Thursday 6 August 2009

The Complete Book of Flat Tracking

We're stocking it. This cult book was first published in 1978 and is now updated with a fantastic, embossed linen cover and a few extra pages. Covers everything including what hauler to buy (written in 78 remember), racing lines, technique, prize money and lock wiring. It's a beautiful thing.

PLEASE NOTE: We've had to amend this post, because the British postal service is a scandalous rip-off. We can now only supply this book to UK and Europe. All other Sideburn merchandise is unaffected (for now). We will fulfill the existing US orders.

UK - £19.99 plus £5.50 recorded delivery
Europe - £19.99 - £7.00 shipping
£££ Please note these prices are in pound notes £££

Hardback, 160 pages, 150 illiustrations/photos, 254 x 216mm

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Austin said...

I've been after this for ages, have bid for a few on ebay and always got outbid at last minute. Expect incoming order soon....

Griff said...

I got my original Haynes published one for 3 quid at some end of line book shop in the 80's.For the pictures alone 20 quid is a bargain.Skinny Pirelli tyres,Ascot Park and dirty fingernails,priceless.


Anyone who has'nt got that book , buy it now .
It's superb , in a time capsule kind of way !

McQmoto said...

Yep - was called "Ride it!" (makes me feel guilty) and is a great book - thoroughly recommended. It was written by a Brit who went to the US & got hooked on flattrack racing - sound familiar?