Sunday, 27 January 2013

1/32 Scalextric Spectators

A couple of weeks ago I went with my family to the über train-spotter Scalextric annual swapmeet at the Swindon Oasis. I was on a mission to get some parts to revive my 1980s vintage Matchbox Powertrack circuit (the first to have cars with working headlights for night-time bedroom grandprix'), but all I got was bemused raised eyebrows - wrong brand and wrong epoch evidently. My kids had a go on the latest hi-speed 18 volt multi-lane versions. My wife bought these nuclear holocaust victim bygones for our mantle piece.
Then we went for a swim in the decrepit tropical paradise lost - including bilging wave-machine. The three different high waterslides that spiral out of the main dome, are really good fun. Then we went home and drank 5 litres of mineral water to hopefully flush away the imminent onset of Legionnaires disease. Fun day out.
To combat the iffy electrical connections between track sections, I superglued them together plus a blob of solder (apart from turn 4, so we can still build more complex TT layouts).
That's a Raulowsky print on the wall too. BP

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