Tuesday 20 February 2018

Blog 4 Life

We know, we know, you don’t like change. Yes, all the posts used to be on a black background, then Sideburn changed it and now they put them all on a white background. Well, get over it and head to the NEW SIDEBURN BLOG, because it’s got everything you loved about this one, plus it’s viewable on ‘mobile devices’ and it’s in one place with all our other Sideburn goodness – like our magazine archive, video repository, stockists details, events page, Stories directory...

So head over to sideburnmagazine.com and start leaving comments. What are you, some kind of cyber Luddite? That doesn’t even make sense and you know it. You can't be hooked up to a wi-fi drip and backward at the same time, can you? See you over at the new blog!

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