Wednesday 10 September 2014

Glemseck snaps

What with the chunnel and roadworks it was a 14 hour schlep from home to the Glemseck cafe racer sprint - but worth it. Trying to digest a very phallic Brätwurst washed down with a 1litre tankard of beer at 10am is quite daunting but we had fun.
Gary's Black Arrow was hot to trot.
- or if post-industrial GSX-R is not to your taste how about rear-as-front 16" white-wall tyres and drum brakes?
Seb's BM was sporting some new bling - including nitrous, and a new paint job.
Guy Martin: "SIDEBURN, the bloody best motorbike magazine on the planet....And not just because I'm on the cover"
Nutty Target 320, based on a KTM 690.
Nick's fugly but purposeful Honda Magna mongrel.
Frank Chatokhine's Triumph with lovely mesh fly-screen.
Kraftstoffschmiede R90S
BMW Roadster concept with impressive machined aluminium tail piece
Germans do like Trannies, this Feuerwehr was a minter. BP


747 said...

I dig the mongrel!

Chris said...

there's a Feuerwehr tranny just like that round the corner from me in Milton Keynes! I desire it.