Monday 11 March 2013

Maximilian Funk

I saw these bikes on Instagram (search @sideburnmag if you want to follow us) and got in touch with Maximilian Funk (really)  in Berlin. This is what he said...

Here are some infos on my bikes as requested. The grey one is a 87 Honda XBR500 (cleaned the frame, CB200 fuel tank, 70s hercules 125 headlamp, custom seat, exhaust manifold is from a xr 400 dirtbike, the muffler is a shortened Kawa Z1000 part and so on. 
The blue one is a Yamaha TW125. 
The goal was to build a little custom bike for the city with a budget of 2000 Euro maximum. I've put a XS400 fuel tank on, headlamp is an original part from the 70s, Supertrapp muffler, rear fender is built out of an old skateboard, custom seat. 
These bikes are my first builds as I wrote on Instagram. Do you need some more technical informations? I've put you a little selection of pics together. 
Keep up the good work! 
Best from Berlin, Max

Photos by: Maximilian Funk and Lisa Wassmann


Nick said...

Nice couple of bikes,

journey_man said...

Great looking bikes! 'Gut' indeed.

I'm just starting a motorcycle blog at It began as an online journal to document motorcycle touring, kit reviews and inspirational ideas for adventure. It's turning into a new fascination with old school bikes!

Any tips gratefully received.

Hairy Larry said...

Max Funk, some people get the best names.

Chris Saddler Sam said...

that XS tank fits perfectly the lil TW!!
i love it!
bravo max!

maxfunk said...

Thank you guys! Much appreciated!

Unknown said...

Loving those bikes and also the stage for the pics, the first pic is my desktop since first time i saw it, just love the feeling, great great job man, peace :)