)
Roberto Ungaro who came over especially from Italy and styled it on the Spillo in Street Tracker Class - I can imagine some people having first seen this bike in Riders Magazine, thinking what a ludicrous and poncy vehicle - this thing bloody shifts and would stab you in the belly for even thinking of looking at its girlfriend.
(bike photo Capt Simon)
Then, also in the Inappropriate Road Bike Class, Amanda, a worthy Davida spot prize just for having a go on her Virago.
Dirt Quake Heroes One And All. BP


Full Lock or Death!! #29 said...

Amanda did have a good go too! Good on her, was wearing a really nice design on her lid she'd painted herself for extra cool points..

Jamie #29

Chris said...

if ever a series of *ahem* 'Parades' prove it's how you ride not what you ride then they were that.

(grammar, tenses?!)

bikegrim said...

Yet i thought amanda's lid was cool to. Well done G