Wednesday, 1 June 2016


With 5468 posts and counting the Sideburn blog became a bit an obsession, with a promise we upheld for years to post at least once a day, but the next few weeks are extremely hectic so this is advance notice that we're going to miss a few days. That is because between now and the end of July, Sideburn is:
  • Helping with the organisation of the El Rollo race at Wheels and Waves
  • Racing for two days with the DTRA at the Greenfield round
  • Printing and distributing a new 116-page issue of Sideburn (our 25th!)
  • Running Dirt Quake USA with See See Motorcycles
  • Preparing for, and presenting, Dirt Quake V at King's Lynn
  • Building a new Sideburn website
  • Holding down a demanding day job
There is still plenty to share on the blog, but there have been a couple of times recently, at the end of very long days, when I've sat blogging late at night, simply because of the 'one blog every single day' promise I made, when I just wanted to go to bed, and that's a bit daft. So keep coming back, there'll be plenty of posts, but maybe not one every single day. G


Nick said...

I think that's totally understandable, don't know how you've done it up till now

Pete Stansfield said...

Shocking !

Mick P said...

Typically lazy approach from Inman. It's what we've come to expect.

Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

Take care Gary so you don't hit the wall, we want many more Sideburn mags, blog post and events to come! Cheers, Marcus

Jon 101 said...

Thank god for that, you are human after all! Love your work guys