Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Zaeta Still Life

We've followed the Zaeta project since the day it was launched. At first this EU-homologated street tracker had a chro-moly, US-made pure flat track frame and a Yamaha 450 engine.
We featured it, being ridden by Graziano 'Father of Valentino' Rossi in Sideburn 5.

Then the co-founders - Paolo Chiaia and former British and European flat track champ, Marco Belli developed the Zaeta DT to make it more distinctive, to counter the claims that anyone could order this from here and that from there and make something a bit similar.

The result is an alloy-framed masterpiece, something truly original in a world of rip-off merchants. And we featured version 2, accompanied by Chiaia's very personal take on his company, in Sideburn 11 (below).

The studio shots, above, were taken by Paolo Carlini (and don't feature in our magazine). G


Josh said...

There will never be one 'like' that Zaeta, no matter what anyone says. Ultimate Frame Porn.

Kirk said...

Those Zaetas are as good as it gets in my opinion- as aesthetically perfect a piece of design as anything Gehry, Eames, Ekstrom, Ghesquiere or whoever you care to name came up with, and the story behind the company is fantastic too. Much respect to those guys, and to you boys too- the new mag is another great one, especially that KX500!

Anonymous said...

Where can I sign up to be the first U.S. dealer?

Griff said...

A truly beautiful thing, but me personaly, not keen on the Racetech style tanks.