Thursday, 2 July 2015

Zaeta by Moritz Bree

Paolo at Zaeta sent us snaps of their latest custom (with 60hp at the rear wheel!), designed by little Moritz Bree (pictured below at this year's Motor Bike Expo, Verona after buying an armful of Sideburn merch). This is what Moritz says...
Zaeta - sounds like the name of a monster. Thinking of it, I saw a green monster with three eyes. When I received the tank, I was holding it up and had a close look. And then I thought "Wow, looks like a head". So wouldn’t it be funny to have a three-eyed monster staring up at you while riding? The mudguards are the monster’s tongues and on the sides of the tank there are the names of the monsters written in red. Like the monster would shout out their names as a warning. At the moment I am drawing a 32 Zaeta-monster Happy family. T-shirts and tattoos would also be really awesome. Or a comic. We’ll see. I mean, somehow I still have to go to school sometime.

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747 said...

Most cool looking cycle I have seen for a while.